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  1. Hi Guys Just was curious to know if teams can still be relegated/promoted from lower divisions that I havent loaded? For example; I have leagues loaded down to Sky Bet League Two in England, will teams still be relegated to the National League at the end of the season and teams promoted likewise? Forgive me if it is a stupid question.
  2. Hi all, I am having serious trouble in the 2nd season in my Southampton save. I am trying to play an aggressive high press, in a similar way to how Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool set up. As you can see, in the first 7 games, results were poor and the team was not playing anywhere near how I wanted them to play. I decided to change a few things tactically and the next 3 games were almost perfect, my team was winning the ball back high, being aggressive whilst also playing high tempo football. The 3-0 win over Chelsea epitomised this. However, since then it has been a disaster. The next game aga
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