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  1. Can't really find a good underdog tactic anymore (for the absolutely worst team). I tend to do well in first season but then in the next one - without any changes - I'm absolutely trashed by everyone. Weird.
  2. This spreadsheet looks very interesting. What's this DNA thing? Can you share some details?
  3. The flat 442 works amazing. I was just promoted and had an absolutely dreadful squad, expected 20th with 1000-1 odds. No transfers. Definitely a great underdog tactic, Attacking at home, Balanced on the road:
  4. You can say it's a bit tense here in Ligue 2. One game to go: EDIT: Was already losing 3:0, but managed to comeback and win 5:3. Talk about tense.
  5. I would love to, but I'm way past the dates for both of those events and there's no way I can upload a 325 MB save with my crappy internet. Sorry :(.
  6. So my club was taken over by new owner and the board signed two new players. I had nothing to do with it and couldn't cancel it in any way. "Whatever!" - I said, even though I'm doing a youth challenge. Now the board is dissapointed with me, because of the "finances involved with signing" these two players. So the board sold my young prospect because that's something the board do. I managed to at least get a loan back until the end of season. The player is back after one day and after his first game a journalist asks me during the press conference if I would be interested in signing him p
  7. OK I made my own rule: I can use them, but I can't extend their contracts and I have to accept any transfer offers for them.
  8. I need help with rules: My club was taken over and the new board bought two players. I can't do anything about it, it's completely out of my hands - can't cancel it or anything. What do?
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