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  1. So I've been in 1st Tier in Croatia for 3 seasons now but every Season End Meeting still has the option to talk about being established in 2nd Tier, like on the screen below. It works great every year but I don't think that's how it's supposed to be . I uploaded the save as "Split Strange End of Season Talk.fm", right before the option to take the meeting.
  2. I play as RNK Split. It's a newly promoted team, but I was in 2nd Tier for 3 years and haven't played in the Kup once in that period.
  3. Is everything alright with the Cup in Croatia? When playing in 2nd Tier, I haven't participated in it at all. Now that I got promoted to 1st Tier I do play in the Cup and encounter a lot of teams from 2nd Tier.
  4. Can't really find a good underdog tactic anymore (for the absolutely worst team). I tend to do well in first season but then in the next one - without any changes - I'm absolutely trashed by everyone. Weird.
  5. This spreadsheet looks very interesting. What's this DNA thing? Can you share some details?
  6. The wonderfuly named FM20SympathyforthedevilKnapZaipvol2442P103ECCC.
  7. The flat 442 works amazing. I was just promoted and had an absolutely dreadful squad, expected 20th with 1000-1 odds. No transfers. Definitely a great underdog tactic, Attacking at home, Balanced on the road:
  8. You can say it's a bit tense here in Ligue 2. One game to go: EDIT: Was already losing 3:0, but managed to comeback and win 5:3. Talk about tense.
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