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  1. Also this little advice for new people in the challenge: get the board to agree to the "develop youth players" philosophy when taking over the club. It will make asking the board for upgrading facilities and improving coaching much easier later on.
  2. @BartrcmGrats on keeping the team in the league! First season is always the hardest.
  3. Italy is hard... Players are way too good for this level. I managed to get promoted in first season as Cesena and then immediately relegated from Serie B :P.
  4. If I have some money to spare I always get scouts, if only to uncover the attributes of various players when I want to have a look at them. And Head of Youth Development is very important - you need to get one with good personality (proffesional, model citizen, driven) so he can influence the personality of regens.
  5. Sorry to break it to you, but it's only a "golden generation" because it's compared to your current squad, which - as you pointed - is crap :P
  6. Yes, you can use grey players however you want, you just can't sign them.
  7. But then you'll have 17 other younglings to replace them on every position!
  8. If someone's new to the challenge or wants a bit of an "easy mode" for a beta save, then Cesena gets promoted to Serie C in Italy almost every year, with sick facilities and very nice regens from year one.
  9. Out of all your 442 tactics in FM18, volante/anchor always worked best for me - but yes, I'm always an underdog. I tried Mezalla and flat 442 versions in FM19 but they didn't worked as well. Can't wait to see what you'll cook up this year.
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