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  1. Exciting - thanks for your excellent and hark work on this, as always.
  2. Hi all - not sure if this is a bug per se, or if I am misunderstanding the new system. Apologies if it's the latter. I recently bid for a player (Marc Guehi) using the usual route of submitting a formal offer. The bid was rejected, and ever since, I haven't been able to bid again; I receive the error below: There is no other way to bid for the player. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!
  3. Probably a stupid question but - I had a bid rejected for a player and now I can't make another bid as my club 'does not intend to bid for [player] after their offer for him, presented via an intermediary, fell through'. Can anyone explain this?
  4. So if I'm understanding your POV - Vardy always had a real-life PA of, say, 160, but hovered around the 110 mark for most of his career? Then suddenly at the age of 25 (or whatever) improved massively to reach that 160 mark? I'm pretty sure this can't happen in FM. But otherwise I would agree it's a fair way of looking at it.
  5. As someone whose family grew up in Shirehampton and who has been to their ground many times in the past few years, I look forward to hearing more about it -- I have a few friends who play for teams in your division so always fun to see it mentioned online!
  6. I'm guessing it may have something to do with World Reputation? Anecdotally, I recently started a save with Bristol City with the 'International Footballer' (or whatever it's called) background and upon promotion in 2025 I was offered the Valencia job. I suspect this wouldn't have happened if I had started with a lower pre-existing reputation. For reference, my home reputation is 8000 and world reputation is 5600.
  7. This game can throw up some ridiculous (and unrealistic) schedules. This is what I'm dealing with currently: 8 games in 18 days, so on average one every 2.3 days... correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think this has EVER been a team's schedule in real life. Even if I hadn't have qualified for the Europa League, I would still be finishing the season with 4 games in 8 days, which is ridiculous.
  8. Yeah, I'm having this too. 9 games into the season on my save and already 19 red cards across the league. This would extrapolate to 80 in the season which is not far off double real-life Premier League figures. Source: https://www.gambling.com/online-betting/strategy/essential-premier-league-betting-stats-10400 Game save: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4
  9. Hi all I've seen before that people have created customer editor data files to set the start date to the World Cup squad announcement date. Does this exist already? Or alternatively, is it easy to create myself? Cheers!
  10. That happened in real life too. Liverpool beat City and home 1-0 and lost to Forest away 1-0 a week later.
  11. In my save as manager of Manchester United, Real Madrid made a bid for Harry Maguire (....) which I rejected. He came to me and said he was unhappy as he wanted to leave, so I promised to let him leave, and accepted their new bid of £30m. He then proceeds to reject their contract offer so the transfer is cancelled, but he is still shown as unhappy and complaining to teammates. Seems a little illogical, he should surely lose his unhappy status after rejecting their contract offer, no? Cheers
  12. Any reason that the game sometimes launches in full screen, even though I have set it to 'Windowed'? Not the end of the world, but a bit annoying to have to keep changing it.
  13. Well aye, but he says he would be interested in moving, which he clearly wouldn't want to in real life.
  14. Is there any reason players aren't called 'he' or 'him' any more? The game refers to individual players as 'they' and I keep thinking the game is talking about my squad, rather than one player.
  15. Thanks mate. I'd prefer the 15.6" screen, but if the performance would be insufficient, no point going for it. Can I ask, going forward, how I would go about assessing the performance differences? (I know absolute basics). I see the one you linked has the i5-1135G7 processor which I'm assuming is preferable - how would I go about comparing processors in the future?
  16. Hi all. How does this look? https://www.currys.co.uk/products/acer-aspire-3-15.6-laptop-intel-core-i5-256-gb-ssd-black-10224403.html I would be looking to run the game in 2D mode only, with a pretty large database of players (I tend to use most/all players loaded but only a few countries/leagues). My budget would be around £400 and to purchase from Currys is ideal as I have some vouchers to spend there Aside from FM it would be used for general university work/Excel/Youtube/Netflix. Nothing overly taxing. Thanks!
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