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    FM 18 - Worth it?

    Definitely try the demo. That said, I've played FM religiously for the last 8 years and for the first time, I've stopped playing it because the match engine is so poor. It's extremely frustrating and sad because as I said, I've played it for many years, and this is the first time I've had serious problems. The game just isn't fun because the match engine has so many consistent issues, such as unrealistic amounts of goals from low crosses and (most frustratingly) constant poor shooting decisions from players in attacking positions.
  2. IgnorantLobster

    Ultimate Legends 1880 - 2017

    Really looking forward to this, it should be great! I loved last year's database so much, so glad you're doing it again! I can' imagine how much effort you must put in. If it's not too much extra hassle, I'd love if you could put just one player from Bristol City in, John Atyeo. Bristol City's all time leading goalscorer, with 314 goals in 597 games, and 5 in 6 for England. It would be great to see him in but no bother if not! Keep up the good work my friend.
  3. IgnorantLobster

    [FM17] Return Of The Legends by David

    Just seen this - can't believe it didn't get more interest! It's an amazing database, thankyou for creating it.
  4. After Man Utd winning the Europa League, I moved them, Liverpool and Chelsea (exactly mirroring real life) into the Champion's League using the editor. It appeared that all the teams guaranteed a group stage place had '1' in their 'info' box. So I put this for Manchester United, but they now have to play a playoff when I start a game, alongside the clubs with '2' in their 'info box': As you can see, Liverpool are also meant to be in the Champion's League. But in my game, they are entered into the Europa League qualifying round, despite the fact I only have them registered for the Champions League in the editor. Can anyone explain this? I'd guess it's something to do with the fact that there are 5 English teams now in the Champion's League, and only 4 before. I kept the same amount of teams for each 'info' as already existed so not to mess up the number of teams overall, just replacing each team that is no longer in the competition. Hope I have explained this at least slightly well, I would appreciate any help. Just let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks!
  5. Not a bad first 45 minutes for the tactic...
  6. IgnorantLobster

    Game crashes when I try to start a match

    I have fixed it by reinstalling my skin
  7. IgnorantLobster

    Game crashes when I try to start a match

    Here is my DxDiag. DxDiag.txt
  8. IgnorantLobster

    Game crashes when I try to start a match

    Is that to do with the inverting colours? If so, that was just my screen capture device messing up. But I will do so, thanks.
  9. Every time I set up my team and try to enter a match, the game crashes inexplicably. I have tried playing a game on a few different saves and the problem persists each time. I also cannot view match highlights of any game. Here is a video of the problem I have: I know the quality of the video is awful, but I hope it's clear what is happening. The error box appears and FM crashes. Any help is appreciated!
  10. Don't worry, I've found a fix. Thanks for the help, I realise I worded it really poorly
  11. Thanks for the reply, will give it a go. Where exactly should I move the folder to? My PC's Documents?
  12. I received a new computer over Christmas and have been enjoying FM on it so far. I noticed that my Sports Interactive folder, by default, is located in the OneDrive folder on my computer. This is where I obviously keep all my graphics, saves, tactics, etc. This isn't ideal as OneDrive has limited storage, so I copy and pasted the folder over to 'This PC', where I assumed it had been all along. I deleted the OneDrive folder as I did not need it any more. But FM17 is not picking up the new folder (located in 'This PC/Documents') and my graphics, skins etc. are not loading. I tried the following instructions: But to no avail. No skin, facepacks, logos despite the folder having the exact same contents as it did in the OneDrive root. I have tried reloading the skin. Any help is appreciated, hope I explained it well enough!
  13. IgnorantLobster

    The Grand Tour from A-Z - I can't do club monogamy!

    Will take a look at both methods, thanks!