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  1. Hi. First of all congrats on such a brilliant save - I've really enjoyed reading it and what a result for you beating PSG by 1 point! I have a quick question - on your player profile screen you have a tab for asking price, CA, PA etc. - how do you get this? Specifically the asking price, I'm interested in what exactly that means. Thanks
  2. Agreed. I would also like to see dynamic youth ratings for countries - look at Iceland as a good example. National team level success in football is going to make more young kids play the sport, increase government-level investment etc. in football around the country. If I was managing a country with a very poor youth ranking and qualified for the World Cup 2 tournaments in a row, I would expect to start producing better youth players soon as in theory, more and more interest would be had in football within that country.
  3. Well I wasn't convincing enough and he has switched to Switzerland. His reason is 'more chance of playing at the upcoming World Cup'... Which of course makes no sense!
  4. As the title suggests, I am currently managing the U.S.A. national team, and Bryan Okoh (who is default U.S.A. but has dual nationality with Switzerland) has come to me wanting to switch allegiances to Switzerland. Fair enough on paper, but he says that he wants to play at the World Cup. I qualified for the WC 2022 with a record of 9-1-0, 9 points ahead of 2nd place in my group. Switzerland themselves have qualified, narrowly on goal difference. Attached you can see the responses I can give - "A single tournament isn't the most important thing to consider", which doesn't make sense as I have qualified for that tournament. I suppose it could mean he wants a better chance at qualifying for future World Cups, but at the very least it would be good if it was worded better to that effect and had some more appropriate responses. Cheers
  5. I really enjoyed this and wondered if someone has made similar for this year? Or alternatively, if it would be easy to recreate in the editor? Thanks
  6. Really looking forward to this (especially as I'm planning a 2019 Faroes trip in real life) so it will be great fun to manage there. Thanks for the hard work you are doing!
  7. I've had penalty problems in the past, but this year I've had no problem at all. No numbers to go off or anything, but it feels like a fair proportion have been scored vs missed.
  8. Has anybody seen a player who is more than orange familiarity in the DM role of regista? Ever player I've looked at is unconvincing or similar, nobody is accomplished.
  9. Thank heavens someone else has noticed this. If you play a cross-heavy system you constantly get highlights of the ball getting headed over the bar from 3-4 yards out - completely unrealistic.
  10. I think the match engine is the worst I've ever played, but agree with everything else you've said. A few interface improvements are needed but as a whole, barring the match engine, it's a good game.
  11. Why exactly is this? It happens in every save. Am I doing something wrong or can I simply not set them for senior team players?
  12. Lovely update @warlock. Nice to see a fellow Bristol City manager here. You mention a February slump. We certainly experienced that last season, slipping from 2nd to 6th I have more faith in your FM18 abilities however
  13. I've never seen this thread before, it seems like a nice thread for sharing our experiences. Congrats to @Joga Bonito on your success with Forest Green - a really interesting club. I live only a half hour drive away, I really should get down there for a game some time. I figure I may as well share my progress 20 games into my first season with Bristol City - a club at which I have a season ticket in real life. As you can see, it has been a great start to the season! We are comfortably sitting in the automatic promotion places. Our record against the top 6 is fairly decent, beating WBA and Forest, while drawing to Wednesday and losing only away to Stoke. I wasn't expecting to be in such a strong position this early - the goal of this save was to steadily progress the young core of players we have at the club, aiming for promotion 2/3 years in, but it looks like the Premier League could be close in year 1. Here you can see my (somewhat) first choice XI. The idea however is to build an all-round squad where each player has a backup option who is either young, or of a similar ability. This allows me to create a culture of rotation at the club where an injury crisis, or a packed schedule, is not as big a problem as it might be for other clubs. This is helped by the fact City seem to be taking this transfer approach in real life, which is of course exciting for next season In terms of tactics, I am keeping it relatively simple. Press hard and fast, making the game uncomfortable for the opposition. This is my belief of football both in FM and in real life - if you can make the opposition feel uncomfortable, your chances of winning are far higher. This is exactly why my strike partnership is a Target Man and a Defensive Forward. The idea is to not give the defenders time on the ball, pressing them hard and giving them a tough game physically. This is why I love Djuric - 6'7" and incredibly powerful in the air. The most aerially dominant striker I've seen play for my club. As mentioned, the idea is to be consistently rotating my options around. This is the perfect example - 4 strikers with relatively similar minutes played, all poised to hit 10 goals for the season, which was my goal at the start of the save. Diédhiou would have more minutes, but has missed 5 weeks due to injury. Also nice to see that Djuric and Weimann are going to have their career highest goalscoring seasons! Note that Taylor (who was transfer listed at the beginning of the save) has an absurd goalscoring record - averaging a goal every 74 minutes in the DF role. He is a personal favourite player of mine. Can you see why? In terms of transfers, only one. This is because I want to start with a squad similar to what Lee Johnson will start the season with, and also wish to give everybody a chance to prove themselves. The signing I made was Jed Steer on loan from Aston Villa. He offers competition to Fielding in goal, and is coming in handy currently due to a 3 week injury to Fielding (who is my first choice goalkeeper for the season). As I have updated the squad with the 5 signings City have made this summer in real life, making too many new signings did not seem appropriate. Not a bad loan signing, and I also managed to sneak in an optional future fee of £350,000 - good value if you ask me. Finally, our fixtures thus far. As you can see the team is in a good place right now, unbeaten in 12 games. My favourite results were the wins away to Middlesbrough and West Brom - the former with a 95' winner from Adelakun, and the latter with an incredibly dominant display. It was also great to beat rivals Cardiff in the cup - a 4-3 thriller with a 117' winner from Weimann. Looking forward, the Swansea and Middlesbrough games will be tough tasks, and ideally we'd have more than 2 days between them. But such is the nature of December football in England! I hope this was an okay contribution to the thread, and not too long! It's nice to read all of your stories.
  14. Definitely try the demo. That said, I've played FM religiously for the last 8 years and for the first time, I've stopped playing it because the match engine is so poor. It's extremely frustrating and sad because as I said, I've played it for many years, and this is the first time I've had serious problems. The game just isn't fun because the match engine has so many consistent issues, such as unrealistic amounts of goals from low crosses and (most frustratingly) constant poor shooting decisions from players in attacking positions.
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