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  1. 12 hours ago, Dusan Stamenkovic said:

    At least 5 apps are needed for the league achievement.

    In the database, Denis Klinar does have the achievement entered for Slovenian First League (winner) and Slovenian Cup (Runner Up), which you can also check in the staff file you worked on.

    Oh i thought its at least one because they were on celebrations with medals haha. I learned something new. I will recheck Klinar. Have a good day. Apologies for misinformation.

  2. In NK Maribor squad in milestone needs to be added a Winner of 2019 Slovenian Championship to these three players:

    - Denis Klinar (made 20 apps) - to him also a runner up for Slovenian cup cause he made 2 apps in cup competiton

    - Nino Zugelj (1 app)

    - Nardin Mulahusjenovic (1 app)

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