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  1. And some little things: - Tomaž Kavčič is a free agent - Igor Benedječič is Assistant Manager of Slovenia NT, Kek's asistant - Mišo Brečko said in a interview he is an Assistant Manager at ND Ilirija from 2. SNL - Milivoje Novakovič is in a first team staff for Slovenia NT. I think he is coach -Robert Koren isnt a player anymore. Just DoF at NK Dravograd (I learned his actual role in NK Dravograd is Head of Youth Development!)* and Miran Pavlin isnt with NK Maribor anymore. He wants to be DoF at the new club. Currently he is a free agent - Jasmin (NK Maribor) and Samir Handanović (Inter) are cousins not brothers
  2. Hello, I noticed in the winter update for slovenian league: - Matjaž Kek is again the manager of Slovenia - Muamar Vugdalič is the manager of NK Radomlje from 2. SNL, and Jernej Javornik is head of youth development at NK Domžale
  3. IF its not too late, three trasnfers happened: - Jure Matjašič joins Aluminij, - Aleš Mertelj joins NK Triglav (TM Page not updated yet) - Endri Cekici joins Olimpija (TM page not updated yet)
  4. Oh yes. Just check file " Pregled pogodb med igralci in klubi 1. SNL na dan 01.02.2019 " and you will see the updated squads. Maybe some major mentions just in case: - Jan Mlakar joined Brigthton and was loaned back to Maribor until end of the season, - Kassim Doumbia terminated his contract with Maribor, - Luka Štor joined Aluminij permanently, -Luka Koblar is loaned to Aluminij till end of the season from Maribor - Sandi Ogrinec extended his loan till end of the season with NK Krško -Kingsley Boateng, Aljaz Ivacič, Aris Zarifovič, Branko Ilič left Olimpija. -Ruben Belima, Agim Ibraimi, Andraž Kirm left Domžale
  5. We are halfway through slovenian transfer window (till 16.2). I can do a shortlist for you if you want of the updates to the sqauds.
  6. NK Olimpija Ljubljana announced their partnership with NK Brežice, from 2.SNL.
  7. Luka Uskokvić (NK Maribor) signed a new contract till 31.5.2021
  8. - Sandi Ogrinec is on loan at Krško (from NK Maribor) only till 31.12.2018 - Luka Štor is at NK Maribor and not on loan at NK Aluminij Kidričevo
  9. It can be risky. One times my best youth player in the team had last year on contract. I leave the negotiations to DOF. They renew the contract but with a ridiculous small release clause in it. He can do a decent job for a talented youth players you dont count they will make it but want to keep them anyway just in case.
  10. i didnt have any problem to sign him for my arsenal team as u23 physiotherapist
  11. i am deciding between who i am gonna manage first: my favorite club ( Arsenal), my local club (NK Maribor) or my local club when i studied abroad (FC Porto)
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