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  1. Oh i thought its at least one because they were on celebrations with medals haha. I learned something new. I will recheck Klinar. Have a good day. Apologies for misinformation.
  2. In NK Maribor squad in milestone needs to be added a Winner of 2019 Slovenian Championship to these three players: - Denis Klinar (made 20 apps) - to him also a runner up for Slovenian cup cause he made 2 apps in cup competiton - Nino Zugelj (1 app) - Nardin Mulahusjenovic (1 app)
  3. It can be risky. One times my best youth player in the team had last year on contract. I leave the negotiations to DOF. They renew the contract but with a ridiculous small release clause in it. He can do a decent job for a talented youth players you dont count they will make it but want to keep them anyway just in case.
  4. i didnt have any problem to sign him for my arsenal team as u23 physiotherapist
  5. i am deciding between who i am gonna manage first: my favorite club ( Arsenal), my local club (NK Maribor) or my local club when i studied abroad (FC Porto)
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