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  1. More details in managers contract, such as: - transfer goals - season goals - facility upgrading etc. So in contract negotiations both manager and chairman can offer their clauses of a contract.
  2. I have posted propose of 3D training earlier, but I want to add some thoughts: 1. as part of 3D training conception would be nice to have option to play training match (shorter than 90 minutes of course) to see how works my tactics. it is important because now I have to play many games during regular season to see what wrong in my tactics and try to change it. 2. pre-season conception in my opinion is very weak and empty: friendlies and standard training. I think that is not enough. 3. training schedule should be reform. I, as a manager, want to be capable to create my own schedule for team training, to choose when (what time), how much and what excercise my players should do. for now it nonsense: 5 or 6 option of training during the week to choose. and what means train attack or defense? can you imagine that klopp or mourinho or others say their players to train attack???? as I see it there should be set of excersises: tactic, physic, technique etc. that consist of different excersises to choose. now I cant figure it out how and what attribute would changes after attack training and will it changes at all. I read few forums and people just have a suspicious how it works, but manager should be aware how some training change his players and overall team performance, if I train, for example, sprints or long distance runs I expect that players physics attributes will grow up. again, in FM14 it is hardly to understand training system. it should be simple but effective: train penalties player getting better in penalties etc. and it all be very, very good if it will be in 3D mode, it will allow managers to see how players train and decide who train well and who not, because now I should ask my staff whether some of my players train bad or good. As I see this game is about to build team, I can't understand how you can build a football team without good training system. And I'm glad to hear about thousand of new features but let it be some serious changes and not new quotes during press-conference.
  3. then it's cool, I hope 3D training will find support too. another good feature is agents for managers. very difficult to find job, especially when you were sucked during first season.
  4. That is very important feature but I would like to name it as 3D training, which means: simulating set pieces, training sessions (which can consist of various exercises). Maybe somebody like training in FM14, but I see it useless in compare of previous games (13 and 14). Set pieces editor is awful and bulky in FM14, and as I remember it always was; editing set pieces in way that every player get instructions for step by step action will be grate. I heard that they already prepared thousands of new features for future series, but I didn't noticed thousand of new features in FM14, so let they make one great feature like 3D training system that will be great. Please comment if you think I'm wrong, maybe training is really good in FM14 and I just don't understand it. P.S. Did anyone noticed that any suggestions in this forum was taken to new series of the game in past, I'm just wonder is there any sense to waste time proposing ideas for series?
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