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  1. Lacazette or Aubameyang? Which one better? And how good is Özil in first season?
  2. Oh sry it's my first thread i forget it :-( Wolfsburg 1. Season at the winterbreak. Budget is 28 millions Thx
  3. Hi I'm playing with Wolfsburg and i need 2 good AMC for my save with Wolfsburg. I've Malli and Didavi but Didavi is always injury and Malli is crap. I need 2 good AMC who can play together and one AMC to replace this 2 when they are tied. Budget 28 millions 1. season winterbreak Thx
  4. no i´ve played the Fm2013 for +-100 hours but i never managed a english Team only german Teams
  5. Hi Is Liverpool difficult or more easy for a beginner from Fm2014? I've read that it's a real challenge to manage the team properly. thx
  6. i need a striker for the 2. season to replace Lewandowski! any idea? Lukaku and Werner?
  7. after the first season Lewandowski to Bayern :-( Which Striker can remplace him???? I have now Lukaku and Werner! any other Ideas??
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