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  1. A question about training PPM's. What are peoples' thoughts on the idea of removing all individual focus so that there is 100% focus on learning the PPM? Does it dramatically shorten the length of time it takes to learn the move? I am using Cleon's method of only 10% match training, with low general training to be able to focus on specific attribute or individual role training. My thought is that when you couple a low general training with no focus that the player would decline while learning the PPM at 100% focus. Hopefully that makes sense and someone can clear this up for me.
  2. I have a regen who is has Model Professional personality, but his determination is only 8. Is there a way to tutor him and raise his determination without losing his personality type, outside of tutoring him with another Model Professional player?
  3. I have a regen who is has Model Professional personality, but his determination is only 8. Is there a way to tutor him and raise his determination without losing his personality type, outside of tutoring him with another Model Professional player?
  4. Cleon, what do you do when you have a player with good mental attributes in one area, but weak ones in another key area? I have a young player with high work rate and teamwork, but his personality is only balanced and his determination is also low. I have a good tutor, but his work rate and teamwork are slightly lower.
  5. Have a look at this page mate. http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/match-day/adapting-tactics/touchline-instructions#hassle-opponents
  6. Regarding your question about Enrique at WB, it would depend on his attributes. Also, you have in your last diagram both midfielders and your AMC on support duties. I can't say without seeing, but that could cause both overcrowding in the center of the pitch, and it can cause you to get overrun in midfield, which is why you might feel under pressure, like "an away game against a big team". You already have 4 players in the attacking side of the pitch, I would use the CM roles more defensively, or if you use one for support make him a DLP(S) if he has the right attributes. The other things you are observing (mistakes, etc.) can be due to poor team talks and lack of familiarity with the tactic. Once the bars are fully fluid on the tactic then you can probably put that down to team talks, and/or undisciplined coaching staff. One other thing, you do have somewhat of a logical approach to play narrow against a narrow formation to shut them down, but then again if you aren't playing wider than them in attack it will just go both ways, they'll also shut you down. If you play narrow for a defensive strategy, you should probably then use Exploit the Flanks to stretch them at the other end. Also, using Get Stuck In isn't always necessary and I tend to use Hassle Opponents a lot more. The reason is that a missed tackle can really kill you, whereas with the hassling they will mark the opponents tighter and close down sooner.
  7. I would at least use Press More for Closing Down. That will make it harder for the opposition to have time on the ball. Team talks have a significant effect on work rate. I can usually tell within the first 10 minutes of the match if I've given a proper team talk, based on my players looking sluggish or more energetic. What rep. are you using this time around as manager?
  8. I'll make a stretch and say that my interpretation is that a player's rate of development is based upon his personality, tutoring, and injuries (if any). Also, the facilities and coaching staff obviously have an effect, but I don't think that a player's morale affects training. That's my guess, but we'll see what Cleon says.
  9. What kinds of shouts are you using? When I am trying to dominate the opposition, I tend to use Push Higher Up, Hassle Opponents, Pass Into Space, and Run at Defense, with either Attacking or Control mentality. I also have the attacking version of my formation set up with More Pressing, More Expressive, More Roaming, and More Aggressive Tackling.
  10. The intention wasn't to go more attacking. I just had youngsters on the bench who were more AM roles and they replaced my central midfielders because I was taking a risk for the sake of their development and already had the game in hand. Again, I think it's cool what you are trying to do, but I think the game already offers a lot because you can look at the pass map or the shots map for example and watch each and every play that was involved if you like. I guess my question would be, what need does this address that the match analysis in the game does not already provide?
  11. Gerrard at CAM? Why not Coutinho? Gerrard is more of a DLP to me, or AP(A) in center mid. Also, Johnson at WB(A/S).
  12. I can't fault the effort, but stats are really useless outside of context. For example, I go up 3-0 on an opponent in my last game, completely dominating them. But then around 65', after I have subbed in 3 youth players to get experience, one of my players picks up a knock. Now not only have I subbed out a more defensive minded player because we were so in control, I am down a man. The final score ends 3-2, but if you looked simply at stats you would have no idea as to the why of the situation. Another example, shots on target vs off target. Obviously you want to keep your opponents' shots off target, but simply getting a high number in this category is not the end of the story. If you opponent is losing their cool and shooting poorly due to their own pressures, that's a completely different story than your defense being effective and actually forcing uncomfortable shots. Anyway, my moral here is that the best statistical analysis tool is a manager actually watching the matches.
  13. I find that hard to believe. I have played in leagues from the Prem. to Serie C, and I have never even come close to have 6-7 goals happen like that in a season. I literally think that has happened to me 3 times in total since FM13. I also make it a point to pay attention to when things GO my way, particularly with keepers. I don't believe there is an issue whatsoever, and I think that poor play is the result of a number of factors, from team morale to team talks, to the determination of the staff and players, and so on. People only look at the surface level, and they just expect things to go their way so much that they miss the number of times that it does.
  14. Concentration can affect this too, I believe. Also, perhaps hidden attributes like Dirtiness, etc. Also, the referee.
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