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  1. Cheers @kevhamster Is it worth me looking at -U CPUs given this seems to burn through the battery pretty fast on 4600h?
  2. Think i'm going to send it back. It's used 50% of battery in an hour in Best for Battery / Mobility mode. I played one match. Not too enamoured with the trackpad. I think I may need to look for integrated graphics. No interest other than FM. Back to the drawing board. Shame as it was such a decent deal.
  3. So I bought the MSI Bravo 15" 4500h, 8gb ram. I free the battery said the balanced. Should it really be using near 30% of battery to play one match? Next to nothing else running.
  4. Got a notification of a laptop deal via Hotukdeals and got this for £583. Opened, never used status on Currys clearance. Took the punt given the price.
  5. Thanks Kev. This is £742 And before the R7 was unavailable i think i was looking a £880ish.
  6. Got this saved, but still looking. Not sure whether to wait until the R7 is back in stock later this month (apparently).
  7. A little steep for me. Looking around £800 but could stretch. Not dead set on AMD. Just that deal really. Open to anything. Mainly (entirely) FM (journeyman 3D) over the next few years and the generic use, sat on the sofa. No other games. Only thing that I'm bothered about is the laptop taking off when I went to match on my Macbook Air. I know its not for gaming. But I'll) at the things you mentioned on that!
  8. I'll try again then. I got two one-word answers when i asked if it was out of stock and if i just had to wait. Yes. Yes.
  9. Cheers. I've had a word about the Ryzen 7 4800H being out of stock. I'd kind of sold myself on the 4800H. So back to the drawing board if i want one soon. I'll look at the and look at the reviews for the machine itself. Thanks again.
  10. Typical. When i went back to check over the spec, add more storage and Windows Pro and one or two other things. The processor is no longer available. But this is what i was looking at. Again, my biggest requirement is the laptop not to sound like it's taking of from my lap when playing a match on FM.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Had it open recently and it was surprisingly clean. Obviously it's not cut out for 3d. Or any gaming at all to be honest. No other games. Just FM
  12. Decided to treat myself to a new laptop for fm21. My Macbook Air sounds like its taking off when I play a match. Processing speed of it isn't bad it all for the way I play. So my budget is £1k or less. I only play FM. All I'm after is a laptop which fans don't drown out the TV. Faster the game runs the better, but it's the cooling and fan noise that is my problem. Ideally 15" or smaller. I've been recommended these MSI GF Thins by a friend. But he plays all sorts of games. https://www.ebuyer.com/974580-msi-gf75-thin-core-i7-8gb-512gb-ssd-gtx-1650ti-17-3-win10-9s7-17f412-004
  13. Anyone having issues on Mac with high processing while idle? Worse than a match on 2019 and i haven't even tried playing a match yet!
  14. Had a read through this. Quite interesting. In my own 433 system I have a lot of Player Instructions. Going to try and implement some things from this in to that. Sometimes But I did try and create the basic 4141 like this to see how i got on. Lots more shots, but loads from distance, still. My biggest bugbear of the game. Not sure what I'd prefer. Having 7 shots at home or 26 and only 8 that aren't long shots.
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