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  1. Anyone having issues on Mac with high processing while idle? Worse than a match on 2019 and i haven't even tried playing a match yet!
  2. Hi Jimmy. I thought that was the case, but since this has happened again, I've struggled to get it working again. Deleting Profile.xml has not worked this time. But it did coincide with a Patch last time. However. I can now no longer find profile.xml. I've uploaded Profile0.xml, and the game (Local, originally from cloud) to the Cloud Service. Stu1892-Lag.zip To recap. It seems to be holding on to my Macbook Air settings regardless. Recommended for this PC is usually at least medium. Changing it just compounds how poor it is. Happy to uninstall everything to get it working. Just don't really want to rebuild. I'm after being able to play between my Macbook Air and this PC. Cheers
  3. THis is back and doesn't seem to be fixed with getting rid of Profile.xml. Tried all sorts without it sorting itself out. It seems to be locked in to a low graphics quality. Any more ideas. DXDiag attached. DxDiag.txt
  4. Hi. It was copying that profile.xml from my Macbook air 2017 to a PC. I only wanted the avatar. Never realised it gets carried across. Getting rid fixed it.
  5. Figured out what i'd done. It's linked with either the cloud save that I have or, copying the profile0.xml to a better PC. All I wanted was my avatar. Deleting preferences doesn't fix the issue. Trying a system restore now.
  6. As i was about to uplaod the dxdiag. I opened Steam. It updated FM, a driver update kicked (linked to steam?) in and now it seems to be ok again?! Cheers Neil.
  7. Yeah, I've now tried everything applicable from that and no improvement. It's like it's using the onboard graphics rather than the card I have. But even that is better than the quality i'm getting in FM.
  8. Out of nowhere, the match engine started to be very jittery in it's animation, regardless of level of quality i set it on. It was pretty good normally and I believe my AMD Radeon HD 6800 was recommending a high setting. However, now i have one star and it's Low and really not performing well. As this is my secondary machine, i left it for a couple of weeks and rebuilt it last week. Getting round to installing FM again and i'm getting exactly the same thing. I'm 90% sure that this occurred between matches originally. Any known issues? Latest driver and fresh install too, so no old preferences or profiles. Lowering the quality doesn't do anything to help. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Had a read through this. Quite interesting. In my own 433 system I have a lot of Player Instructions. Going to try and implement some things from this in to that. Sometimes But I did try and create the basic 4141 like this to see how i got on. Lots more shots, but loads from distance, still. My biggest bugbear of the game. Not sure what I'd prefer. Having 7 shots at home or 26 and only 8 that aren't long shots.
  10. Apologies. It's been a while. If i get a chance, i'll upload some pics etc. Pretty basic, i reckon. Can't be doing too badly, getting top 4 with only one signing, in my first season.
  11. Getting very little from Lone striker in a '433'. The odd game they'll be involved, score. Nothing like you lot are getting. Scores 1 every 12 hours and so on. I don't like donwloading tactics and I won't. Had a look at James_Wilko's to see how he was getting in so many crosses. But still not getting as many as that attacking tactic. Whoever's at the byline just want to pull it back, all the time. Still, finished first season in 4th, knocked out off of ****ing Bayern in the Qualifier. 5th on January 5th.
  12. James. Could I have a look at this tactic? Your full backs and wingers actually cross the ball and there seems to be a lot of space, watching that Palace match. Cheers
  13. Can I ask what tactics and TIs you're all using? I'm just playing my usual 433, wide. I can't score, create CCCs, striker rarely involved, opposition have 10 men behind the ball all the time and shots just cannon off them. Then of course, they get through once and have a wave of 8 players countering and score with their 2 chances which are both CCCs. Not to mention giving wide players every instruction to cross, then they just pull it back instead...Infuriating. Cheers
  14. Back on a laptop (from Mac) for the first time in a long time. Trying to scroll down the table using the Synaptics driver and it doesn't scroll within FM. Doesn't it work or am i missing something obvious? The scrolling symbol comes up but they don't scroll. Cheers
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