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  1. Apologies. It's been a while. If i get a chance, i'll upload some pics etc. Pretty basic, i reckon. Can't be doing too badly, getting top 4 with only one signing, in my first season.
  2. Getting very little from Lone striker in a '433'. The odd game they'll be involved, score. Nothing like you lot are getting. Scores 1 every 12 hours and so on. I don't like donwloading tactics and I won't. Had a look at James_Wilko's to see how he was getting in so many crosses. But still not getting as many as that attacking tactic. Whoever's at the byline just want to pull it back, all the time. Still, finished first season in 4th, knocked out off of ****ing Bayern in the Qualifier. 5th on January 5th.
  3. James. Could I have a look at this tactic? Your full backs and wingers actually cross the ball and there seems to be a lot of space, watching that Palace match. Cheers
  4. Can I ask what tactics and TIs you're all using? I'm just playing my usual 433, wide. I can't score, create CCCs, striker rarely involved, opposition have 10 men behind the ball all the time and shots just cannon off them. Then of course, they get through once and have a wave of 8 players countering and score with their 2 chances which are both CCCs. Not to mention giving wide players every instruction to cross, then they just pull it back instead...Infuriating. Cheers
  5. Back on a laptop (from Mac) for the first time in a long time. Trying to scroll down the table using the Synaptics driver and it doesn't scroll within FM. Doesn't it work or am i missing something obvious? The scrolling symbol comes up but they don't scroll. Cheers
  6. Tactics selection screen, customisation, missing columns and the eyesore that is Position/Role/Duty not going to be ready in time, if at all, then?
  7. Cheers Seemed to sort it again.
  8. Since tonight's update, it's started again. I've renamed the folder. Loaded the game, quick. Graphics missing so reload cache and it's taking ages again. Any Ideas? Or at least the perfect order to do this in?? Cheers
  9. Tried again and it worked. Cheers!!
  10. Thanks for the reply, Michael. Still the same, though. On OSX Mavericks, if that makes any difference.
  11. I installed some graphics. Face packs, logos , the lot. I applied them and reloaded the skin, which took 10 minutes. Now when loading the game from Steam, it get's stuck on the 'loading' screen for 10 minutes before it finally loads! Any ideas? I'm using caching. I reinstalled and it was fine. Then added the graphics and back to the ten minute loading screen. Cheers Stu
  12. It was fantastic that you went to those lengths to make a point though. Well done.
  13. Haven't played since early December. Missing it terribly, yet still haven't started a thread. Go figure... Skint, saving for Vegas and desperate for a patch. FMC uses the same ME, right?
  14. Absolutely. All of my major gripes have been acknowledged, and i'd like to thank anyone who bothered their arse to report them.