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  1. @geordie1981 Can I please make a small request from you? I need only one extra stadium (Apostolos Nikolaidis in Athens) that is the historical stadium for my team Panathinaikos along with the config.xml only for this. You would me a big favour as I have a plain picture now in my screen and looks bad! Thank you for your nice job. Apostolos Nikolaidis ID:681875
  2. Hello, I play FM 19, I gain control of the Spanish team Sestao that just gain promotion from the lowest league to the lowest available for playing. I saw that the u-19 team was playing only on friendlies and I thought that this happened because of the teams stature. This never changed (see photo 15). Now I play in the Premier league of Spain (see photo .9) but still there is no solution. (Is there any way so I can register the team in the u-19 league?) Also another issue I encountered was that even though I reached the first league I never gained the National Hero Trophy (photo 14). Is it another glitch or something??
  3. Hello, After trying to play fantasy draft I lost all the tabs on players and club options. As you can see on players I am missing tabs like contract, training , dynamics etc. On the club tabs I am missing tabs as well on the Personal, training, dynamics, squad. etc. Before I re-install the game I would like to ask if there are other options for fixing that. Thank you for your time.
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