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  1. I would love to see the AI react more realistically to certain financial aspects of the game. I manage in the LL and more often than not I see prime-aged players forfeit a $500p/w wage to sign for an amateur club to get more playing time. I'm sure it happens on occasion, but I really can't image it's common for a player to give up that kind contract just for playing time. Another detail has to do with staff contracts. Staff often don't seem to be in a rush to resign once their contracts expire. This may make sense in the higher reaches of the game where the pay is good, but if you're making $230p/w, wouldn't you at least want some kind of job security? I imagine my u19 physio would want to know if he'll be axed or if he's free to take a job elsewhere, but there just doesn't seem to be that kind of urgency.
  2. I came here to post the first bit. I would love to hear more realistic crowd noises based on size. It would make for quite an experience in the LL's to go from a few scattered cheers during a league game to the thunderous roar of an away cup tie.
  3. Ah, that's unfortunate. Looks like I'll hold off on starting then. Thanks.
  4. I want to start editing my '19 version of the US soccer pyramid but have never started so early in a release. Would I be wasting my time starting this early since there'll be several new db patches, or is there a way to start editing a db and then migrate the changes to a new patch? EDIT: Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  5. It's been two years and they still haven't added this feature.
  6. I received a similar message when editing North Amer. competitions. If you have any cups under the "Other Cups" section, delete them and move them to the main list. There may be an issue with the "Other Cups" setting in the editor.
  7. So these need to be set in the parent competition? I used the Italian serie C as a reference and they had them set in the child comps. I did the same and it didn't work. I'll try setting regions in the parent comp.
  8. Hi all. My custom US/Canada pyramid is nearly done. I'm just trying to figure out the continental cup qualification system and am running into some issues. I'm sure it has something to do with league set up dates, but I can't figure out what yet. Seattle ends up playing in both the Superliga and the Concacaf Champions League. The won the national cup the same year they won the Western Conference, and I think the misallocation might be because the game reads the MLS conference champions as league champions, and since it can't send one team twice to the same competition, it sends them to two. I'm trying to figure out how to set up the league fates to keep this from happening, but am not quite sure if I'm doing it right. I'm hoping the community here can toss some advice my way. Another related question I have is on the difference between "Set Continental Cup" and using "Qualify Team for Competition" options in the league fate sections. Are they different options for doing the same thing, just under different circumstances, or do I have to use them both (as I've seen some others do without explanation)? Thanks in advance. I'm going to run a test using the mysterious Continental Cup Qualifying Rules settings. My theory is that 'Qualification System' refers to the corresponding continental cup. If so, I should be able to allocate places in their proper order and allow for runner ups to take spots for already qualified teams. I'm just not sure how then to add the seedings.
  9. It takes a few years for it to work properly. I think it only takes effect with new contracts, so once all the old contracts have expired the leagues will (mostly) begin to follow the minimum wage rules. I have experienced a few players falling through the cracks. My theory is that this happens mostly with players who agree a pre-contract deal, which for some reason is exempt from minimum wage rules.
  10. Do you want the league to be playable as well? If so, you can add it by 1. Rules 2. Add Nation Rules 3. Add lower leagues to existing cup structure. You may need to convert to advance rules if you need to add relegation places.
  11. Did this end up working, Rasto? I'm having a similar issue and would hate manually changing everything.
  12. advanced rules-------->Poland-------------->Transfers------------>Transfer rules. Scroll down and there's a section for player wage rules.
  13. I'm wrapping up a 7-tier database and have one major issue I still can't solve—a regen name that was originally used as a placeholder for duplicates. After copying several officials, I turned all their names to "aaaaaa" so I could locate them with ease and change them later. After changing them all, however, the name "aaaaaa" now shows up with regularity during my test runs. I've looked through the database and am sure all instances of the name has been changed. This leaves me to wonder if there's a cache of regen names stored in a different location. At any rate, does anyone have any ideas as to how to stop this from happening?
  14. Thanks, I tried that with all four stages but it didn't work. I might have found the issue, however. I made a copy of the file and then reverted to basic rules. I found there that I had not changed the season end dates to account for the playoffs. I think changing it in the advanced editor doesn't work for some reason. So I'm working backwards and hoping that fixes it. I can hopefully release the first version of the DB later this week.
  15. Hi all, I've ended up with the dreaded "X has not finished in time for season update day", and I've not got a satisfactory work around for it. I'm at my wit's end and would be absolutely indebted to anyone who could help me figure this out. Like most of us, I've put an enormous amount of time into creating this DB. 400+ clubs and stadiums and 8 levels. MLS seems to be the thing holding it back. It's a 26 team league split into groups, with the top four in in each moving into playoffs. From there it's a 2leg semi then a 1 leg conf. final and league final. 41 dates in total, which seems more than manageable, but nothing seems to work. I've added and deleted dates, moved the update day to and fro, shortened the playoffs, extended and shortened the regular season, gone into the advanced rules for several different leagues to try and match settings, and still nothing. I'm wondering if it's a problem with the stages; I've separated the two conferences so that they have their own playoff brackets, and then the winners meet in the final. I'm wondering if the editor can't figure out that once the final is done that the league is done, or I haven't figured out a way to tell it to do that. I'm hoping to keep the playoff format listed above but will scrap it if there's no fix; I just thought I'd see if the community has any tips or more experienced insight. Thanks. American Soccer Pyramid 1803.fmf
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