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  1. If playing Neymar up front I'd be tempted to try him as an AF. You have plenty of creativity and movement behind the striker so having him run off the shoulder of defenders will push them back and create space for your midfielders. He's also a pacey and clinical finisher, which the AF role will make great use of.
  2. There are various options as the posters above have pointed out. Personally I would train his Quickness as you have and hopefully it'll get up to 13 or so eventually, which is decent for a big technical striker. I would play him as a CF(S) as his aerial ability, finishing and creativity would all come into play, especially if you have pacey wingers or AM's making runs off him as mentioned in post 2. Does he have any PPM's?
  3. This. But I think you have to set them for the position rather than the player, I may be wrong though. For example, I show the opposition fullbacks onto their inside feet (so DL onto right foot, DR onto left foot).
  4. We need to understand the rest of your formation as well. Are you playing a 4-2-3-1 deep with two DM's and a AMR and AML? Or two MC's? What roles have you given your wingers? Are they pure wingers or do they cut inside and you have overlapping fullbacks? What roles are the two central midfielders? Do they just sit back or does one bomb forward?
  5. Hi everyone, some advice about a new laptop would be appreciated please. I live in South Africa so my options are limited compared to yours I'm guessing. I've always played on a PC with a graphics card so I'm not too certain about laptop specs. It will only be used for FM14 gaming wise, and for work. I'm not looking to spend too much on it so I was looking at the following laptop, could you tell me if it would run ok and if the graphics for 3D matches would be decent (medium quality perhaps)? Lenovo G500 notebook Intel core i3-3110M 2.4GHZ 6GB RAM The other option is a Dell that costs 20
  6. Would you consider playing him as a CF(S)? I've played many a TM type striker as CF(S) to offer more to the build up play of my team, although admittedly my TM strikers were usually big brutes that are good in the air, slow but are good creatively and can finish. I know your striker isn't great creatively but 9 passing and 11 creativity isn't too terrible, and the rest of his game is very good (aerial, finishing and pace). As a CF(S) he will get about and use his physical stature to bully defenders and create space for the AF, and he will use his pace and finishing to be mobile and score a f
  7. You could use the "Play Wider" TI with the "Exploit the Middle" TI. This should have the desired effect I think... If you want your WB's to be passing outlets rather than crossers you can give them the "Cross less often" Personal Instruction.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about possession % if you are playing counter attacking, it's the quality of chances & possession rather than quantity that is important. You may find that being set up to counter plays in your favour against the big teams, and it is the smaller teams that sit back against you (like watford) that cause you to have to change some of your tactics to get the upper hand against them. You may find that they are sitting back so you can't counter them, and so they dominate possession and have lots of (long range) shots. And when you have the ball you struggle to break t
  9. Personally I would have the WB on the right hand side with no winger, and the FB behind the IF, as the the WB creates width better than the FB.
  10. Remove Hassle Opponents, your players will close down too much and lose defensive shape. Change one of the IF(A) to IF(S), and set one of your FB's to FB(A). This will give you more variety in attack and better balance, you won't be as easy to defend against.
  11. Are you playing Standard and Counter? I play with the same formation and similar roles, and the balance in your team isn't bad at all. My first concern is your team instructions, the second would be your striker role... Team Instructions (TI's): Drop Deeper and Lower tempo are both linked to your strategy. If you play Counter you may not need these two as they will be incorporated anyway. You don't want to play TOO deep unless your opponents have really pacey forwards that you are worried about... But generally I wouldn't have these TI's selected, I would rely on the strategy to dictate th
  12. Read the sticky thread about what you should post, we need a lot more info in order to help you.
  13. You may be right, but I've noticed that if I am really weak in a particular area (say DR), then every DR I scout will have high scout ratings because they are so much better than my current options. But I have bought a DR before with 4* PA, then brought in an even better DR with 4.5* PA and I've seen the first DR drop right down to 3* or 2.5* PA.
  14. What is the date in your game? If it is around 13 March or a bit later you may have got your youth intake with a high PA GK. It's a long shot but may be the case.
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