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  1. No, 2030 I said was wrong. The game won't have to go so far. But in 2025 may become some fake players in the academies, but they won't become professional players because the game will stop in 2027-28, i don't know. Ok, it is a very crazy idea, but i would love to play FM with real players, because in 2020 everything is fake, and that doesn't suit in a very realistic game like FM.
  2. Make a big research on every first division clubs of the world academies, and put even the 14 year old kids on each club's academy in the next FM, so we won't have fake players on the game in the future. And if you think that the database will be huge because of that, make downloadable packs with each nation's academy players, so we can put on the academy players of the nations we want to put in our game. For example, if i want to have a game in spain, i will download from the FM site the pack with La Liga's academy players, and put it on the game, and if i want, some other nation's pack. If you put the 14 year old kids on the game, the game won't have to make fake players even in 2030, because all this players will be young enough to play in the game. What do you think?
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