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  1. So I'm a few games in to my second season as Aston Villa. I walked the league and gained promotion, but over the summer I noticed what I feel are some 'strange' managerial moves; Unai Emery sacked by Arsenal mid December (they were doing okay so you could kinda forgive this) but still think it was a bit soon? Rafa Benitez replacing him - Fair enough, not too odd. Lopetequi & Valverde sacked at the end of the season, replaced by Ancelotti & Max Allegri respectively - Barca/Madrid did finish 3/4 so again, understandable. Pep Guardiola leaving City for Juventus to replace Allegri. Klopp replacing Pep at City - this is where it gets a bit unusual for me. Wenger coming in as manager of Liverpool. Tuchel sacked at PSG for finishing 2nd - replaced by Conte. Fair. Then to add to this, we have basically every big team overhauling their squads. United (who kept Mourinho on surprisingly) signed Adrien Silva and Camacho in the first summer, Silva not getting a game now and Camacho loaned out. They signed Icardi in Jan, and Kane in the summer. As well as Benatia, Ndidi, Tierney and Suso. Liverpool sold Mane and Matip to Madrid for about £120m City have signed Weigl, Jonas Hector, Zaha (in 18/19) and Varane, Gaya and Ramsey this summer. All whilst only loaning out Mahrez and Gundogan. There are more 'unrealistic' (imo of course) transfers - Arsenal have gone a bit wild - but these are a few little examples. As well as this, and one thing that kills me is United have changed a load of squad numbers. Pogba 14, Herrera 10, Lukaku 15, Rashford 16. Does this seem a tad unrealistic to anybody else or am I over-exaggerating? I get that teams replaced managers due to poor positions - but would Pep leave City for Juve at the end of this season? Would Klopp likely go to City? Would United spend £200m on two world class strikers to compete with Lukaku? Would all of this happen in such a short space of time?
  2. Clearly still got the NYE hangover! first one is: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16J612-408-MSI-GL62-6QD-408UK_1955707.html second one is: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16J532-210-MSI-GE62-6QL(Apache)-210UK_2070587.html
  3. Hi all, I was planning on buying this: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16J532-210-MSI-GE62-6QL(Apache)-210UK_2070587.html but had waited to see if the price came down at all after Christmas. Just gone to order it, and its out of stock - but this one is avaialble: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-16J532-210-MSI-GE62-6QL(Apache)-210UK_2070587.html Now I'm not technically minded at all, the only real differences I can see are the HDD, no SSD on the second and double the RAM - what are we talking here in terms of effects this has? Which one will be the better performing laptop? I'm thinking FM, maybe Civ and Skyrim potentially would be the games I'd be looking to play. Cheers in advance!
  4. Thanks Welshace, really appreciate the help - I'm gonna go for it!
  5. In fairness, I don't particularly need a 17 inch. I bought this exactly three years ago, and it's served me very well for playing FM. Always managed to get about 60,000 players loaded, with a large amount of leagues loaded and no slowdown really. But the graphics aren't very good. Playing on medium setting and the 3d games lag a bit - even with crowd turned off. In your opinion, is the upgrade on spec worth the extra money? I know it's hard for you to judge and it's a pretty personal decision, but with my awful knowledge of all things computers, am I likely to see much of an improvement in processing speed etc? Cheers in advance!
  6. Imagine if I'd had the foresight to look before posting?? Apologies! http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-179553-826-MSI-GP72-6QE(Leopard-Pro)-826UK_2002598.html So this one here, are there any cons to it?
  7. Budget of around £800. I'm looking for something that I can play FM with 3d graphics on high, run about 10 full countries with about 90,000 players comfortably.
  8. I'm in the market for a new laptop myself - could probably afford around £850ish, but don't want to pay over the odds for something. I'm pretty non technical minded, so could do with a bit of help if possible. My current setup is this: Acer Aspire E1-571, Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM Quad Core Processor, 15.6" HD Screen, Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD Rewriter, Integrated Graphics, HDMI, NX.M09EK.037 It runs FM pretty well. Get 10/11 countries 25ish leagues running with no issues. The 3D is poor though, I can only play it on low settings and I'd quite like to play it higher. Is the above the best option, or are there ready made laptops that get more bang for the buck? Cheers!
  9. Click to sort by Position/Role/Duty, then hold shift and click to sort by position.
  10. Hi, quick question about region locking. I'm currently travelling around Asia, but will be returning to the UK in January. Now, obvs my Fiancé believes I shouldn't be wasting my time playing FM on my travels but I want to. What's the deal with region locking? Will the game work in the UK when I get home if I purchase it in Indonesia/Thailand for example? Thanks in advance.
  11. Yeah I'm gonna give that a try tonight. I've got Dani Carvajal sat behind Walcott and I was going for the 'throw everything up the right wing' approach, but with Gibbs/Monreal (especially Monreal) I think I could get a lot more success with him pushing forward to overlap the tucking Cazorla. Stupid question, but is it possible to set my left back to look for the overlap, without having my right back do it too? Cos with my AMR literally pegging the opposition left back very deep, I don't want Carvajal looking to overlap into no space and leaving a massive gap at the back? Previously I've always played pretty balanced formations when using attacking wing backs (both wingers on support) and never really tried to push one up with one staying back, so not sure if it can be done just with player instructions alone?
  12. What a ridiculously good guide. Up until wwfan's FM13 twelve step guide, I was an absolute amateur when it came to the tactical side of things. Far too caught up on the definition of a word like attacking, control and overload - and not thinking about the other aspects of it. In FM13 I learnt so much from the guides and support on this forum, actually started paying attention to the finer details and geting my teams to play how I want them to. This just takes all that onto another level. A fantastic guide to pairs and combinations. I have got a save at the moment with Arsenal, and I play a 4-2DM-3-1 setup, with a similar system to you llama3. I generally play: Balanced, Standard, Higher Tempo, Pass Into Space and Direct Passing. WB (A) - CD (D) - CD (D) - FB (S) --------RGA (S) - BWM (D) --W (A) ----- T (A) ------ AP (S) -------------AF (A) My system is still very much a work in progress (midway through second season) and I'm enjoying tweaking little bits each week to see how something else works. I'm definitely gonna try and incorporate some of your advice, and swich my wing back/full back to link with the wide players in front of them, and I'm gonna consider some of the other stuff to try and retain possession a bit more, cos that's one of my biggest struggles. I win a lot of matches, but I don't get much possession, which I would like to work on to be honest. Thanks a lot for your guide tho, it's brilliant!
  13. Nope, didn't have insurance at all. You'd probably laugh if you knew that I work in insurance as well, and get a 50% discount through one of my companies. My reasoning at the time seemed foolproof. It's a gated/secure apartment block in the city centre, and we live on the top floor. We've lived there for 2 years now, and there has never been so much as a car break in in the car park, or on the road outside. However, somebody flukily managed to get through both secure doors when others were going through and pass 107 apartments (out of 109 in the building) and kick my door off, stealing both my girlfriends and my laptop. Lesson fully learned, and although there's no other contents in my apartment worth insuring (either not expensive enough, or too big to steal) I will however be getting gadget insurance to cover the laptop when I purchase it.
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