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    I enjoy football and athletics, Im a season ticket holder at Rushden & Diamonds FC

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    In a Pineapple, Under the Sea


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    Football, Athletics, Fm etc.

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    Rushden & Diamonds FC

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  1. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Change stadium seat colour

    Ok, thanks for your replies
  2. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Change stadium seat colour

    Hi all I'm a season ticket holder at Rushden and Diamonds FC - naturally I chose them as my football manager side. However one thing that bugs me when playing as them is the seats are coloured white, when in real life they are red. I have tried even changing the clubs kit colours in the editor and starting a new game - but to no avail. I would be grateful for any help that you could provide thanks
  3. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    The PlayStation 3 Thread

    does anybody want a game of fifa? PSN: i_am_raymond
  4. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Goal Difference BUG...

    how about AZ were banned from going through after their fans behaved like monkeys and invaded the pitch, despite the fact they drew with a so called 'lesser club' and failed to be promoted from a division that they're 'too big for' and would 'walk through'
  5. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Patch 10.3 Most Improved players?

    i think all of the SPL players should be lowered to around league 1-Conference standards
  6. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Chester and 10.3/FM2011

    You got what you deserved - even the Football League doesn't like you.
  7. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Patch 10.3 hopes

    i'd like to see a representation of me on the touchline, not just 7 lonely subs
  8. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Just Signed My Mate!

    my best friends cousin - Mark Randall of arsenal
  9. Nene_Park_Faithfull


    I once had a player that was sent of for violence in two consecutive pre season friendlies, resulting in a nine game ban
  10. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Superstore Prices - Cheapest?

    last year i bought it the week it came out from the rushden and diamonds club shop, for a mere 20 pounds
  11. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Save game required

    Does anybody have a save game for FM2009, that is right at the beginning of the World Cup 2010 or 2014. I googled it and looked on FM games, but to no avail. Many thanks
  12. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    FM 2010 price 29.99 US on Steam.

    I got FM2009 the week it came out for £20 from the Rushden and Diamonds Club shop.
  13. Nene_Park_Faithfull

    Shirt Sales in Future Versions

    I second this.