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    I enjoy football and athletics, Im a season ticket holder at Rushden & Diamonds FC

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    In a Pineapple, Under the Sea


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    Football, Athletics, Fm etc.

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    Rushden & Diamonds FC

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  1. I assume you've gone down to the Blue Square level?
  2. yeah i want a manager dot so i can go on a headbutting rampage of my own.
  3. 3d should die, my rushden hoofball looks half attractive when played with dots.
  4. Ruci you legend, keep up the good work.
  5. Nah the planning permission was passed for a stadium on that site about 30 years ago I think. They just waited untill they could steal a team to play there. It was always going to be called something along the lines of Stadium MK, but the irony is, its not actually in Milton Keynes. But those franchise dicks just thought it was going to be named by nike, or redbull were going to invest millions into their club and name the stadium etc.
  6. This is a good idea, but Milton Keynes will be screwed lol * Bletchley and Fenny Stratford: Central Bletchley, Denbigh, Eaton Manor, Fenny Stratford, Water Eaton * Bradwell: Bradwell, Bradwell Common, Bradwell village, Heelands, Rooksley * Bradwell Abbey: Bradwell Abbey, Kiln Farm, Stacey Bushes, Two Mile Ash, Wymbush * Broughton and Milton Keynes combined parishes: Atterbury, Brook Furlong, Broughton, Fox Milne, Middleton (Milton Keynes Village), Milton Keynes village, Northfield, Oakgrove, Pineham * Campbell Park: Campbell Park, Elfield Park, Fishermead, Newlands, Oldbrook, Springfield, Willen and Willen Lake, Winterhill * Central Milton Keynes * Great Linford: Great Linford, Neath Hill, Pennyland, Tongwell, Willen Park * Kents Hill, Monkston and Brinklow: Brinklow, Kents Hill, Kingston, Monkston * Loughton: Loughton, Loughton Lodge, Great Holm, the Bowl * New Bradwell * Shenley Brook End: Emerson Valley, Furzton, Kingsmead, Shenley Brook End, Snelshall, Tattenhoe, Tattenhoe Park, Westcroft * Shenley Church End: Crownhill, Grange Farm, Hazeley, Medbourne, Oakhill, Oxley, Shenley Church End, Woodhill * Simpson: Ashland, Simpson, West Ashland * Stantonbury: Bancroft/Bancroft Park, Blue Bridge, Bradville, Linford Wood, Stantonbury, Stantonbury Fields * Stony Stratford: Fullers Slade, Galley Hill, Stony Stratford * Walton: Caldecotte, Old Farm Park, Tilbrook, Tower Gate, Walnut Tree, Walton, Walton Hall, Walton Park, Wavendon Gate * West Bletchley: Bletchley Park, Church Green, Far Bletchley, Old Bletchley, West Bletchley, Whaddon (ward) * Wolverton and Greenleys: Greenleys, Stonebridge, Wolverton, Old Wolverton * Woughton: Beanhill, Bleak Hall, Coffee Hall, Eaglestone, Leadenhall, Netherfield, Peartree Bridge, Redmoor, Tinkers Bridge, Woughton on the Green, Woughton Park, Woughton village.
  7. Victor Manuel Zapata Edwin Movil Javier Cuero Jonathan Buitrago Sergio Hellings Cillian Sheridan Sam Oji And thats just my Rushden league two team. I dread to think what its like to manage in Colombia.
  8. Is the great Fabrizio Ravenelli there? Or anyother players that sounded immense?
  9. By adding some of these mickey mouse leagues, we might aswell go the whole hog and add Afghan division 9.
  10. Have you entered the stats as you think they should be? Or just made them up by PA & CA?
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