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    I enjoy football and athletics, Im a season ticket holder at Rushden & Diamonds FC

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    Football, Athletics, Fm etc.

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    Rushden & Diamonds FC
  1. Ok, thanks for your replies
  2. Hi all I'm a season ticket holder at Rushden and Diamonds FC - naturally I chose them as my football manager side. However one thing that bugs me when playing as them is the seats are coloured white, when in real life they are red. I have tried even changing the clubs kit colours in the editor and starting a new game - but to no avail. I would be grateful for any help that you could provide thanks
  3. how about AZ were banned from going through after their fans behaved like monkeys and invaded the pitch, despite the fact they drew with a so called 'lesser club' and failed to be promoted from a division that they're 'too big for' and would 'walk through'
  4. i think all of the SPL players should be lowered to around league 1-Conference standards
  5. You got what you deserved - even the Football League doesn't like you.
  6. i'd like to see a representation of me on the touchline, not just 7 lonely subs
  7. my best friends cousin - Mark Randall of arsenal
  8. I once had a player that was sent of for violence in two consecutive pre season friendlies, resulting in a nine game ban
  9. last year i bought it the week it came out from the rushden and diamonds club shop, for a mere 20 pounds
  10. Does anybody have a save game for FM2009, that is right at the beginning of the World Cup 2010 or 2014. I googled it and looked on FM games, but to no avail. Many thanks
  11. I got FM2009 the week it came out for £20 from the Rushden and Diamonds Club shop.
  12. I second this.
  13. I forsee a once again overated Arsenal team lifting the title.