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  1. Alright I'll gather my notes and write something for you some time next week!
  2. Hi samuelsarus, I have now moved on to become the main researcher for the Faroe Islands in the game I already knew that I was setting up the 3. Deild wrong, but can't really do much about it, since Football Manager doesn't have any support for third, fourth or fifth teams in the same club, so I can't really recreate it correctly due to that. I would be interested in some other stuff about the Faroese football in general, if I can write a private message to you later? Do you write/understand Danish better than English?
  3. Have seen several Danish youngsters on trial in bigger European leagues, while still being on contract with their Danish side. The Danish club might score on the trial, if the trialist do well.
  4. @Girafi You should probably watch this thread
  5. Even the simplest test (having just the Betrideild active with 2 relegation spots) seems to crash for me, which suggests that the database itself have been corrupted. With well over 22.000 updates, I can't really debug this, but my guess is something is wrong with the team / reserve team composition. I will continue to test some things out, but I suggest using @claassens league pack for now if you want to activate the Faroe Islands.
  6. So... I really tried everything. I removed leagues and tested a lot, but I can't get it to work. I am giving it a couple of last tries with some really simple league structures. If that doesn't work, I'll call it quits and release a very reduced version of the file, just having the needed clubs and the league active.
  7. That's no myth!!!! I don't believe you! You just have to have the right combination of players, coaches and scouts at Dun Cow FC. Or was it Doolan's Cow FC
  8. Alright, I was able to recreate a crash after holidaying in a couple of new games. Will look into it later today.
  9. It seems that adding in things like transfer-preferences to a country is a problem... Oh well, crash solved. Tested several times and holidayed to 2025 without problems. Had to remove 3. teams and make the 3. deild inactive. This does give some weird outcomes, but these are acceptable (and were present in the 2018 version of the file as well. @masterlp98 & @Girafi could I get you to holiday for just a season or two to see if your errors are gone? Thanks <3 DOWNLOAD | STEAM (also update the first post of this topic.)
  10. Alright, I've been able to holiday to 2025 without any crashes. Also looked at the leagues each year and they seemed alright. However, the game is still crashing when visiting the Faroese national team page - so still got that to tackle.
  11. I haven't used the advanced rules for this (Although I have been testing them for other things ). I'm pretty sure this is a problem with relegation/promotion of different teams. I'm trying to narrow it down, but it's hard work debugging this. It should be safe to just activate the top tier and play there if you want
  12. This is sooooooooo annoying.. And so hard... Random crash dumps and I can't tell why since the freaking dumps give you ABSOLUTELY NO INFO . I mean, I'm used to debugging, it's part of my work as a programmer.. But this is just demotivating in every way. I've been trying several things within the last few hours, but nothing seems to work. Will debug more tomorrow and Sunday - I wont let all my work go to waste.
  13. Alright - I found the bug and for now I'm going to take the downloads down again. It seems that if a 2. deild first team moves down to 3. deild, then one of the reserve teams of that same team in the 3. deild will try to move down, even though the 3. deild doesn't define any relegation spots.. Baah, this might take some time....
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