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  1. I think Weiry's is the best one currently. You'll have that problem no matter what, as FM is not able to keep the third teams below the second teams
  2. It's at a standstill. I didn't get to do more on it. But I do know there's some fine DBs up on Steam Workshop, so go check them out!
  3. Where the hell did my changes go I 100% had 18 teams in the league when I uploaded this file.. Trying again. Faroe Islands - Advanced.fmf
  4. Finally got around to do this, but it seems that I can't verify the rules now. It's not picking up the teams for the second stage. Here's the file if you want to take a look. Faroe Islands - Advanced.xml
  5. Haha, in my mind, I had also explained where I'm stuck... But clearly, I didn't do that in my first post So, what I can't figure out (and this might just be me that's stupid) is how to transfer the teams from the first group stage to the second group stage correctly. I have the groups set up, but can't seem to draw the first two teams from the three groups into the first group etc. etc. Any pointers to where I might do that?
  6. Hi, I am trying to create the faroese 3. deild in the advanced editor, but am currently stuck. I'll try and describe the league: In the first part of the league, we have three groups with 6 teams in each. These six teams will play each other two times in the period from ~ 1/3/2020 to ~ 31/5/2020. Then, the league is split into three (A, B, C) new groups, where the placing in the three first groups determine which group the team gets in. Each team then starts with 0 points again. The two first teams in each of the old groups is placed into group A. The two second teams in ea
  7. @Stuniverse I am also going to create a Faroe Islands DB with the help of my ARs, which should hopefully be out in a week or two and should be 100% authentic
  8. Just tipping in here (as I am the AR of IF Føroyar as well as HR for Faroe Islands). IF Føroyar will not generate any youth players, as they do not have a youth system in real life. They are entirely based on players moving from the Faroe Islands to Copenhagen. I would suggest that you either create your own club or make IF Føroyar generate youth players
  9. Alright I'll gather my notes and write something for you some time next week!
  10. Hi samuelsarus, I have now moved on to become the main researcher for the Faroe Islands in the game I already knew that I was setting up the 3. Deild wrong, but can't really do much about it, since Football Manager doesn't have any support for third, fourth or fifth teams in the same club, so I can't really recreate it correctly due to that. I would be interested in some other stuff about the Faroese football in general, if I can write a private message to you later? Do you write/understand Danish better than English?
  11. Have seen several Danish youngsters on trial in bigger European leagues, while still being on contract with their Danish side. The Danish club might score on the trial, if the trialist do well.
  12. @Girafi You should probably watch this thread
  13. Even the simplest test (having just the Betrideild active with 2 relegation spots) seems to crash for me, which suggests that the database itself have been corrupted. With well over 22.000 updates, I can't really debug this, but my guess is something is wrong with the team / reserve team composition. I will continue to test some things out, but I suggest using @claassens league pack for now if you want to activate the Faroe Islands.
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