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  1. hungoth

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    so Ronaldo going off with injury ensured a title for Portugal, huh? how ironic
  2. USA 94 WC final was worse or my memories of it at the least
  3. hungoth

    Rate Euro 2016

    It was the first tournament since I started watching football in 1986 that I wasn't interested in. So 5... there were far worse tournaments - Korea 02 (farce referees! and Rivaldo beating himself in the face -> red card to Turkish player) or infamous Italy 90.
  4. hungoth

    Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    made my day... I mean night
  5. They used to have good youths irl. I wanted to be their goalkeeper when young, but wasn't allowed by parents. I was attending their matches back in 90s until I moved cities. Do you have some special tactics? You seem to be very successful wherever you go... which is kind of boring.
  6. hungoth

    [FM12] Que Sera Sera (Whatever Rhyl Be Rhyl Be)

    too bad... you could try lifting Singaporean or Hongkong club so its league gets qualifying place for ACL, but I don't know if it's even possible to do by winning AFC Cup multiple times. Does India even have an ACL place? I think it has only AFC Cup. The worst playable league in SA is probably Peruvian, but it's single division.
  7. hungoth

    [FM12] Que Sera Sera (Whatever Rhyl Be Rhyl Be)

    Take the only club from New Zealand and make it powerhouse with the goal of getting New Zealand to win World Cup.
  8. and Children of Bodom... btw, while reading all quizes I could rival being close to 0 as I'm non-brit (except for geographic and historical questions). Anyway in quiz 2 there's one half wrong answer... there're 2 Christmas Islands ... one is on Pacific Ocean.
  9. I hope Darko actually plays for Ipswich :confused:
  10. woot, that was unexpected! I was sure Gomes is that kind of talent who can't realize his potential. 5 to PA please.
  11. another case of "look what a brilliant idea, maybe someone could run a save... anyone? .... no one? ... but... but it's great idea, someone should really do it"
  12. it's reverse stat curse
  13. Sneijder's physicals are abysmal, at least he's got the club.
  14. Poor ratings for Gomes, lack of determination is killing him, but he gets some assists at the least
  15. yup, I rarely see goalkeepers getting more than 6.7, even when I see in match he really saved us.