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  1. Starting Unemployed

    recently i started sunday league player, like you and got a job in wales with carmarthen town, who are in the top welsh division. immediately this raised my rep to national, as everyone in wales knew who i was, so it's logical really. in your case people in your region of sweeden would know who you are, but not outside of that region particulary, so your rep is regional.
  2. desktop pc help

    i got that desktop for christmas- fm runs like a dream with 10 leagues and a large database- it could easily handle many more then that though. i wasn't sure whether the graphics would be good enough- but ive put it on high graphics in 3d and its marvelous
  3. FM2009 deserve 2.0 out of 10.0

    fika has the fancy graphics and shiz but it has too many shortfalls to be considered as a rival to KM. Although KM has a very poor media module, and runs very slow on my computer, it has more depth than Fika and concentrates more on the management then the RPG side of being a Kabbadi Manager, unlike Fika manager. on-topic- The reviewer completely missed the point of FM but that does not mean he doesn't make any valid points, and i found it interesting having an insight into a gamer who seems to like football (or soccer, whatevers good for you), but has not come across this type of genre before and never played the game. it seems to provide us with a lot of information regarding the accessibility of the game to casual football fans.
  4. It's your tactics!

    I know you said a more intuitive system is needed but do you feel that if individual mentality is really the most sensitive slider then would it be better to have "instructions" rather than sliders for most other instructions? say for example time wasting, is a slider with around 20 (i think) values required, or would it be more intuitive and easier for the player to chose from a list of very rarely, rarely, average amount, lots or most of the time (for example). in this circumstance is a slider the best way to put your ideas of time wasting into the game, if the difference between two consecutive values for time wasting is not that much and doesn't have a major effect on the match? Or is their a simpler way of inputting the instruction (like the one i suggested)? IRL if Benitez told Gerrard to rarely take long shots, and then told him to follow his instructions by the letter (which if i understand you correctly semms to be what you are saying is the case in fm), would Gerrard still take long shots? he probably would, because it's part of his game and that's what he would do instinctively. So I don't think that any instruction should override a PPM, personally. just wondering, to help people who only watch highlights in key, should this kind of information be included in the ass man feedback? As this could prove very useful in deciphering what changes need to be made to your sides play.
  5. i know this is hardware specific but i find fm09 to be really unresponsive. my computer is by far below minimum specs, so i don't want to come across as complaining, but i do find it very frustrating when it takes me about 10 seconds of frantic clicking to open up a menu or screen, and about 5 minutes just to get on the start up screen(new game...load last game etc) that aside, the game is much better than 08. ive had a look at the 3d mode on another comupter and i really like it, while the assistant manager feedback and in game motivation is a welcome addition. however, partly due to the reason above (as i said, it would be unfair to mark it down solely because of my shoddy computer), but mainly due to the aggravating press conferences and pointless and uninspired transfer rumours this game gets a 6 from me. im sure though, when i can fully immerse myself in 3d (hoping to get a new computer at christmas) and a new patch is released the game can easily get a 7/8
  6. adding new leagues is only available on fm handheld i'm afraid.
  7. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    i have a sis 651 rev 00, will i not be able to play the game then? not to much of a problem as i have another computer in my household that can run the demo fine, but i rarely get time to go on it, so i guess i won't be getting a lot of fm action this year then, until you hopefully release an update.
  8. Still having problems authenticating?

    SI... i think it's your tactics i was going to complain to asda as i haven't received my copy yet, but looking at this thread and other similiar ones i think they deserve another tenner for not putting me through this ordeal! honestly, somewhere down the line someone has made a monumental balls up (if that isnt stating the obvious) and although miles will post up a report saying what went wrong sometime in the near future, which i think will make interesting reading, i am extremely disappointed a member of SI posted somewhere that they will carry on using this form of DRM as they believe it can provide a great service. surely it's been proven that this form of DRM has failed, as the pirates ended up playing before the legitimate customers, and legitimate customers who bought their copies on midnight friday are still left with a useless CD, 37 and a 1/2 hours later. and even if the problems are ironed the very mention of having the same authentication process in FM 10 will surely stop some people buying it becuase of the problems they, and many others had trying to get a perfectly legal copy of the game to work. i can understand SI and Sega want to protect their profits, but surely this year the autentication has done more harm then good to both the reputation, and current/future sales of the game. i don't feel sorry for SI/Sega at all in the fact that they chose to go down this path, and chose to use the third parties they did, but i sympathise with them because their extensive marketting campaign, which i could imagine cost a fair bit of money, has been shot to peices by a third party. And si are one of the best developers , due to the customer service they provide and their love for the game, so it seems sad that their fans are being let down in such a way. and when you consider people posting that the game is amazing, it makes the situation even more disapointing for SI and the customer.
  9. i preordered from them aswell- says its processing it also says the dispatch date is the 14th, which is a bit worrying
  10. Demo and system specs

    i am interested also in getting a computer with this graphics card (nvidia geforce 7050) i would love to know if this could run fm09. have a look in this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=54801 the only chance of you being able to play fm09 at all(i.e only in 2d) is to try and update the drivers for your system, from either the website of the company that made your machine or the Sis website. however, i and many others in the thread i linked you to have had the same problems and although a few have fixed the problem i don't think anyone with a sis card (me included) has been able to play.
  11. Demo and system specs

    now, im thinking about getting a new comp at christmas and this one catches my eye: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/product/seo/234067 now, from my small knowledge of computers i can tell that the processor and ram are much more than required to play fm09. however, im not sure how good the onboard graphics card is. if someone could tell me whether a) it can run fm09 in 3d b) if it can, how well it will be able to play games such as crysis and COD it would be very much appreciated
  12. Demo and system specs

    hi, my compuuter has these specs: intel celeron 2.8 ghz processor 448mb ram some obscure 64mb video card it failed the can you run it? tests for spore and fifa manager 08 and looking at the specs i won't be able to play 3d, which is disappointing anyway, i could play fm 08 ok, but slowly, but as my ram and video card are below the fm09 specs will i be able to play fm09 at all? of course, i will try out the demo, but i just want to brace myself for fm09 shutting down before the main menu comes up
  13. they have had a few class players come through ttheir ranks but they left to join a bigger club