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  1. Yeah, it's quite frustrating. No Liechtenstein file in classen's.
  2. Eredivisie finish in 2018/19. 151 files from classen's project and 7 Susie Real Name Fixes files.
  3. No custom Netherlands league on classen's project. But Netherlands league is playable. There is one question i would like to ask: Halfway through 2018/19 season save, i have added Norway and Sweden league. Will these have any effect in the game generating for competition places, and if these had made the problem?
  4. And also, Champions' League is affected.. It will start one year later.
  5. I used the UEFA Revival - Europa League (2 Group Stages) & Cup Winners' Cup and AFC - UEFA Revival Structure files. I also have megapack-leagues files by claassen.
  6. Hi @Carlito85. Why am I entering Intertoto Cup after winning the Champions' League? Is this a bug?
  7. this is not Arsenal's real formation. the reasons they did these is to win over you. AI's have their intentions of changing things. before matches and during gameplays. sometimes, u need another formations just in case, so that u can try to "counter act" the oppositions/AIs. I agree with u, bro. if people want to question you on how you WANT your team to play, this is a problem. we know we have to look at player attributes, PPMs, team shapes and mentality. this game is about how you want the team to play. what they should have done is to give you ideas and feedbacks. Not being questio
  8. @Godfarmer: I played 442 (my fav tactics) on my man utd save. usually at home, I would stick with my 442 attacking with high pressing. and I would change my 2nd tactic (usually after 60mins of play) which is still 442 against big clubs but on defensive contain to protect my lead. what I would do is substitute players with below 6.9 ratings and conditions below 70%, usually my mids or defense. that will be 1 of the key factors that would strengthen the areas in order to see the game out. if playing away, same mentality applies, but if against big clubs (away), i will start off with 442 defensiv
  9. I'm playing 4-4-2 on my man utd save. I have: GK (D) WBR (S) DCB (S) DCB (S) WBL (S) WMR (A) BBM (S) CM (D) WML (A) DLF (S) CF (A) Standard and fluid mentality/team shape with closing down more, push higher up, prevent GK distribution and short passing. I set my wingbacks to stay wider, WMR set run w/ ball and cross byline, WML cut inside w/ ball and cross byline, CM (D) makes fewer risky pass, and DLF move into channels and close down more. So far, it works well for my team in pre-season. What i did was, before my 1st
  10. @bossland: http://i65.tinypic.com/33nx7jq.png Hi bro. it seems there's no YACS2 skin after zipping to the correct "skins" folder. is there anything wrong? I have restarted my saved game and still no custom skin appear. EDIT: I've edited the required version in skin_config.xml. now it works..
  11. @scott MUFC: u were asking about Carrillo? he's been on good form for me in his 1st season. sorry for the delay, mate. I just had to finish the 2nd season.
  12. Continued from post #547 Here is after 2nd season: A walkthrough how the season goes: The tactics/formations was 4-4-2, I changed a bit more from my first season save. Attacking mentality. ------------------------------------De Gea(GK def)---------------------------------- --M.Fernandes(FB sup)--Smalling(CD def)--------Zouma(BPD cov)-------Shaw(FB sup)- ------------------------------------------Bazoer(CM def)---------------------------- ----------------------Lemar(CM sup)------------------------------------------------ -Reus(WP att)--------------------------------------------------
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