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  1. Yeah, it's quite frustrating. No Liechtenstein file in classen's.
  2. Eredivisie finish in 2018/19. 151 files from classen's project and 7 Susie Real Name Fixes files.
  3. No custom Netherlands league on classen's project. But Netherlands league is playable. There is one question i would like to ask: Halfway through 2018/19 season save, i have added Norway and Sweden league. Will these have any effect in the game generating for competition places, and if these had made the problem?
  4. And also, Champions' League is affected.. It will start one year later.
  5. I used the UEFA Revival - Europa League (2 Group Stages) & Cup Winners' Cup and AFC - UEFA Revival Structure files. I also have megapack-leagues files by claassen.
  6. Hi @Carlito85. Why am I entering Intertoto Cup after winning the Champions' League? Is this a bug?
  7. this is not Arsenal's real formation. the reasons they did these is to win over you. AI's have their intentions of changing things. before matches and during gameplays. sometimes, u need another formations just in case, so that u can try to "counter act" the oppositions/AIs. I agree with u, bro. if people want to question you on how you WANT your team to play, this is a problem. we know we have to look at player attributes, PPMs, team shapes and mentality. this game is about how you want the team to play. what they should have done is to give you ideas and feedbacks. Not being questioned. The MODs should be well aware of this. this is your team, not theirs. just follow what Rashidi had said; "Start simple and then make small changes as you go". I do this everytime and learn my mistakes and errors as I go.
  8. @Godfarmer: I played 442 (my fav tactics) on my man utd save. usually at home, I would stick with my 442 attacking with high pressing. and I would change my 2nd tactic (usually after 60mins of play) which is still 442 against big clubs but on defensive contain to protect my lead. what I would do is substitute players with below 6.9 ratings and conditions below 70%, usually my mids or defense. that will be 1 of the key factors that would strengthen the areas in order to see the game out. if playing away, same mentality applies, but if against big clubs (away), i will start off with 442 defensive contain. because it will be very difficult to have 442 to win away games against big clubs.
  9. I'm playing 4-4-2 on my man utd save. I have: GK (D) WBR (S) DCB (S) DCB (S) WBL (S) WMR (A) BBM (S) CM (D) WML (A) DLF (S) CF (A) Standard and fluid mentality/team shape with closing down more, push higher up, prevent GK distribution and short passing. I set my wingbacks to stay wider, WMR set run w/ ball and cross byline, WML cut inside w/ ball and cross byline, CM (D) makes fewer risky pass, and DLF move into channels and close down more. So far, it works well for my team in pre-season. What i did was, before my 1st game, i started only with roles and formation with focusing on player stats/abilities/traits (this is important as it will reflect on how they will play as a team) and team trainings (tactical/defending currently) as well. then, during gameplay, i tweaked a bit the TIs to find a good combination of play and player mistakes/errors during the next few matches. I think i have a good set up but still need to see in competitive matches.
  10. I'm not too sure whether these has been brought up, but I'll just share. All these happened in real world and I think it should implement in future FMs. Players More controversial off field matters on players which could affect their careers and bans: scandals, jail term, police cases, tax invasions and tragic deaths. Retired players became club owners/shareholders like the 4 ex-man u legends with salford city. More players expressed desires to leave club after a manager's interests and player's agent tries to talk to chairman/board and make it public. Player interviews/reactions by medias after matches, or winning the MOTM. Players or club captain become more involved of teammate's unhappiness due to manager's mistakes, formations and recent negative pre/post match talks. Former/Ex-players have grudges against managers after unsuccesful spell on clubs. Players will not want to play for your club ever again. Players clash with each other during a match. Remember Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer? Club to take actions against these players after that. Players falling out with each other (in club or international level) due to personal and off field incident (Wayne Bridge and John Terry incident). Player(s) might decide to leave club in order not to face each other again. Players involved in charity and other good campaigns. Players feel insecure after new players of his same position are bought. Players willing to take the pay cut to join the manager he wished to play for or his boyhood club. Retire player numbers after player passed on. Managers Managers in constant talk with club captain about any good players recommendations, current player's roles suitability and other ideas. Managers and coaches in constant talks/views about formations, systems and errors during matches and match trainings which the managers could do some minor tweaks/adjustments in trainings or right after matchdays to achieve better systems and formations. Managers are given few more answers during pre/post match talks and Board interviews than the default 5 answers. Managers having grudges against each other or from rival clubs for longer periods of time. "tapping up" players through agents to be implement, just an idea. I know, it's not good.. Chairman/Board Chairman/ board expressed interest through medias on managers from other clubs after their current manager's poor performance halfway through the season. After chairman/ board get their man, they will send a notice to managers to resign immediately. Monthly Board meetings with managers about clubs issues, next transfer targets and budgets. After that, Board will inform you of their decisions (which Board may support you in every way they can to help you acheive your goals if you are performing well). Board may try to strike a deal for players eventually after weeks of negotiating instead of "Player target ends in failure..." Fans Headline news of Fans' interview by media outside stadium about match predictions. Street attacks, riots and fans' behaviour led to club being fined and possibly of fans facing stadium ban. Street celebrations after winning any cup finals. Matchday One minute of silence before match as a mark of respect due to some tragedies, death of ex-players/managers or hillsborough/munich air disaster remembrance (if playing on 2D/3D matches). Academies Clubs are able to sign young kids, as young as 10 year old for academies and mould into young stars and possibly play for future 1st team. AI A few more in depth trainings could be implement, i guess.. Or maybe SI might got a new sets of training in store. More hidden gems/unknown wonderkids around the world. More playable leagues than in the current FM16. More built in tactics in tactics column, like "Park the Bus" tactic and other new tactics that SI/FM may have thought before. More goal celebrations in 3D match (you know, there are Nani's, Benjani's, Klose's, Bebeto's, Klinsmann's and many more).
  11. I see. I will do the update. EDIT: All works well after 16.3 update. Cheers Neil....
  12. yes, but steam is offline. because i don't want steam to update the game version. Do i really need to update to 16.3 and only then I'm able to load the game?
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