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  1. In my current setup my keeper has an 84% passing success rate. The parts of my setup that may influence this are as follows:

    TI's: pass shorter, play out of defence (Standard, very fluid)

    He's a sweeper keeper with support duty and has distribute to full backs and distribute quickly. My fullbacks are wing backs with support duty on both flanks. Not sure if it helps with drawing markers but my DLPD (in the DM strata) is usually positioned between the DC's when the keeper has the ball. He also has a throwing of 16 and a kicking of 13 - the low kicking range may contribute to him playing it shorter

  2. Fix what? It's not a bug. The issue is in FM users tend to use favour AML/AMR's but in real life the sides who have wide players track back tend to use ML/MR. It's the formations used that are the issue. People tend to forget that the shape you see on the tactic screen is the defensive shape.

    I think what a lot of people don't realise is that the AMR/L positions are actually forwards and you need to think of them in that way. They don't offer that much defensively.

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