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  1. Oh Wow - I have a very similar midfield 4 - the only difference being I have a DMD instead of the VOL Support - the only problem I am seeing is that the Carrilero and Volante attack often seem to occupy the same areas
  2. Awesome - thanks Cleon I loved your "Art of" threads and this will be a massive help. I am currently following your forged in steel series with a great deal of anticipation - it has actually inspired me to try and emulate a class of 92 type situation except at Spurs.
  3. I have now managed to locate the original thread posted by Uncle Sam but would still appreciate any further sources that anybody may know about.
  4. I am hoping to recreate the brazillian box formation in fm18. The problem that I am having at the moment is trying to find resources detailing how the system worked together. I know that around 2010 Uncle Sam wrote an outstanding article about it but I can't seem to find it. I would appreciate it greatly if any of the tactical gurus could point me to a good source of analysis of this formation. Thanks in advance
  5. I also hear its an amazing rush to go base jumping but that doesn't make it safe. These people definitely put the safety of the fans ahead of some cheap pyro thrills. I personally think it looks pretty cool on TV but I have never been to a game as I live in Africa so can't speak from a point of experience
  6. It helps if you add "Service Length" on the other end of the inequalities eg Service Length < 2 years but Service Length > 3 years which means service length less than 2 years and service length greater than 3 years
  7. This, for me, has been one of the most frustrating editions yet. This is not because of any fault on the part of the ME but rather due to my own tactical deficiencies. In the past I would read the excellent articles in the tactics forum and then try and replicate the tactics on there to achieve success in the game. This edition I started out doing that and met with very limited success. I then persevered and started putting together my own tactics. They are generally horribly flawed to begin with but after some logical thinking and making small changes I have managed to produce some excellent (in my opinion) tactics that resulted in some great seasons. This is an incredibly rewarding experience when it finally comes good. It is for this reason that this has been my best edition to date. There are aspects that need work and I am sure the development team will be addressing these issues as, despite the opinions of some, SI appear to be committed to producing a quality product. The growth of the title as a whole is surely testament to that. When you look at the progression that has been made from championship manager to the current football manager you have to appreciate the massive improvements that have been made to the game. There is no other game that has ever come close to providing any sort of competition to this game. Others have tried and failed miserably - generally due to cutting corners. As to those that complain about the game being bugged and wanting some sort of compensation should look at the software industry as a whole. Any software package that is released has bugs and updates to address issues are released regularly. SI are one of the more responsive companies that I have seen and their commitment to listening to their fanbase is commendable. At times it may appear as if they are not but this is because there is an element of irrational customers that are far too quick to declare broken game and become abusive rather than contructively criticize and aid the further development of the game. In conclusion - I love the game and will happily purchase the beta of the next invocation.
  8. Just my 2c: I played Genoa in the Champions League and beat them 5-0. Unfortunately I had a power failure and lost my progress. Reloaded and replayed the Genoa game (it was the first after my last save) and, doing everything the same pre match, we lost 2-1 when I played them the second time. If the result was pre-determined then the result would have been exactly the same. This is an experiment you could try for yourself to satisfy yourself that it is definitely not pre-determined.
  9. Here is a thread that details what the default TIs are for the different mentalities: Default TIs It reinforces what isignedupfornorealreason says (post #3)
  10. Diego Costa. He scored in about 7 consecutive games against me. I thought I had him sorted when we stopped him for two games but then he scored in the next game. So he cored in 8 games out of ten.
  11. My general pattern with FM games is I buy it on release and then play it intensely for about 6-8 weeks. I then get bored and put it to one side. 2-3 months later I will feel the siren call again and be back into it. This is the first FM that has engaged me full time from day 1. I have loved this current iteration with its flaws and for me it has been the best iteration to date - not for the new features necessarily but just as an overall playing experience.
  12. Never tried cloud save but I see no reason why it shouldn't
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