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  1. After a match in my online save with a friend, I got the weird attached error message while the game was still processing stuff after we pressed "continue". And whenever I pressed OK it just appeared again. Then after about 50 of them (I'm stubborn) it suddenly disappeared and the game continued. But the weird thing is that the game that had been played got its events changed. The original fixture ended 0-1. But when the game had finished loading after the error message, the goal scorer had changed. And the losing team suddenly had gotten a red card that didn't happen originally. While I'm at it, I've never had as many problems with crashes and stuff on a Football Manager release as I've had with this one, and I've played every release since FM07. For example I can only play on my MacBook now because it crashes every time I try to save on my PC. Super annoying, but I keep playing
  2. I also wanna know this. Since I follow the LLM rules, I don't use the search function. Will buying scouting packages help me in any way? Thanks!
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