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  1. That's what I'm figuring. That's why I'm trying to get some tips haha......But like I said, I've tried it myself and tried it with letting my assistant handle it and still the same result. Josh King arrived at 27 and is about to turn 29. Sane arrived having just turned 24 and is about to turn 25. What about the slider that changes the amount of match training between more or less match training? Do you touch that? I've left it where it starts at, but maybe its too high on match training?
  2. Went to look again and its even worse than I thought. When I first got Josh King, he had the following attributes: 12 DRIBBLING 12 ANTICIPATION 19 ACCELERATION 14 FINISHING 13 COMPOSURE 15 AGILITY 10 FIRST TOUCH 14 CONCENTRATION 13 JUMPING 11 LONG SHOTS 13 DETERMINATION 16 NATURAL FITNESS 13 PASSING 15 FLAIR 18 PACE 13 PK TAKING 13 OFF THE BALL 14 STAMINA 13 TECHNIQUE 13 TEAMWORK 16 STRENGTH 15 WORK RATE Josh King now after one and a half seasons on my team at 28 years old in his prime (key attributes): 11 DRIBBLING 12 ANTICIPATION 13 ACCELERATION 14 FINISHING 13 COMPOSURE 15 AGILITY 11 FIRST TOUCH 14 CONCENTRATION 13 JUMPING 11 LONG SHOTS 13 DETERMINATION 16 NATURAL FITNESS 13 PASSING 15 FLAIR 17 PACE 13 PK TAKING 14 OFF THE BALL 13 STAMINA 13 TECHNIQUE 13 TEAMWORK 16 STRENGTH 15 WORK RATE I marked the attributes that improved in green and the ones that declined in red. As you can see, his acceleration declined substantially in 1.5 seasons. Below are my fitness coaches' attributes to be sure Massimo Neri 20 FITNESS 12 DETERMINATION 18 LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE 11 MOTIVATING Andrea Scanavino 19 FITNESS 14 DETERMINATION 16 LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE 15 MOTIVATING Strength Coaching is 4.5 Stars, Aerobic Coaching is 4.5 Stars, the Coaches' workload is light So yeah, I cannot figure out what is happening.. And again, it's not just Josh King, pretty much all of my players don't develop much if they're young and they lose pace and acceleration if they are fast and they lose it in a hurry.
  3. Yes, as I mentioned the exactly of Josh King above. I also got Leroy Sane and by the end of his first season, his pace and acceleration had dropped 2 full points and his dribbling and finishing dropped 1 point each. That could be the issue with Sane because he hasn't played well so far so he's been getting rotated for players who play better. But Josh King started lights out and won English Player of the Year and was playing every single game that he was fit to play. If he was too tired, I rested him. He had a few small injuries where he was out a week or two so that took him out. Other than those, he played every single week because of his form.
  4. I'm not sure either, but clearly I'm doing something wrong because it's the last three releases for me, not just this save. I'd just like to figure out what it is that I'm doing though. Sucks to have to keep buying new players because mine keep regressing to the point of not being good enough anymore after two seasons or so.
  5. I appreciate the feedback. I typically try to train people in the roles they will play. I can see how your strategy is beneficial though. However, I use ball playing defenders and complete forwards so they are already kind of training in that way. It's certainly not a lower level thing because I'm Wolves with 5 star facilities in the Champion's League. That's why I can't figure it out. I have good facilities and good coaches, and yet I have Josh King, who maintained something like 18 pace and 19 acceleration at Bournemouth for 3 straight seasons and then joins me and goes down to 16 pace, 16 acceleration within the first season. I would think my facilities and coaches are better than Bournemouth, but for some reason I can't seem to get it right.
  6. I've been having an issue for several issues of this game now. Any players I buy continuously regress under me in terms of attributes. I hire coaches to the point of having at minimum 4 stars across the board for training. For FM16 and FM17, I handled all my own training and just figured maybe I was doing something wrong. But now on FM18, I let me assistant coach handle it since CPU teams don't seem to have the same issue but still, the same issue for me. I have signed several players for their speed, but in just one season, they both have dropped 2-3 whole numbers in pace and acceleration, have become a lot less effective, and they are in their prime (27, 28 years old). It's not like they're 33 years old and declining due to age. They are at the point they should be playing at their best, not regressing......Wonderkids don't turn into world class players under me either. They'll improve across the board a bit and then regress across the board a bit and end up just being above average. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong, but I'm wondering if anyone has some advice to help me maintain attributes for players in their prime and to turn wonderkids into world class players.
  7. What other attributes have an effect that can be seen?
  8. Weird question but is there a hidden attribute for PK takers? I have two great PK takers based on the attributes given. One is 16 PKs, 16 composure, 16 finishing. However, of his last 6 or so PK attempts, he has missed something like 4 or 5 of them. So after it costing me multiple games, I switched to my other good PK taker (16 PKs, 16 composure, 15 finishing) and he missed his first attempt as my PK taker. Meanwhile, I've been playing with a friend and he had his LB taking PKs (11 PKs, 14 composure, 12 finishing) and I think he went something like 7 for 7 on the season. Is there a hidden attribute, is it some kind of a glitch, just bad luck, or what? I don't feel like I could get much better PK takers in terms of attributes and it's very frustrating to be missing so many gimme goals.
  9. Maybe you just got the team talk all wrong or the other team got it completely right? You can't win every match and even good teams have horrible games occasionally. I'd say raise the issue if you keep playing and keep getting destroyed like that. In 2011/2012, Arsenal got thrashed 8-2 by Man United and went on to finish 3rd in the EPL. It's not unheard of.
  10. Like other's have mentioned, i agree there is a problem with crossing. Every year on my game, the leading assist man is a full back. My full back broke the EPL record for assists. However, I have found ways to minimize it and I also can maximize it when the opposition lines up so I'm not that upset about it not being addressed. I just adjusted as you all should. Secondly, I found what I think/hope is a bug. You say that transfer negotiations were improved (if I remember correctly). I offered one of my CDMs for transfer at $27.5 mil which is his market value. He has 2 years left on his contract and is 25 years old. He has played well when I have played him but I have so many options so I decided to try to offload him to use the money to improve somewhere with fewer options. My club is rich, not even close to in debt and my wage budget is $200k more per week than I'm spending so there is no issue with needing any amount of money. However, when I offer that amount, the offer I get is $925k plus add ons that make the overall value up to $1.1 mil AND they want me to pay $11k/week of his wages until his contract ends in 2 years.......I was literally insulted and trying to find a way to express that to the team and wanted to tell them where to shove that offer because it is so unbelievably awful. Please tell me this isn't seen as a reasonable offer.......
  11. That was me. What I meant was everyone I try to think of as that super defensive, stay back half back is a ball winning midfielder instead. Teams seem to prefer that over a half back. The people I am thinking of are people like Coquelin, Colback, Tiote, Cattermole, Luiz Gustavo, people like that.
  12. Yeah but I see a half back as someone that stays back and refrains from joining in on any attack as to be ready to break up a counter and keep men back just in case. Gerrard still got in on attack. I used a regista with Illeramendi and Sociedad and he always dropped between the CBs to get possession but still could pick out players to start a counter and join an attack. Thats why I see Gerrard as more of a regista. I'm struggling with this year's game though so I am not really a good authority for any advice right now hahaha
  13. I imagine Gerrard as more of a regista.....I can't even think of an example of a half back in real life. I can't think of a team that plays one. Most use ball winning midfielders instead.
  14. Alright so to update, I tried that formation using a lot of the tips from Cleon's posts. When I tried using a target man, it worked horribly, especially if I asked my fullbacks to cross for the target man. Essentially, if the ball came to either full back, regardless of where they are on the field, they'd boot it straight to my target man. Additionally, most moves were destroyed by a random, unnecessary, and ill advised boot toward the target man. So, I don't feel a target man can be beneficial to a possession style. I adjusted the formation some and have had very mixed luck. I am usually having lots of possession, between 55-65% each game. However, my strikers are not scoring many goals at all. They get some great chances but they don't finish. I beat some good teams like Arsenal and Liverpool (both at home) but almost every win I've had this season has been 1-0. My team almost never scores more than 1 and most the goals come from midfield. Generally I win one and lose two or three. I've tried lots of different strikers and lots of different roles up top but I can't seem to find the goals. Before, I was trying to go DLF-S and CF-S to keep possession but when no one was scoring, I switched to DLF-A and CF-S....It's worked a little better but still not scoring a whole lot. My target man has done okay as a DLF as suggested though. Also, I recently played a team I felt I should have demolished but lost 3-2. I had 4 clear cuts but blew 2 and had 54% possession, but still, I felt it should have been worse because of the possession style and because they were playing all creative players with no strong, good tacklers in midfield (Sergi Samper was the closest they had to a holding mid) whereas I have several that are good at tackling AND passing and congested the midfield with them. Looking at the lineups, I figured that once I got the ball, they'd really struggle to get it back but that wasn't really the case at all and I'm not sure why. Plus they went to 10 men around the 70th min or so. Any suggests of how to exploit a similar situation? I can't seem to figure out which adjustments exploit what as I thought playing narrow would mean I would completely destroy them but that didn't work at all. Side note, is it possible to get fullbacks to cross more? What I mean is I have them set to cross more but the team set on "work ball into box" to avoid players just launching long shots. However, my fullbacks, who cross very well, get the ball in miles of space down the flank (just like I want) but dont cross, either standing there until they're closed down and then try crossing and have it blocked or passing it short into the box to maintain possession. I want them to whip the ball in when they have space like that but I don't want my mids launching 40 yard shots all the time (not many have shoot less often as options to select)
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