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  1. Scarborough Athletic 2024/2025 To make it short I got fired after I played the last Game of this Season. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed by the Board. 2 years ago we got in the League with a 5 year plan that said that the goal is this year to finish tophalf, then I overperformed Season one in the National League and they expected me to repeat this. I can't repeat it and only finish 10th and ended 7 Point outside the Playoffs. Not saying that I'm happy how this season went but I feel like they at least should have given me a couple of games next season to prove that I can correct it, specially since I won 4 games in the last month of playing. Question now is why did I fail? I'm not happy with the Squad that I built on paper they looked imo better then what I had last season but they just didn't perform. Maybe it was the tactic but the media predicitons also agreed that we got worse(ordid the other teams just get more better?). One thing I did wrong for sure was the Goalkeeper in the Offseason. I got nervous when I couldn't find a GK early in the offseason and then payed 61k for a GK, who never really performed well for me and got rage sold for 32k later i the season. If I stayed a bit more calm I would have found better GK for free only a couple of weeks later. The rest of the season after my expensive GK was gone I reloaned my old GK that I already used the last 2 years. But I think my biggest Problem was the Tactic after the Update my previous working tactic just didn't work anymore and I never really found a tactic that worked most of the times. I ended the Season perfectly balanced I won 22 games and lost 22 games and drew 2. But there was no pattern I won against a top team then lost the next game versus a relegation candidat. So I never was really sure if I should tamper with the tactic or not in handsight I might should have more worked on it. Now my personal Review. With 5 year this is tied for my longest save I've ever played on FM and I loved this save and I really got connected with the club and my players(also to see in the fact that most in the team best eleven were still on my roster despite no longer being good enough) and now I have to start a save where Tom Smith my two times topgoalscorer doesn't even exist:(. But for now I think I will take a break from lower end of Englands league and I will go somewhere where European Competitions are at least within my reach. But before I start a new save I sim a couple of years into the future and will see how scarborough will do without me. Hopefully they can continue the rise. They have 600k on the side but with thier low reputation they will probably over short or long go back down.
  2. I may have rage sold my 61k summer transfer keeper for 32k after we lost 4:0 and he once again allowed multipe goals more then what I set for my self as the expected goal stat(clearcut chances + 0.5*halfchances) Yes I'm in panic mode and I reloaned last years keeper who I let go because he has a big fear of big games, but now it's season(and my job) saving time not getting promoted time. Honestly Part of me wants to resign just to give them a chance to recover and start moving on now, but a bigger part of me wants just once to actually keep it going until I get fired. I always quit before I actually get fired, but not this time. (But what I will make is do saving this point of the season and when/if I get fired I go back to this point retire and sim ahead in the season and see what they would do without me)
  3. I thought I finally got my "big" draw in the 1st round of the FA Cup with an away game at a League one Club, then I checked Wimbledons Fixtures and they play thier home games in front of 3-4 thousand people:( Sure it's double of what I have on a normal home game but for sure not the big draw in the FA Cup that you want(But I also only get half of the money so no gain for me).
  4. Damit the Patch destroyed my tactic only one win in the first four games, I hope I find a working tactic before it is to late. My contract is running out and they expect a playoff spot from me right now I'm in a relegation spot. (I also hope it's only my tactic and not the team I built).
  5. So far I I think I got my starting 11 together 1 week before june 30th. Only GK is still an open position. Every Gk I tested so far is crap or wants a lot of money. I even thought about doing my first transfer where I pay money but then there GK wanted more money then I could pay. I think I have to wait until a bit later when I can hopefully find a nice GK on the loanlist
  6. Scarborough Athletic Season 23/24 This was my first season in the National League and I had no Idea what to expect Transfers: Firstly I reloaned Goalkeeper Newman, Winger Gyhmia-Bio and Striker Jessop from thier Clubs. LB Kenedy-Williams joined us full time on a free after he played last season on a loan for us. Gyhmia-Bio and Newman stayed important players for us through the whloe season the other two returner turnered more into backups who hardley played any football. The reason for that were Tom Smith, a Striker who joined us from Man United after he was set for release, and Kevin Beck, an Austrian Youth player from Liverpool who playes at leftback. Smith had a real strong start into the season but really was out of form in the end of the Season, but still his first half was good enough to save him the top goal scorer of the League. Other notable Additions were Jermain Gayle, a jamaican Winger, his big disadvantage he plays for the jamaican u20 and made even his first real cap during the season. On loan we got Right back Hawkes and with Major another Winger. I also signed another Striker Elkabets, who I honestly only signed because after I signed Smith on one day ended the game afterwards. The next time I played I forgot about Smith who was sitting in my under 23 after I signed him. Eklabets was a bit unlucky, first he was the odd man out since Smith was on fire and so I went with Smith and then when he finally got some playing time he got Injured 5-6 months 4 games before the Season ended. And Last but definitly not least we have the Fans Player of the Season/Signing of the Season/Young Player CM Evan Romeo another one of this from Premier League Clubs released player. This was honestly the first time I signed player that got released from Prem League teams(probably should have done it earlier;)). With League 1 and League 2 teams who have them on thier wanted list. I fast gave him and Beck a 2 year Contract extension, since they both are my best players right now and I don't want to lose them for nothing. Transfers League When I started into the season we haven't lost a game in 2023 and to my suprise our streak shouldn't end until 5 games into the season. But after that one lose it looked like we still cruising through this division with only 1 lose in the first 12 game. Only thing slowing us down was the high amount of draws. We slowed a lot down in October and November. After that the Season was one up and down but in the end we werre good enough to sneak in a home playoff game against Chorley. And then the Playoff game happend. 3 min in Chorley gets a goal on us, it looked like we would once again chocke at the big stage. But after that goal we actually dominated them we tied it up before half time and pressed on the lead 26 to 6 shots but we couldn't score. Extra Time came and passed without any highlight. And then it happens Penalty shootout I choose my takers and pressed start... and the game didn't do anything the screen stayed on the last sceen of extra time. So after trying different things I restarted the game. I lost without a discussion 2:0. We had no chance. (Honestly I'm happy with that outcome cause knowing my teams performance in penalties we probably would have lost it anyway, so I prefer this over a win for us in the replay). Fixtures Cup Competitions I think I can sumarise both Cup Competition under one Point we beat 7th tier club and then lost in the next round to a national league north club. First in the first round of the FA-Cup we lost to Tellford, who at that point where in a playoff spot, a game where we just couldn't score, so unlucky but happens. Then the FA-Trophy against FC United, a lower/mid table team, this game was just unacceptable we didn't lose unlucky like Tellford United was clearly the better team and sent us with a big 5-2 lose home. Cup fixtures Review/Preview Personal: Right now I'm on my last Coaches course for the Continental Pro Licence. My biggest Personal Success was getting a Job interview offered by a Ligue 2 club in France and right now I'm wanted by Bradford City in League Two. Next year I will need a new Contract so I may get some more Job offers and maybe I can use one of this offers to get me a new Contract from Scarborough. Coach Club: Financially we look better then ever with 500k in the Bank I feel comfortable to do some investments in the summer and hopefully push us further forward(Going Pro maybe?) Only thing that looks worse on the financial side is now that we have a 90k loan that was need for the mandatory stadium upgrade.(Don't know why they even took the loan we had nearly 200k in the bank back then). The Board expectation went clearly up thanks to my early success. Last years 5 year plan set the goal for this season as top half but now we are at get into the Playoffs. But that doesn't matter that much anyway because my goal for this team is a promotion push and also I would like to have some real cup runs. FA-Trophy doesn't get much money but I would really like that trophy before we go up into league 2. Club I'm not sure how to go forward from this Point. I feel like over short or long we need to go Pro. And on the Sport side we need to get a little rebuild/retool going. This team right now can perform pretty well when they want but then lose against bottom of the table teams or teams in lower leagues. Maybe my tactic just don't work against smaller teams. I know for sure I need a new Goalkeeper his stats are fine but his anxiety from big games maybe a reason I chocked so many times when it matters.
  7. Scarborough Athletic Season 22/23 After last years semifinal lose I took a little break from this save. I had enough of getting close to promotion just to lose in the playoffs. So when I came back I knew that I need a real push for a promotion this season, with that in head I started investing into the team. Transfers: First we sold our first player for money. Our LB Johny Yfeko left us for newly promoted Boston United. We got 8.25k ou of it. Not the world but if I get money for it at this level every player is replaceable. And we found replacment in Tyreece Kennedy-Williams who came on loan from Notts County. Hood our CB last year didn't wanted to stay so we got replacements in Morgan Williams from Coventry City and Daniel Obi fro league Rival Chorley. GK Jack Newman came on loan from Sunderland since I upset both my goalkeeper I had last year with non-contract offer, which I could release if/when I get a better keeper. Next up I signed Kian Harratt who should togetter with returning Jessop, last years league leading scorer, who returned for another season from Scunthrope. Later I signed another player from Chorley Jordan Clarke, he should have been an ugrade for my left wing, he was an upgrade but definitly not worth the 600 pounds I paid him every week. But that was not my biggest mistake. His name was Harry Middleton my scouts said he was a 4 star midfielder, so I paid him 700 pounds, he ended as a 2,5 star midfielder and was backup to my two midlfielders that where already on the team. I bought him out in January and hopefully saved some of my missinvested money. Transfers League: part 1 part 2 Like last year my board was pretty unambitious, top half finish. But like I said before for me everthing else then promotion was a big disapointment. We started good into the season but we could never really get a big difference between us and South Shields. and then mid october we found our self in one of the biggest low I had so far with this club. Thankfully South Shields was even worse then we and ended the season on 6th place. Instead Spennymore and Chorley came for a push and so I lost my lead to Spennymore at the end of the year. But that last game in 2022 was also the last lose we had all season. After that we went on a 17 game unbeaten run and won the championsship with one game spare. Table FA Cup This run was really unspectacular. Board wanted us to get into the first round we had only lower league teams and a later demoted blyth until we met Brackley Town in the first round we were tied after 90 min but for some reason it went to extra time instead of a replay(maybe because of the winter world cup) We missed a penalty in extra time and then in the shootout we missed all 3 penalties. And we were out only positive is Brackley town faced some league one club at home in the next round. So we didn't miss out on a big money game since without replay there was really a minimal chance to get a big away game out of this run. Fa-Cup FA-Trophy The Board wanted us to get in the second round we lost in the first round because the game was during our big losing phase. FA trophy General Review/Preview: Personal: Still doing Coaches courses right now I do the Continental A and I got my first rival, because I didn't use his player that he loaned to me(back before I decided to push for promotion). And lastly I finally have full scouting knowledge of England(I haven't watched any swiss players but looks like I know my swiss player still pretty well). Coach Club: Player of the Season was Striker Club leading Goalscorer Ryan Harrett who won fans Player of the season young player of the season and signing of the season. team awards Financially we look okay but we can't spend much more money to still make break even, so for now I will start into the National league within the same budget I set for this season(less then I could spend). Part of the money we have at the moment on the bank will have to go into the stadium expansion to fullfill the league minimum(60k for 700 more people seems not really efficent to me) The Club vision is finally a bit more ambitious for next season they hope for a midseason finish and from there they slowley want to push for playoffs. finances, Board Vision I have to say I'm happy I don't have to spend another year in the National league North and ready to move on. The only sad part is that this will definitly be the end of my last 2 players who played for me all 3 seasons. James Morris my topscorer in the first season is still on a non contract and will just stay there until he wants to go or I go pro. Will Annan the only remaining player who was on the team when I took over didn't wanted a non-contract. After the season ended I found out why. Looks like after the first season I gave him a new 2 year deal, at that point I didn't really thought about a promotion so I gave him a 2 year extension clause if we get promoted. Sooooo.... he stays with the team for 2 more years(it's only 160 pounds so should be fine)
  8. Scarborough Athletic Season 21/22 Transfer: Last year I basically built a total new team, this year I kept around half of my old team and then slowley replaced whenever I found an upgrade. That left me in the end with only 4 players, who played for me in the first season, featuring in my season eleven. But I also set a focus on having more depth at every position since my lack of depth at Wing cost me last year in the playoffs. Transfers League: Part 1 Part 2 My Board wanted midtable finish but after ending last season in the semifinal of the playoff was my goal atleast get back into the playoffs. But the real goal was atleast 3rd place finish to avoid that first playoff round. And that's exactly what I did I wasn't even close to 2nd place but also far enough of 4th place that my 3 games before end of season didn't matter. table Playoffs: Okay I make it short. We lost in the semifinal to Fc United of Manchester. That was a really disappointing end to a great season. (United then lost in the final to our local Rival York City giving them finally thier promotion after they failed last year in the final and lost the title this year in the last game) Playoff tree FA Cup: The Board wanted me to get into the first round after we lost our 4th round qualifying round last year. Our first game of the Cup was at Leiston, we got an easy win and moved on the beat Mickleover Sports, another lower tier team. Now only one win away and the Stage we lost last year to Barrow. This year we face Telford United, who were also in our division and with us in the fight for the Playoff spots. Our advantage was that we played at home. In a hard fought game we won 2:0. Next round was in theory back to easy when we faced lower league Dorking Wanderers, but let's be honest here it was a strugle. We dominated the game but only won 1:0. But doesn't matter we advanced to the second round and we hoped for a top league 1 team or another lower league team, what we got was the worst possibilty National League Ebbsfleet United(at the current point of the simulation they stand in the play off final of the national league). We fought brave and got a replay at Ebsfleet after a 2:2 at home. Between that draw and the replay was the draw for the 3rd round. The Winner of this replay will host Manchester City. But we lost the replay and Ebbsfleet hosted City and lost to them. Fa Cup games FA Trophy After the longish Fa Cup Part I make this short goal was the Second round I lost in the first. But after my big FA Cup Run I don't really care about that. FA Trophy games General Review Personal: I hope from one coaching course to another. Right now I study for the continental B License and my attributes are improving so much that I'm no longer a useless part of the coaching staff. Sadly my determination is still not high enough to convince the board to give me a parent club. Team: For me Team MVP has to be the scoring leader of the League in, on loan from Scunthorpe United, Harry Jessop(If somebody know how to pronounce his last name feel free to post it;)). But Fans Player of the Year was Curtis Morrison, honestly that a choice I could also agree on (it was close for me between Jessop and Morrison). The award for Coaches favourite Player of the team goes to James Morris. He was my very first siging in this save, last years top goal scorer and this years he was captain, number 2 in goals and number 1 in assits in the team. I love him but sadly I think if everything goes like I plan for next season he will no longer have a major part in next years team. 22/23 Season Preview Again first my personal goal: Easy I have enough from the National League North, so far we only knew one was get better then last year. Last year we saw we need to get at least 3rd to move directly into the semifinal we did it and still failed in the semifinal. This years lesson is forget the Playoffs the only reliable way to get up is championship so that's the goal. It's a high aim and I know that. For the FA Cup I got into the second round this year but we have to stay realistic so my goal is go back into the first round. Now to what the board wants (here) Let's start with the season expectation mid table honestly can't be our goal here, I accept it so I have more job security but everything else then a playoff spot is a big disappointment. The Club culture still not a fan of make the most of set pieces. The other two are new and it won't change much on how I play, so I guess they are fine. Finances A preseason tournament with a couple of championship clubs brought me alot of money last year (I wasn't aware of how much it would bring me, so it feels a bit exploitish and I probably won't do it again) but with our cup run and improved attendance we would have written black numbers anyway. But we can't count on another big cup run, so we still have to be carefull about the money. Like last time to end it a short personal review: Still loving this challenge and I fell even more conected with the team.
  9. Okay I'm in a little dilema. I'm in the offseason after my first season. In the first Season I signed a young european player, since brexit didn't happend at that point I had no problems with signing him. One year later brexit happend every eu player needs a work permit. Since I play in the national league north not suprisingly he hasn't enough caps to get a work permit so I can't resign him. So far all good, bad for me but fair. But now I discoverd that after his contract run out he is still on a month to month contract in my team and I don't have to offer him a new contract. My question now will he be able to play when the league starts or will he not be able to play because he has no workpermit? If he cant play I would like to know now and release him and save a bit of salary. And also if he could play if I don't offer him a new contract, would this be even allowed within this challenge, because imo it's close to game the system. At the moment I tend towards just release him anyway because that's sounds like cheating to me. But I really like that player and it would be a shame to lose him if this would be totally fair use. EDIT: Okay I made a seprate save and simmed ahead to test it and I can answer the first Question yes he is able to play despite not having done anything to fulfill the workpermit. I honestly feel like it's to cheaty to do it, and unless someone can say me 100% that that's the way it should work, I will release him, Cause this situation is to easy to exploit, as long as I stay semipro I don't have to offer him a new contract and no other team will offer him a contract since he won't get a work permit. So not only can I play him without workpermit but the contract he would want is 500 pounds but I can keep letting him play with a 200 pound contract.
  10. Scarborough Athletic Season 20/21 Transfers: We basically built a team from the ground and with me making myself as swiss meant I had 0 scouting knowlege on any player and I just invited everybody without a contract and gave players non contract deals. That lead to to many signings to give everyone a shoutout special since a lot of them never made any impact on the team since I found better players on trial. Later in the Season I sold Lofts to make room for Hunt, who was a better player at CM and Lofts was one of the original players who still had (a way to high) contract on the team. If anybody cares here you have my transfers: Part1,Part 2 League: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I went into the season with the Goal Fight bravely for survival, and I never even entered Relegation Zone, to be fair the team that started into the season was already much better then the team that I took over and this goals were based on. Still overall it was a very succesfull season and alot better then I ever expected. Season started well with only one defeat in the first month (9 games). August was followed by a not great september with only one win. After that my team found into a great form until mid January in that window we fought ourself into a playoffspot. But again a great form was followed with a really poor form where we only won one game in 7 games. This made the fight for a playoff spot a lot more exciting then it looked like in January but thankfully the boys found back to winning and in the end clinched the playoff in the last game despite losing to Blyth. To end this section I have to call out the most curios result of the season. That is a 6:0 defeat against Tellford, I have no Idea how this happend we were in the middle of a great streak, team just didn't showed up for this one. Table In the Playoffs we met Southport, who we beat twice during the Season. I was scared that us losing the homefield advantage at the last day of the season could have cost us, but a winner in the 120th min brought us into the next round. 3 days later in the next round we visited fully rested Kidderminster. Nobody would have really betted on us winning this game, specially since we lost our star player and heart of the Team RW Will Annan in the last game(Injured for 6 weeks). In addition a lot of starters were just not fit enough to start (I have a strict 90 percent fitness or you don't play rule, maybe that would have been the one game for an exception). The only thing that spoke for us was that we beat them the last time we played them and that was during a losing Period and also without Annan. But long story short we lost. playoff tree FA-Cup: Cup Expectation in this competition were get into the 3rd qualifying round. We struggled away at Stratford and only got a 0:0 draw. Just for us run over them in the replay and win 6:1. With our goal already reached we could take it more relaxed and we beat league rival kettering, who at that point were better placed then we were. Now only Barrow, who played a division above us, were between us and the first round prober. At home against them I had hope for an upset specially since we played really well in the league right then. We drew 1-1 and got another replay. And in the Replay it ended the way you could expect Barrow beat us, but we put up a great fight and even tied the game at 1 in the 70th min just for barrow to take the leade back in the kickoff highlight. FA-Trophy: Trophy No Expectation in this competition, but I still wanted the money even if it is a lot less then the FA Cup. Qualfying round we beat Leamington who got relegated at the end of the season. In the first round we got our revenge on Barrow(if only we got our win against them in the FA Cup and not here). After beating Alfreton it was Ketterings time to take a FA Cup revenge. After we drew against them in the away game we lost the replay at home and that ended our FA Trophy run in the 3rd round. General Review Personal: In this season I got myself 2 Coaching Badges and I'm already studing for the 3rd. I also got myself a new contract, I passed on more money to save the club 25 pounds per week(I hope that is fine within the Challenge, I'm not 100% sure, If I did wrong with that please say so then I will not do it if I get a new contract). Attributes Characteristics Team Review: Like I already mentioned in the League part the Player who was/is the core of this team is Annan one of only 2 Players who were on the roster to start with and will still be on my roster next year(the other is my GK). And the Game agrees with me on him being the star. My signing of the year is according to the game the very first signing I did with this team Striker James Morris, here I can not 100% agree for me CM Josh Benson has at least a very good shot, He is at least the most talented signing of the year but I guess Morris had due to the still of play more influnce on the game. Awards 21/22 Season Preview First my personal goals I want this team to confirm that we didn't get to the playoffs due to a fluke season, we are for real. So my goal is at least playoffs again, while my dream is at least 3rd so that we don't have to deal with that tiredness in the semifinal. FA-Cup goal go back to teh 4th quali round. Dream getting a big draw in the first round against some big league one club. Board Goals: here I can agree with the mid table finish but I'm not really happy about the new Philosphie to make most of set pieces, reason for that I have no idea how to set up set pieces and also how is that a messurable point what is most of it? Is what I did last season most of it or do they want more? I really prefered the sing under 23 players for the first squad cause that was all that I did anyway. Finances: I want to keep this club financially healthy at the moment we are stable, but the board now allowed me to spend 1.5 K per week more to spend but doing that would lead to a big minus so for now I will atleast try to keep it the same. Finance Overview Now to finish it up my personal expierience with this Challenge. This is my first big FM Challenge I'v ever started and at least played a whole season. It gave me a lot of unexpected challenges. For one I've played once or twice with attribute masking on but never with a coach so bad like here, and not being english didn't helped me here either since I suddenly had no info at all about players. It was strange to not be able to rely on the search screen and filters. I have to say right now I really love this save and I honestly play FM way to much cause of this save. I still doubt that I will ever get into the Prem but right now I have no temptation to start another save.
  11. Okay here we go. After I finished two season with my hometown club in switzerland during the beta(and basically just did what they are doing for years in the real world). I think now it's time for my very first very long term save on any FM. I saw this challenge first last year, back then I decided that I'm not good enough for this. 12 months later I'm not that much better in FM. So long story short I personally don't expect a big success story out of this save but if everything goes as planed it will keep me motivated in this save and I won't jump save with the first other save Idea I see/have. My team for this Challenge and hopefully for all of FM 20 is Scarborough Athletic. https://imgur.com/84Z8Yje Why Scarborough? As swiss I have zero connection to any of this eligible teams. So it's pretty simple they are red and white like the colours of my hometown team. After that I read about them on Wikipedia and like thier story. The Fans who brought them back home and now together we will go up the league lader or if we ask the board get relegated back after one year. https://imgur.com/ybVdztF Just so you know since I'm not the best fm player ever I definitly will look for a senior affiliate, to get me good loanees. Edit: How do I post the imgur links as pictures?
  12. The Swiss League 2 has only 9 teams in the 2015 start with the 2015 default Database. But in real life the league extended this year to 10 teams(Winterthur is now in the swiss league 2 not 3)
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