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  1. Kristoffer Olsen has been a revelation for my Inter squad, and well worth the 2 M I paid for him. Mostly use him as an AP in a supporting role behind Icardi. Picked up Dueland also for under 2 M, and he is progressing nicely on loan.
  2. Has anyone used him over a few seasons? Good or bad? Would love to see pics of progression and stats for this guy.
  3. WOW totally unexpected news to come home to. Very happy and can't wait to get this!
  4. Anyone get Malcom from Corinthians yet? Kid looks to be immense in a few years.
  5. I would like to start a new game with Benfica, but don't watch them play nor do I know how they set up. Anyone playing with them right now emulating jorge jesus's real life tactics? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Also great tactic Rowsler, as I have only used it during the beta so far
  7. After the update my LB's don't get into the attacking play as much as they did 15.0.2. They had assists and crosses galore, now with the tactic, I see them mentioned a handful of times if that. Sucks because I have really good young attacking full back's and again I feel there contributions to the team aren't what I expect anymore. Any thoughts?
  8. Picked him up on the cheap for Inter and I will give him some first team starts here shortly to aid in his developement. Can't wait to see how he does!
  9. Another player from Genk named Siebe Schrijvers
  10. Found a serb playing at Genk which looks decent and my scouts have him rated really high
  11. Do not give up on him and let him grow. He is scoring lots of goals for my U-20 team and has lots of green arrows early on.
  12. Picked up Andrej Kramaric from Rijeka in Croatia for 4.4 M. Scoring goals right now for fun, and is starting with Icardi up front. Just turns 23 early on into the season, so he fits the bill of 23 and under
  13. Mr Rowsler what kind of preseason/season training are you doing on your saves? Have you encountered x number of player unhappy with training?
  14. He is getting the same hype now as he came out of no where
  15. All of these are at Inter at start of game. All will be wonderkids no doubt in real life. Federico Bonazzoli (Debuted last year for Inter at the age of 17) George Puskas (13 goals in 5 games already this year in real life for the Primavera) Melkamur Taufer (Some say he could become the next Mastour if not better) Federico Dimarco (Don't know anything about him, but how can you not be excited?)
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