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  1. I frequently use shouts, and one that seems to work well for me in my latest save is the 'show some passion' in the last 20 minutes of a match. It tends to be the shout that leads to the most positive feedback. It seems counter intuitive, and the type of situation where 'concentrate' or 'demand more' might seem applicable. But by using 'show some passion' in the last twenty minutes, it can help stop your players from switching off or temporarily override players who have become complacent at a time in the match when conceding means there's not much time to get a goal back. Also, I find that 'concentrate' as a shout for your entire team at points where it would seem useful (you've gone two up and the've pulled one back, for instance) rarely has the desired effect, and usually ends up frustrating or overwhelming players who you're not aiming the shout at. I find it's better used on individual players in key positions with negative body language.
  2. I meant it in a humorous way, though looking back I realise that’s not immediately obvious. Sorry if it seemed a bit glib, it’s a good post and it’s given me some food for thought about how I use shouts.
  3. This is one of the most demotivating posts I've ever seen on these boards.
  4. I've had a fair few world class regen CBs from a young age and I've never seen anyone with as good mentals as that as a young age.
  5. I don't think I properly understood the concept of overloading until I read this. I've tried implementing a few of these player role suggestions into my gameplan and I've definitely noticed more space opening up on the opposite flank. Really good post, cheers!
  6. When you're a bigger team and you're playing teams who are going to play conservatively, they're going to sit narrow and deep and pack the centre, usually with a defensive midfielder. By focusing play through the middle, you're asking your team to focus their attacking buildup through the part of the pitch where the defending team are strongest. This, combined with the fact that you haven't got 'work the ball into the box' selected, is why you're seeing lots of long shots; the team are getting the ball outside the 18 yard box, seeing that most players are being marked, and having a potshot instead. It's a sensible way to try and encourage your team to play out of the back and through the centre, but since you have 'play out from the back' and a DLP in the central midfield already you should find they'll play this way without having 'play through the middle' selected. You've done well to put the AP on the right flank and using 'wide' as a team instruction to try and offset this somewhat, but I'd imagine this is the root of the problem. I'd suggest removing the that team instruction and maybe even dropping the width a little bit to compensate, and also selecting 'work ball into box.' Maybe even the team instruction that adds creativity if you've got lots of good, creative players.
  7. Sorry, I was mistakenly going by the original post.
  8. I find when playing with a 4231 possession based tactic, especially as a bigger team, opposing teams will play defensively against you, will sit deep and narrow and usually play a defensive midfielder or two. This means the AMC usually has very little space to work in and their performance suffers because of this.
  9. It's funny because I'm 99% sure that they're the default settings for the boilerplate 'custom possession' tactic. I'm playing a very similar tactic myself at AZ, and I have similar results; very good defensively but not scoring many. That's with two attack duties in the front four as well, and I change up player roles now and again. I also have a problem with my AMC playing poorly, but this has been for two seasons with about three different players in that position now. I'd assume OPs problem is that with his team playing a patient, possession style and doing well in the league teams have started sitting deep and narrow against him.
  10. FC Norjaellesland (Danish Superliga) - due to a partnership with a Ghanian academy, they can produce Ghanian regens. I got an absolute cracking Ghanian AMC who went straight into the first team on my save.
  11. Sorry mate, thought I'd replied to this. For the first season, it looked like this: Quaschener Amon Rygaard Skav Olsen Christiansen Kofod Pedersen Yttergard Jenssen Hansen Bartolec Larsen
  12. I also started a game as FC Norsajaelland, not finished the first season yet, just coming into November but I'm second behind FC Copenhagen, though I got knocked out the Europa in the third qualifying round by Maribor and out of the Danish Cup in the fourth round, I think. I've got to say, you're not wrong about the quality of young players at the squad; it's essentially a team of highly rated youngsters, no real older players to speak of, so definitely a good shout if you're looking for that. I've lost count of the amount of 4-star potential players I have. It's reminiscent of a save I had with Benfica in FM2016 but with the added bonus that you're not one of the big three in a league and the Danish league looks a bit more even than the Portuguese one. Also, they seem to have some kind of deal with a Ghanian team so there's a chance you can get some decent players from there. I haven't had much of a bidding frenzy for them either, which is promising, I don't think it would be too hard to hold onto them for a few years. I also sold Victor Nellsson to Monchengladbach, though only for 4.3 million, I thought I'd done well with that but looks like I could have held out for more! Only signed one player as we seemed a bit light up top, a striker called nils quaschner, who has a bit of steel to him, I thought we looked like they were lacking a bit. I'm going to enjoy trying to raid the German and Dutch leagues for players, looks like it'll be fairly easy to attract players who are really good for the league, especially if you have money to spare from selling players. Tactics wise I started with a 4231 and control possession, which was initially quite good (I think I only scored less than four goals in two of the opening 7 or so games of the season) but soon became an issue when teams started to sit back and play defensively against us. We have trouble breaking teams down. I’m not sure why, I think it’s partly the fact it’s a young squad so they’ve not got great mental attributes in terms of determination and so on and partly that we’re not quite a good enough quality team to be picking teams to bits in the same way that you’d expect big teams like Arsenal or whoever to be doing. In the last few games I’ve been playing a 41221 fluid counter attacking tactic, which seems counter-productive but has actually ha a fair bit of success in terms of creating chances, probably because I’m making use of the great levels of acceleration and pace in the squad. I’m going to push FC Copenhagen as far as I can but there’s already a six point gap and I think it might be a bit of a big ask this season. Optimistic for the next one though.
  13. For a start, don't feel guilty for rage quitting. Most other video games encourage saving and reloading as a way of learning and playing the game, especially strategy games. A few, such as XCom 2, actually have a mechanism to help you differentiate between the two called 'iron man,' which autosaves for you and doesn't allow you to quit and reload. I used this method as a way to stop myself from doing it; I have one save which is my 'iron man' save, where I don't allow myself to do that, and one where i do. If I'm getting annoyed on one i switch and play the other until i feel ready to go back to the first.
  14. Van Dijk is brilliant in that role. Three and a half seasons into a Southampton save playing alongside Goldaniga and he's the best player I've had, usually gets about 7.20 on average for a season. He's impervious in the air. Currently averaging about 7.50 this season.
  15. Didn't realise that, thanks. That helps a lot. I was thinking it was based mainly on tactics.
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