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  1. buddie i'm not sure i'm getting you. I checked it again, but my tactics overview panel appears to have no bug or issues (apart maybe something related to some smaller resolution). A screenshot of your issue will grealy help me (to get you) and yourself (to get your problem fixed).
  2. buddie, i'm sorry to bother but.. i noticed you was able to recolor person_button text (from white to secondary) in 'yacsini_b' player profile. Any hint? because, doenst matter where i put my hands, text color stays white. (noticed it stays white also in the original yacsini, but in yacsini_2 somehow you managed to get it properly recolored... but i cant get how you did it) much thanks
  3. 1. That's my tactics overview: As you can see, my reserves have their name correctly represented. If, by the way, you mean this 'unknown' ('Sconosciuta' in italian) on the left side of the screen (tactics selection panel), so yeah, that's an issue. But i tried to load every skin i have (also the default one) and it's everytime written 'unknown' over there. So, i dont think it's a skin related issue. But if i'm not understanding the issue correctly, please feel free to post a screenshot of your problem. 2. That's too vague. Can't undertsand which match day screen you want to change. Again, a screenshot may help. 3. That seems, as D_LO said, a relustion issue. If you're playing at something less than 1920x1080, i already warned you could find some graphic issues. But, again, if im not getting what you originally meant, please upload a screenshot of your problem. Find 'inbox buttons.xml' in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2016/skins/g2_fmskin/panels then search for a group of bits called <!-- amount button --> (lines 34 to 38) then modify the bit inset="103" (line 37) to something like 150 or 180 (try and error until you find your way). That should allow you to move further to the right this yellow number until it is not anymore covered.
  4. g2 fmskin v 1.2 version 1.2 is now released. Most important changes includes: - Fixed oversized staff heads with default facegen. - Fixed and improved club records panel. - Fixed player career stats in player overview (had some alignment issues). - Modified some colors all around the skin to allow a better player management. - Modified match floating panels (now more detailed). - Added a brand new match preview panel. thanks to SkySports style skin - Slightly modified roles panel in player overview (now vertical). - Added one more stats line to match panels. - Modified Last XI tabs all around the skin (now more in line with skin general layout). And some other minor fixes and improvements. [download link:] http://www.mediafire.com/download/q2amkrup3zjdduz/g2_fmskin_1.2.7z To install it, simply download the file and unpack it in your skin directory (remember to delete old g2_fmskin folder before). Please refer only to the link above. DL link on first post is outdated. Enjoy! Ps. as i already said, this skin is made for an 1920x1080 resolution. All other resolutions are not officially supported. That means using it in a lower res you might find some alignment issues. I personally suggest to use one of the many other skins in this same forum if you run the game in a lower resolution.
  5. download link updated. version 1.1 available. enjoy
  6. g2 fmskin v 1.1 version 1.1 is going to be released in a couple of days. I heard most of your comments guys, trying to implement in my skin the community point of view. I apologize in advance to those whose requests i wasn't able to fulfill and i hope you'll appreciate the upcoming changes. Most important tweaks includes: - Fixed camera settings issue (now you should be able to change camera settings during matches). thank you ktav - Fixed match titlebar action buttons being cut in some situations. Reworked match action buttons style to fit the overall "match day" panels style. - Fixed (finally!) green status icons not showing correctly in player profile. - Fixed some minor graphic alignment problems. - Added attributes analyzer in player profile. - Slightly modified non player profile (manager profile), including preferred clubs tab and city of birth. - Added captain armband and captain icon almost everywhere (from tactics panels to player stats during match days). thank you to Vitrex guys for allowing me the use of their own designed armband. Always very kind and collaborative. - Modified player statistics panels during matches (now more detailed). And some other minor fixes and improvements. As soon as the new version will be available, dl link on the first post will be updated. Stay tuned.
  7. Thank you man. Unfortunately, being your problem not related to this skin i don't know how to help you. Said that, match graphic is too vague, because it can includes pre and post mach panels, as well as in-between highlights panels, or it can be just related to match 3D/2D panels. Anyway best way to spot, and subsequently delete, match panels is to search in "panels" folder all the xmls having in their names the word "match". Thank you. As far as i know (after running multiple tests on my skin) problem with dragging subs should be properly solved. Anyway if i'll receive other reports problem is still there after downloading new link, i'll go deeper into it. About camera issue, apparently refreshing the skin once should fix it. Anyway , knowing that's not a definitive solution, i'm still investigating into it. That transparency is controlled by three overlapping "backgrounds" images. 1. client object browser viewer selector match.xml ( line 9 <container class "subsection_box" ... > ) 2. match dual panel.xml ( line 6 <container class "bordered_box" ... > ) 3. match info small.xml (line 4 <container class "bordered_box" ... > ) Being the last two files not in my skin you'll need to extract them from panels.fmf via FM16 Resource Archiever and put it into "panels" folder in my skin directory. Playing with that bits of code you should be able to obtain transparency level that suits best with you. Adding (or replacing) into the lines i told you above the bit appearance="boxes/bordered/transparent/paper" will make your panels transparent. But will make also other match panels (like "in-between highlights panels pack" transparent). As i said some posts ago, i'd absolutely love to come over this problem. Building this skin i imagined that status icons exactly where they are and completely "clickable". But unfortunately, due to some hardcoded things i'm still far from handling this issue. Anyway, if a solution will come in my mind i'll publish it immediately, because i'll be the first to have a better game experience having this icons problem properly sorted.
  8. there's a thread here called Tactic screen http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/438352-FM16-Tactic-screen. Somewhere at page 2 you'll find a download link. A guy, Haiku, made a tactic panel as you ask for the basic skin. If you replace that files in this skin it should work. Anyway before doing it, backup the files you're gonna replace. Just to be sure.
  9. since this year you can decide whether to have small (icons only) sidebar or not directly from game options.
  10. Thank you guys for appreciations. Of course, cutting some informations here and there, every panel can be fixed to suits inferior resolutions, finally it's just a matter of time and code. But i'm afraid i have to underline again that i have no time to work on resolutions different from skin's native (1920x1080). I'm sorry for you playing from laptops guys, really. that's the general tab information for a team. It should be named 'team container information overview', but i'm not home so i can't access to skin files. Let me know if you still can't find it. That's my fault, sorry guys. Didn't notice it because i use everytime 2d classic match engine (CM's old fashion!) I will look deeper into it this next days. To replace this panels, you need to copy this three files wkdsoul told you in the directory of your current skin, keeping in mind they need to be placed in the same sub-directory ("panel" folder inside that skin for this 3 files). Said that, probably to let them fit in another skin you'll need to run some code tweaks.
  11. download link updated with correct match tactics overview. I apologize to anyone who has already downloaded it. Now everything should work fine
  12. That buttons you're speaking about (that are nothing more than the match action bar) are indeed awkward. But, unfortunately, they are hardcoded to get the secondary competition color (exactly like the action bar in my first Dortmund screen just under team name). I also asked Michael but only solution to let it be white it was to recode them as you can see now. Awkward but at least white. I agree with you buddie, but i assure you it's the only way That icons hiding is well known to mee too. I tried almost everything but there's really nothing i can do to fix it (assuming lenght and direction of the icon sliding is hardcoded, as Michael said in one of my past threads). All the solutions i tried resulted in something worst finally, so i decided to keep it like that. I knew i was forgetting something! No matter how many times you check, you always forget something when it's release time! So i simply kept on my desktop that match tactics xml. I'll add it to my dl link as soon as i get back home
  13. no guys, that screen is the "match overview". You can find in-between highlights in man city-man utd pic. I kept it smaller and with a more detailed statistics panel. Did it because, also between highlights, i like to keep watching at my widgets that are usually opened on both sides.
  14. Ok, now download link should be fine. Just be sure to hit "Download through your browser" gray button.
  15. yeah thank you buddie. I messed up with the link. It'll be fixed in a moment
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