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  1. i once had robin van persie given a straight red for handball when we had possession and he was attempting run down the wing, near the touchline and right near the centre line. are these the rules in real life as well? it was in a serie a match, maybe handball is treated differently? it was the harshest thing i've ever seen on fm, i never appeal a ban had to that time. the appeal was rejected and now half my team dislike him...
  2. just wondering... if you were that desperate to have a son in the game... surely you could save the game just before your intake of new youth players and keep reloading it until one of those players is your son? i'm talking theoretically here. instead of waiting years and years you could do it as soon as possible. it is random after all isn't it? because i hear some people get their son when they are only 35, others never do. maybe we could beat the system? thats if you really did want to spend all your time trying to get a son in the game!
  3. i suppose attending a match could get you linked more closely with a player which might unsettle him enough for you to be able to buy him? its a long shot. also, surely if it says you've been spotted in the crowd taking a closer look at a certain player, you'll be able to tell how good they are under pressure (of having someone of influence there to watch him)? its another long shot
  4. with west ham i once beat burnley 1-0 on pens in a league cup quarter final, the first 13 penalties were missed also, anton ferdinand scoring from 80 yards after a goalkeeping mistake
  5. Didi Ben-Lulu is currently a right back for sevilla on mine also, on one of the old versions, i had a grey player called Pete Hercules
  6. in the league: liverpool 0 leicester 5 in the champions league: real madrid 2 celtic 4 but my favourite one, in the league cup: west ham 1 barnet 2
  7. Biggest Regret

    at celtic, had a regen named alexis arrieta who i'd signed for £8m from river plate when he was 17... at 20 every major club in europe wanted him but i'd managed to keep hold of him somehow after he had helped us win the champions league in 2013... so athletico offer £40m and the bloody idiots on the board accept without me being able to stop them... then barca enquire... i say give me £80m... and they come back with an offer of £80m! but the idiot arrieta only decides he wants to go to athletico doesn't he... i miss out on an extra £40m which would have confirmed celtic as a major european force... my regret is the fact that i got my hopes up by pointlessly demanding more than i would have got anyway, before being caught out by an annoying fault in the game
  8. Drunk

    its as if the game knows youre drunk... even if i play the same tactics, against smaller teams, no matter how unlikely it is that we will lose, i always lose when im drunk... once when i was man utd, playing very sensible tactics (i think), we lost 6-0 to arsenal. its mad
  9. i actually prefered it when you could click "tactics", it would wait for a break in play, THEN you could make an immediate substitution... this years one is harder in that you make a decision during play and can't cancel it, whatever happens in between, its frustrating
  10. by far the hardest fm yet... managed my local team barnet for a season and a half and had to quit because their inconsistency was driving me mad (very realistic with barnet though!)... then got sacked after only 54 days at crystal palace... now i'm in my 2nd season trying to get nottingham forest back up to the championship... with fantastic signings like dickson etuhu, marius niculae, richard wright, david prutton and thomas job we are still struggling to find our rhythm though we are battling for automatic promotion with a few games to go
  11. Your Biggest Career Move

    nuneaton-peterborough-tottenham-real madrid all in a season and a half... that was one mad save
  12. unbeaten in around 6 games with barnet, attempting to get into the playoffs we came up against bury, struggling near the bottom and a team who we had always had trouble with (we lost 5-0 at their place in my first season)... i was confident but we were 1-0 down at half time... i asked the assistant for advice and he told them they were letting the team down, fair enough... so at full time: barnet 0 bury 7 the "letting the team down" teamtalk NEVER works... not with small teams anyway... at 6-0 down i had to employ time wasting tactics to limit the final scoreline because we had been so bad
  13. not sure if this has been mentioned before but since the players have very little ambition would they be more likely to just retire from football altogether and not become coaches or managers etc?
  14. i'm sure this has been said before but i'd like to add my support for it: managers should be able to pick their favoured players and teams DURING a career... maybe when picking your favourite teams, you could be given a choice from all the teams you have managed, rather than just any team, as that would lead to strange and unrealistic situations. or when picking your favourite players, you could be given a choice of players you have praised in the media, or players who have praised you... again this would be more realistic than being able to pick some random venezuelan second division player as one of your favoured ones... if the game could find a way of monitoring the players and teams you have a rapport with, and give you the choice of listing them as your favourite ones, i think that would be quality... i'm not sure how easy that would be for the makers... it's just an idea