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  1. Hello, I have took it upon myself to put together a little research project. What I need for it is current ability, potential ability and positions for the following players for the stated years. I thought I could type in the keywords and Google would magically tell me. Can you help Sports Interactive? For the project I am using FM 12 so have the figures for that year and have entered already. Thanks is advance and that. Team - NUFC Manager- Sir Bobby 02/03 Goalkeeper - Shay Given 02/03 Defender - Stuart Pearce 97/98 Defender - Jonathan Woodgate 03/0
  2. Great. Anybody get Pablo Nino from Betis? Left forward with the ball stuck to his feet. Roberto Stellone, an Italian goal machine. Can't beleive Serge Makofo has only been mentioned once, also unreal.
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