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  1. This simple: Player wants to move, club wants to keep. Player worth say £5m (based on ability, rep. etc.) Club wants £30m. Club will accept £20m. Price tag placed on player of £15m. Note this IS negotiable, it's not Tesco, it's an auction. Buying club makes an offer of between £5m and £15m based on market variables/forces (length of contract, amount of clubs interested, whatever). We negotiate.
  2. Impossible mate. Max loyalty bonus I can offer is £2.7K and the players are asking £20K and upwards. Everything else in the contract is attainable.
  3. Playing as Portsmouthand managed to get within my wage budget after sending about 20 players out on loan. Still I can only can only offer £90 p/w but I could get some of my higher earners (try £36000 p/w) down to that if only the loyalty bonus demands weren't so high. Has anyone encountered this and does anyone know a way around it?
  4. Hello. First thing, thumbs up gret effort. Right, Started new game, and when loading database a problem appears due to the Hellenic league. I click OK and then the new game screen comes up in a weird resolution and nothing can be selected... any ideas? Also, is the database still stable if I only want to play to level 8, or 7 or whatever? Cheers.
  5. This guy: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/638/danielsandersoverviewat.png/ Originally found him in 2010, still knocking about. Should be changed but i'm gonna sign him and give him a back story involving Hitler cryogenically freezing East German footballers on the moon in 1963...
  6. Great. Anybody get Pablo Nino from Betis? Left forward with the ball stuck to his feet. Roberto Stellone, an Italian goal machine. Can't beleive Serge Makofo has only been mentioned once, also unreal.
  7. http://img851.imageshack.us/g/roykerstenhistorycareer.png/ There we go...
  8. Hey thanks. That all makes complete sense but I have no screenshots folder. Its not in any of the other folders either like data.
  9. The way I play I ALWAYS make three subs (or as many as possible) because I like to give as many players time on the pitch and keep condition up. May one day go through every game of the season but off the top of my head I'd say I've made all three subs before the 70th minute over 80% of the time and have had injuries in these games after the last sub under 10% of the time. Only me but hey. Also, I tackle hard and don't really like my boys taking it easy (onme of the reasons I utilise all subs and my whole squad.)
  10. Almeria are in the Adelante at the mo. If one of you kind people reminds how to say a screenshot aand post it i'll do so.
  11. Hello, Its currently 2015 on my Salisbury save. I'm in the Conference premier and my chairman has just went obver my head and allowed my star 20 year old Dutch right back to join Almeria for 500k, i'm not too bothered as there are plenty more fish in the sea but would of loved a sell on clause. This got me thinking - what are the non-league records? Thought of Crawley, and Brodie cost them a reported £250,000 but then again a club should have received more - a breif search shows Luton have received a 'six figure fee' for Cauley Woodrow from Fulman but I would love some hard numbers, and maybe FM records for non-league as well. Cheers
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