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  1. The Showster

    Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    It's time for a video review system like every other major sport has. 3 challenges - lose a challenge lose a sub, win a challenge and you keep that challenge, no subs left = no more challenges
  2. The Showster

    Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Huth - straight red for stamp on Suarez and also got away with another pretty bad studs up challenge that should have been a yellow before he eventually did get booked. Ref certainly played his part in the first half
  3. The Showster

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    The problem is that it's so hard to prove. The allegation is out there now and Evra won't be banned if they don't see anything on tv
  4. The Showster

    Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Slightly dodgy keeping there but still a great hit from that distance. I like Shelvey and hope he gets the playing time this season as Adams' replacement
  5. There was a shot of Casillas pointing to the sidelines after he'd made the save and I thought "I bet Reina told him which way to dive". Top lad is Pepe
  6. No, every player who deliberately commits a foul to gain an advantage is a cheat. The fact that this incoporates 99.9% of footballers means people will be fooled and think it isnt cheating
  7. Yes. Seriously. You'd have Ghana through tonight having not cheated by a striker punching the ball off the goalline
  8. **** goalline technology - refs need to be able to award a penalty goal in those situations to stop **** like that
  9. If he did say that then I apologise - I only heard him say very well with the 2-1/2-2 qualifier. That being said you could have made yourself clearer
  10. Well done in completely misquoting the guy to have a dig. ****ing tard. What he said was we play well at 2-1/2-2 which England did.
  11. Place of birth Penwortham, Lancashire, England, UK
  12. There's clearly contact between the two that sends Torres' right foot into the back of his left leg (notice the slight stumble by Estrada). Not a dive, it is a foul but not deliberate and it shouldn't have been a yellow Loving the indignation of people here claiming it's a dive