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  1. The Showster

    The Formula 1 2017 Thread - brought to you by the number zero

    I thought Mercedes voluntarily kept to the new oil limit even though they took the engine before the rule officially came into effect
  2. The Showster

    Had an attempted break in last night

    I think that says more about you than it does about Joe
  3. The Showster

    Game of Thrones: The TV Show - NO BOOK TALK! *US Spoilers*

    the wall stops the white walkers but not the wights. In one of the early seasons there was a wight at castle black on the southern side of the wall so the magic of the wall clearly doesnt stop that
  4. The Showster

    Game of Thrones: The TV Show - NO BOOK TALK! *US Spoilers*

    In season 1 Arya was chasing a cat around the Red Keep and ended up in that underground area with the dragon skulls, overheard Varys with the Pentoshi (name escapes me) and ended up outside the castle walls by the sea - that plus Varys' knowledge of that area as the spider means it's reasonable to assume that there's a relatively secret way in and out Bronn and Tyrion set up the meet, he didnt just find him. Again could be explained by the use of little birds (Varys) and why Qyburn then is able to tell Cersei
  5. The Showster

    Game of Thrones: The TV Show - NO BOOK TALK! *US Spoilers*

    And assuming that they didnt bother making multiple trips out to the ship in the harbour to transport whatever they mined. Why do people suddenly want this show to turn into the logistics of mining and transporting volcanic rock?
  6. Boxing match would be Mayweather and MMA would be McGregor. Both are highly adapted for their sports but what makes them great in their own field are big weakness in the other's discipline that would be exploited. The weakness for McGregor in boxing is obvious - Floyd one of the best ever and so hard to hit while McGregor would be easy to hit. Weakness for Mayweather in MMA is also pretty obvious - basically if he gets taken down then it's game over. He has to change to a more front on stance than his normal boxing style, deal with the threat of takedowns, and McGregor's use of leg kicks and front kicks. Floyd obviously still has a punchers chance but like with the Couture v Toney MMA fight, a sensible game plan against someone with such huge holes in their skillset should be a comfortable win for the MMA fighter
  7. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    Whatever punishment Toto had planned for Lewis has just been shelved
  8. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    Would love to see JB back but I think he's glad to be out of F1 Real shame that Nico has retired but perhaps the intensity level he required for this season just wasn't sustainable with his family life, especially now that he achieved his goal. Next season will have one of the most inexperienced grids for a long time with 3 retirements and a number of young drivers already there
  9. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    Brazil isnt confirmed yet and wont be until January
  10. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    Have you met Andrew?
  11. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    saw that in the chat with Brundle - does seem incredibly petty and childish from him. I thought the collision was Nico's fault, whether deserving of a penalty is another matter, but to resign over it? He clearly has these big peaks and troughs of emotion which help him when he's on a roll but also can hinder him if he gets into a negative frame of mind
  12. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    One final post to highlight how wrong you are Scenario - Lewis' engine doesn't blow up in Malaysia, Lewis still wins in Brazil in wet but Nico beats him in USA and Mexico. A reasonable scenario given Lewis' dominance in wet compared to Nico and giving Nico benefit of doubt everywhere else and ignores the mental impact in Japan to Lewis of the Malaysia blowup. So 5 point margin at the end under current results Lewis +27(28?) for Malaysia considering Rosberg gained a place Lewis -14 * 2 = -28 for those two seconds instead of those two firsts So with those reasonably pro-Rosberg results it comes down to winner takes all in UAE - two times it happened before, two times Hamilton won, and based on his pole time, start and race pace today I think he it's not biased to suggest that Malaysia swung the title to Rosberg.
  13. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    Yeah I think at that stage Schumacher was so far down on his peak as to not make it a good comparison. By far the best driver I've seen in F1 - just incredibly fast and consistent and made it almost a different sport in the wet
  14. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    I havent said anything like that - you're a complete fantasist " The point is that reliability being equal Hamilton would have more points and more than likely be champion. " Direct quote from me further up the page. But then it's easier to assume what my point is and arrogantly dismiss it rather than read the words and have to engage with the point. Don't bother responding - you clearly haven't the inclination to engage on any adult level about the situation so let's save ourselves the time
  15. The Showster

    Formula 1 Thread 2016

    Oh dear, you cannot refute the points I make so have to avoid them. Every. Single. Time. You. Respond.