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  1. This is a mock-up of how I would like the search functions layout to be, it would really make it easier to get a better overview of the results from the search. Specially if you do get a lot of results with the same name or if you are unsure, I think it would give the search function a better flow than with the current one where you have to click on the name the view the profile... Well now that I'm already posting in this thread, I might post some of the suggestion posted by members of FMSweden.se on our own forum. * Develop the negotiation as a manager with clubs (Thanks to Ogge for the suggestion). Actually having a meeting with the clubs board where you get to listen to them informing you about their visions for the team, how they would like to build the squad and what the previous manager in charge did wrong. And so on... Then you would get to tell them how you would like to build the squad, what kind of football you would like to play and what goals you have for the club in the long run and not only for the upcoming season. * More details in the economy, for expenses and income (Thanks to believ_er for the suggestion). Perhaps implement goalbudget for a whole year (season) or perhaps a period of years (3, 5 or 10). * More than one Set Pieces instruction, (Thanks to bushkalle for that suggestion). Simply so that you can have more variants of corner, free kick and throw in setups. The player who takes the free kick, corner or throw in, would due to his value for anticipation, decision and creativity decide what variant of the setups to take for the best results. * Player featuring in interviews for newspaper and media in general where he talks about his feeling, those in players profile page in the tab for "Information" under "Happiness (Thanks to Martak for that suggestion). In the game today we get to know about players happiness from our staff, finding a balance between these two would be great.
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