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  1. sure I can do this season or the last 2 I went unbeaten for 64 games till i lost last season
  2. i am also man city I bought de ligt for 104m i paid 50m upfront and 50m over 3 years not hard is it and it been working since i played the beta for over 2 weeks before i had most of these guys so yeah
  3. i play with a friend so no editing i got haaland for 69m buyout clause mbappe cost me 150m martinez was 65m so less of finger pointing before you shout your mouth off
  4. i been using this one Knapp made not sure when but its been insane for me haaland has 43 goals 9 Assist in 15 games
  5. the update has done something to the 442 i was winning away with ease now i had over 120 shots in 4 games and lost them all while playing away any one else had this
  6. i have tried all tactics since they updated the patch it none of them work i am having 30+ shots a game and barley scoring 1 in like 4 games my fc are not scoring at all the update seems to of broken all knap tactics for me
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