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  1. Quick question. I've just finished second session with Brescia, winning it. Got a budget of 13m for next season with champs league too. Is Serie A sustainable like the prem?? Having had lots of success with Wolves the money just pours in, even reserve players would be worth 20-30m with Wolves save. My best player is currently worth 8.5m 🙈
  2. I used Viviani til Jan and was solid. Got Tiago Dantas in on loan and was amazing. Won Serie A on the last game, second season 😁
  3. Viviani is coming along nice, will be back up, just sticking with Almada, retraining him. The hunt goes on in January though. As for Tonali, he signed a new contract first season but he was adamant on 30m release clause. Tried to get him to sign again end of season but he wanted 80k. How far did you get on your Brescia save (going slightly off topic)
  4. Unfortunately he's still in favour at lazio and they want 15m and he wants 50k wages. I've got my mind set on Exequiel Palacios although this stupid 3 nonEU rule might stop me. My HOYD has bought an awful 18 year old Argentinian without my knowing!
  5. Hi all. After only having one save since getting FM on release, decided to start a save with lowly Brescia. Basically for Tonali. Well one season in, after finishing 8th, Tonali having a great season (3rd highest average rating in the league) he won't sign a new contract and he's got a release clause of £30m. PSG will buy him. I need a replacement. Brescia's main policy is to buy to sell basically. I'm sure I can change that given a few years, but in keeping on the owners good side, any suggestions. I do play Tonali as a Deep Lying Playmaker - support in CM position. Any suggestions. Second season. Oh and Brescia also prefer Italian players if possible. I am aware there are lots of options in this position but throw some names and experience with them to me. Ciao
  6. Stoke promoted via playoffs first season sign Hamza Choudhury from Leicester for £51m rising to £62m.
  7. In between Windows I'm looking to recruit some good prospects. The usual suspects are all in the multi millions. Looking a little cheaper. My head of youth development has signed 1 in 15 months.. A free 18 year old who's pants and potential is 1 star 😂 any tips. I can't seem to set up a scouting assignment for this neither. Won't let me 'create a new assignment'
  8. I totally agree. Unable to leave comments on the original post as it wasn't off here. And from searching haven't found it mentioned on here, which sucks. On the OP from the uploader he gave attributes and tips etc which I've followed and obviously 2nd with Wolves first season meant it worked lol just the AI has got me already by looks of it
  9. In the final game to make me post I got 8 against Leeds. Ended up with 35 shots, 17 on target and lost 3-1. I'm using a tactic by Guru F16 Reborn. 3412 Libero style. On his OP about his tactic he had both strikers scoring over 70 goals in the first season! I think it's probably been patched since is my theory. And as for the types I'm missing it's every way. Headers, shots, posts, crossbar. It's not as if I'm missing pens or countless free kicks adding up to the shot count I've mentioned. It's ridiculous Thanks for the reply though
  10. So first season with Wolves, finished 2nd using 3 at the back. Wingback. 2 strikers with a CAM. Everyone chipped in. Top scorer had 21 in all comps. Second season. Not changed anything up tactically. Creating 20/30 chances per game. Hitting woodwork lots and approx 8/9 CCC each game. And losing to the oppositions 1 CCC a game! So frustrating. Any tips? Strikers are advanced forwards. Good attributes across the board for them all.
  11. 1st season at Wolves and I know that we have extremely wealthy owners but just as the Jan transfer window closes, the chairman reveals we have signed a new £19M one season sponsorship deal. Not complaining but wow. Anyone else had this. I only ask as i've ran about 8 Wolves saves since I bought the game.
  12. Hi Franky! Good work with the tactic - Playing with Wolves and while I'm winning my fair share - Lots of possession and more shots - Striker(s) just dont take chances! Followed the roles and specific attributes needed as much as I can and still nothing - Any recommendations from experience for a Championship level striker who will get me the Griezmann goals highlighted in above posts! Thanks
  13. Just found this post after being a big fan of your Arrigo Sacchi inspired tactic from a previous FM. Really interested to find out how this went?
  14. Well I haven't failed to meet any FFP rules. Thanks for the last bit too. New to posting and your comment will encourage me to keep posting...
  15. Pretty misleading title. I'm not asking what a transfer embargo is.. I've loaned Eboue in the first season, January. Come to play him and it says unavailable next to him. Says 'Cannot be registered until the current transfer embargo is lifted' I'm not under an embargo at all, so i feel as thought it's Galatasary. Is this right? If so how can they even loan him out if they're under an embargo!! Shall I just send him back? Anyone had any experience with this before? Thanks
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