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  1. First of all great tactic, I think with a bit of work it could become epic. I'm currently testing with my valencia side. Played barca away and managed a 2-2 draw. I have made a few tweaks and will keep on working on it tommorow. Cheers
  2. Sorry guys here is that pic I wanted to post. Have since conceded a few, mostly from corners or long range missiles. The games played with the man marking are highlighted in blue, ie the last few games that I have had a clean sheet.
  3. I have noticed using Lee's tactic that switching both the DC's to "Man Marking" has drastically reduced the number of goals I conceded. Where as I was usually conceding anywhere from 1-3 goals a game, albeit scoring quite a few, I have been able to keep 7 consecutive clean sheets. Maybe worth a try for those struggling defensively?
  4. Chelsea4Eva

    Chelsea's debt

    Realistically Chelsea don't really have any debt, its money Roman has invested in the club and as such its his own debt to himself.
  5. Chelsea4Eva

    Penalty bug ? (FM09)

    I have had 4 penalties all taken by Lampard against various teams, he scored 3 and 1 was saved by a dive to the left, otherwise all others the keepers have dived to a side. Not a major problem from what I can tell, possibly 1 error has to do with the tiredness of a player, especially in a shoout-out after a full match. The strikers and midfielders are usually exhausted (sev ie Modric and Pavlyuchenko, and the defenders less so, Gilberto and Radoi) Its just an observation but possibly fitness has a huge effect on the stats, ie very tired player pulls there effective stats down immensly.
  6. Chelsea4Eva

    More match engine footage (exclusive)

    Scoham thank a lot for the reply mate, and my apologies Miles. Again can't wait for this years edition, looks like S.I have totally upped thier game!
  7. Chelsea4Eva

    More match engine footage (exclusive)

    Hi Miles the new engine is looking superb, one query tho, are S.I aware of the fact that the players look far too small in the matches? I'm sure it is something that can easily be rectified, it's just they look like ants on the pitch from the top down view. Cheers and congrats on the improvements, i eagerly anticipate this years release!
  8. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    Whoops I forgot to state my point. Then we can see if being in the db has an effect on this since all would be game regens i'm guessing with the same fundamental rules to their creation for all. I'm pretty sure that being in the db doesn't matter tho as I showed with my experiment where I created players in the db with certain stats only for them to be "levelled" when I started the game. My thoughts about this is that CA is linked to the points; HOWEVER not all points are weighed the same with regard to PA. For instance someone already stated that having 2 strong feet uses a lot of the CA. I always though physical stats did too, especially speed and acceleration, but then there are many very good players with both feet very good, high physical stats, and very good point stats such as Kaka. But here again is the big debate, how is Elano from Man City got better stats than Kaka, and I think i might know the answer; Kaka's weaker foot is "fairly strong" and Elano's is only "weak". So is that why the game was able to distribute more points to Elano for skills? And finally for the discussion, I believe that if this is indeed the system then it is very flawed as it simply does not allow the creation of players that are true to their real-life counter parts because their stats are being limited by the game engine. Lets take Drogba: this mans physical stats should be virtually unequalled, he posses pace, strength, agility, fitness and stamina in abundance. He is very much 2 footed. His other stats should be very high, even his defending should be "average". As a Chelsea fan I have seen how many times Drogba has saved us on both ends of the pitch. His passing is also exception in real-life, despite him only having 10 for it in game. I know everything i'm saying is debateable but forget who you support and the player I picked "I only chose Drogba cause I know ihm very well, I'm sure there are many others." So to represent the "real Drogba" currently ingame is impossible as even if his CA was set to 200, there would be enough points to fill his defending stats and such. Now on the flip-side of the coin I suppose SI needed to find a system so that all players don't develop to be footballing gods, but why not simply allow for more CA and PA points. instead of the limit of 200, allow for 400. All this will allow is for the "other stats, ie a strikers defending stats etc" to be raised to a realistic level. Currently a good striker will always have to compromise his defending stats to be a good striker and vice versa. Now what I'm saying here is keep the balancing as it is, but allow some stats that aren't vital to their positions to have a lesser effect on CA and PA. Maybe have 2 sets of CA and PA ie for a striker, "Core attributes - Finishing, Composure, etc etc" and "Secondary attributes - Tackling, marking etc etc" This way someone like Drogba/Rooney that works hard all round the pitch can be a great striker and help out in defence/midfield as they do in real life, and someone like Henry/Crespo who are pure strikers and do little else can still be excellent strikers. Phew that was a long one. Brent.
  9. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    Hhhhmmmmm ok so here is an idea, could someone that has a long term game going with quite a few regens maybe check for player with the same PA, preferably same position and similar PA, even though I don't think PA has any effect to be honest. I would attempt to go on holiday and such but my PC is useless and would take till Fm2012 to do it lol.
  10. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    Ah-Ha! I see the confusion! Ok the pictures I posted are taken from Genie Scout and NOT FM2008. I did have Fm2008 running in the background tho. Genie Scout for 2008 has its design based on steklo, thus why it might be a bit confusing. So GC yeah I did have to just swap, but i use ALT+TAB to swap between fm2008 and genie scout, thus saving me about 1 whole second lol.
  11. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    Um well the link I gave is where I got it from, only thing i can think of is that i'm using steklo left. And from the screenshots on the link mine is identical to that. The link is for steklo v1.2 me thinks? Otherwise I dunno bud, sorry
  12. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    The skin is Steklo mate, I think its like the most popular one out, http://www.fmscout.com/page.php?al=steklo_skin_fm_2008 is a linky. So can anyone tell me the attributes that are free of PA? This is really weir because, judging that the points weighting is different depending on the positions, could a defender with a high PA potentially be turned into a better striker since the striker attributes won't weigh so heavily?
  13. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    Ok did it and it seems the game engine evened it out. Player 1: Stats got lowered to what you would expect for CA Player 2: Stats got raised to what you would expect for CA Conclusions...... I'm totally confused
  14. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    Ok I think i'm going to do some experimenting with the DB and such to see if I can come to some sort of conclusion, ie. DB overwrights game engine etc. I think I need to create players with the following stats and see what happens. Player 1: High Stats - Low CA Player 2: Low Stats - High CA
  15. Chelsea4Eva

    High Stats/Low CA and PA

    Mmmmm so not all CA are created equal. Thats very interesting, I always thought that the game would adjust the stats to what it "views" as 100. For instance if you edit a player ingame using FMM to have 20 for all stats and a CA and PA of 200, it will automatically drop their stats to 16 and the odd 18 or 20. So when you do that it does effect the stats of a player to make them more realistic. But in the case of players like Lockwood it doesn't. How on earth does it decide who to edit and who not to?