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  1. Feedback/bugs in order of impact (in general I'm having a blast, though, I haven't been playing FM for a few years due to having less "PC-time"): i: Occasional crashes on the Vita. Usually these have been seen after saving when heading into a match (not very annoying) but has also happened after a match (which decided the league winners in my favor and left me save-scumming to get back to 'that version of reality'.) ii: Pitch textures/lighting often dark/corrupted in the ME. iii: Buttons often unresponsive (the "BACK" button in the top left is often underlined from a tap but hasn't done anything. Tapping the buttons in the top right to get through to the match are often unresponsive. Some buttons are very small, even when lots of screen real-estate is available. My most often mistake is tapping "confirm changes" in a match again as nothing has happened, only to cancel the changes. makes a triple-sub annoying! iv: "last 5 minutes" bars on the match overlay seem sluggish/wrong a lot. v: Are all the tips applicable to Classic? They sometimes don't seem to be... vi: Is the game itself able to prevent the Vita auto-screen dimming? (annoying in the Match Engine, I don't care about it happening in the rest of the game) vii: Positioning of some elements is not optimal (e.g. viewing a player with the "top pane [RB]" down, to click on "scout this player" under reports requires dismissing the "top pane" despite the entire rest of the screen being blank. viii: a manual way to move saves via a cable would be great. I've moved the game to and from the cloud a few times but the interface is a little arcane and steam cloud itself seems unpredictable.
  2. my tuppence: <LI>more media interaction. post-match interviews in the top divisions and local rag interviews lower down. <LI>ability to urge the chairman to look at things. OK, ticket pricing isnt my thing, but if my stadium capacity is 8000 and im getting an average of 600, the 2nd lowest in the league, it would be nice to cajole him. He's happy to tell me if Im failing on my side of things, I want to return the favour. "tell the board that your players are disheartened by the empty seats" - the response should be in line with how you are doing... sitting bottom of the league, the board should tell you to play decent football... if you're flying high he could run a £1/ticket day (or something) for a low-attendance fixture to get people to come, and hopefully they will come again... <LI>players who cant get work permits and who will not join your feeder clubs should cancel the transfer. It's rediculous, as you have no idea if they will go to the feeder or not until you try... <LI>more specific training... with the new system its extremely difficult to keep a player 'static' when he is getting 'reshaped' at PA=CA. I'd like to be able to tell my coaches not to reshape him. I would also like the option to work on a specific ability rather than a group (I may only want 'crossing' out of the 'set pieces' group, however I cant do this at the moment) <LI>weekly sports argus. I want to know who is setting the world alight at 16 in brazil... at the moment I feel like I'm in a small bubble concerning only my team and my division. I know I can go find other leagues awards and data if I want to go looking, but I would like to have a nice read occasionally... <LI>more control (before the match) for your assistant manager while you are serving a touchline ban. 'change to this formation if behind' 'play defensive when 2 goals up' 'sub these players on 75th minute if possible' etc. Yes, I do get banned a lot.... *whistles innocently* <LI>twins/brothers/parents on regens. I want someone to 'feel the pressure of the Rooney name' if he has a kid that struggles to break through the ranks. I want favoured personnel with the same names, Alex/Darren Ferguson, Phil/Gary Neville, Luke/Stefan Moore in 50 seasons' time. <LI>Fanzines - I want to know what the fans think of my team. Who excites them, who puts bums on seats, who is boring, what they think of me etc. in LLM bums on seats can be a bigger problem than goals in nets, I want help with this aspect. <LI>Open Day/Trials - In addition to scouting free agents, I'd like the ability to host trials at my training grounds during pre-season. Free agents who like my club could travel up, stats get unmasked, coaches/scouts can attend and make judgements, heck maybe even get down to picking 2 teams to play against each other, after which I can offer contracts to those I like. This should not be free, and the number of players who even hear about it should be related to what you spend. Again this would be a blessing for LLM.
  3. I thought you could just set the tactics for a striker to make him into a second striker ( like rooney ) </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I don't seem to get this to work, only by using a back arrow. But i think it has a totally different effect opposed to when i would put him behind the other striker. Well, let's say i would love to have more positions, maybe even not pre-placed-tactical-slots, but just a grid-less placing of players. (with zones determining what kind of position it is, or setting it as an tactical instruction). A bit like the positioning system of Pro Evolution Soccer, if you catch my drift. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> That sort of thing just isn't realistic enough though, you don't get a manger IRL saying "I want you to stand in this exact square metre. It would also mean a lot of the code of the game being redone for little reason. IRL a manager gives a position (and FM has everyone of them) and a set of instructions which is already replicated in the game. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> you could do it in previous incarnations of the game... the pitch was a grid and you clicked on it to say 'ball is in this section' for both in posession and not, and drag each and every player to a specific spot. I think they went away from this system to combat 'super-tactics'.
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