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  1. Create a Striker - Sign up

    Wow which ever one of you guys made Havo is doing well, he looks like he's going to take some stopping!
  2. What If - Challenge Series

    Ah cool, just wish I had FM'09 to give them a try! Awesome idea though.
  3. What If - Challenge Series

    Apologies if I'm being dense, its pretty late so may have lost some of todays brain function, but are these all basically scienarios with edited databases that we download and play out? Or are you going to do an A.I. Experiment type thing with them? Sounds like a great idea either way and I'm especially looking forward to the Arsenal one since thats my club, though struggling to think what it may be... What If Wenger didn't sell everyone over the age of 26 and we had a stable club from season to season rather than every year being a case of a new batch of youngsters with great potential that we will sell as soon as we're getting close to challenging for silverwear?
  4. Create a Striker - Sign up

    What's happened to Legg, Delagardo and Blanco? Have I missed something?
  5. From the bottom to the top - Sign up

    Team Name - St Helens Rovers F.C. Short Name - St Helens Nickname - The Heliers Kit colours and style - Black and Red Stripes Stadium Name - Rovers Memorial Ground Chosen players (group and position) - Class 4 - CA 80, PA 140 - 2 players - GK, MR Class 3 - CA 80, PA 100 - 1 player - ST Class 2 - CA 60, PA 100 - 2 players - DC, MC I think that works out ok, let me if it doesn't! Also having followed Kipfizh's Bandit's experiment it is worth noting that most good players that are created to play in the Conference will move on after a season or 2 no matter what but putting their reputation at 1 may help delay this somewhat, just a thought.
  6. Ah poor St Helens, no football for you, you'll have to be content with egg chasing for the time being. Here we go with some players then Wegason The top player of CA 80, I expect the game will adjust the attritbutes itself but I'll give it a go... Position: Centre Back First name: Adam Second name: Wells Common name (optional): Nationality: English 2nd Nationality (optional): Birthplace: Luton Preferred foot (optional): Right Height (cms) (optional): 184 Weight (kgs)(optional): 82 8 attributes at 15: Positioning, Concentration, Tackling, Jumping, Heading, Strength, Natural Fitness, Marking Max of 2 ppm’s: Doesn't Dive Into Tackles, Marks Man Tightly Favoured clubs (3) (optional): Arsenal, Southend United, Luton Town Disliked clubs (3) (optional): Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea *** Position: Left Midfield First name: James Second name: Edwards Common name (optional): Nationality: Welsh 2nd Nationality (optional): Birthplace: Blackwood Preferred foot (optional): Left Height (cms) (optional): 167 Weight (kgs)(optional): 70 8 attributes at 15: Crossing, Pace, Acceleration, Creativity, Dribbling, Positioning, Staminia, Technique Max of 2 ppm’s: Hugs Touchline, Knocks Ball Past Oppenents Favoured clubs (3) (optional): Wrexham, Arsenal, Wolves Disliked clubs (3) (optional): Swansea, Cardiff City, Scunthorpe United *** Position: Defender Right/Wing Back Right First name: Tim Second name: Norris Common name (optional): Nationality: English 2nd Nationality (optional): Birthplace: Southend On Sea Preferred foot (optional): Right Height (cms) (optional): 167 Weight (kgs)(optional): 70 8 attributes at 15: Pace, Crossing, Tackling, Free Kicks, Anticipation, Acceleration, Positioning, Staminia, Max of 2 ppm’s: Gets Forward Whenever Possible, Knocks Ball Past Oppenents Favoured clubs (3) (optional): Arsenal, Southend United, Plymouth Argyle Disliked clubs (3) (optional): Millwall, Leeds United, Manchester United
  7. Opps I didn't notice that or know how to do it to be honest, I don't use these forums very much! Sorry about that.
  8. Well there didn't seem enough applications but if the deadline's passed and I can't be considered then that's fine I'll follow the experiment from the sidelines. Really like the idea so I'm sure I'll be enthralled no matter what.
  9. Proposed club name: St Helens Rovers F.C. Proposed club location: St Helens, Merseyside Club Nickname: The Heliers Club Reputation: 3500 (20 points) Club Colours (Home) Kit Type: Vertical Stripes Main Colour: Red Other Colour: Black Trim Colour: Yellow Club Colours (Away) Kit Type: Plain/coloured Sleeves Main Colour: Green Other Colour: Blue (sleeves) Trim Colour: Black Preferred Formation: 4-4-2 Attacking Style of Play: Attacking Marking: Zonal Stadium Name: The Community Forest Ground Stadium Location: St Helens Stadium Capacity: 8500 (10 points) Fan Support Investment: 7 points (av. Attendance increase of 7,000) Money assigned to Club: £2.5M (10 points) Investment in Training Facilities: 7 points Investment in Youth Development: 4 points Chairman Name and Quality: Sir James Holmes (120 CA) (12) 12 x 4 = 48 points to assign Business: 16 Resources: 16 Patience: 4 Interference: (20 – 12) Total Points Assigned (TPA): 70 Draft Points (70 – TPA): 0 Further Information: With Merseyside being known for so many famous clubs local hero and former pop star Sir James Holmes decided it was time for a change, locals were extremely surprised since he was deeply conservative by nature and remained sceptical about his motives, some stating he was only trying to make money to recoup his losses after a messy divorce, others say he was trying to divert attention away from his personal life amid rumours of drug addiction and illigitimate children... Sir James himself says he was attracted to St Helens in order to expand football into less diseriable areas and hopefully emulate what had been achieved at nearby Wigan in eclipising Rugby as the predominant sport, a statement which was was met with a mixed reception in the mainly working class town. Whatever his motives he made many jobs for the residents of St Helens giving the local economy a much needed shot in the arm so they pledged their support to the new club. Though many supporters of Tranmere saw the new club as a threat to their own side's furture prosperity with many of their own fans doing the unthinkable and switching their allgiences.
  10. Are entries still being accepted?
  11. Create a Striker - Sign up

    This is a great experiment/challenge/competition. Wish I'd seen it so I could have signed up for it!
  12. Failure in the play offs again?! How disappointing but at least they're back on the right track, hopefully next year will see automatic promotion. After this experiment finishes and '09 kicks in perhaps someone could continue with your '07 save as it may see the Bandits reach their potential at some point, the update could continue in the same thread as this one or parallel with the '09 thread but only in the form of the shortened updates which have been used as of late, just a thought.
  13. I prefer these quicker updates, not as keen on how mediocre the Bandits have become! But remember Man Utd, they were in the Championship for many seasons not too long ago and have now pushed back into the Champions League, so perhaps all is not lost. A few seasons of rebuilding and the Bandits may well be promoted and be pushing up towards the right end of the Prem. But the key factor, as has already been stated, is stability. Hopefully the 4 'starlets' currently at the club will be able to achieve great things and will stay for many years to come. Great work as always Kip, I'm hoping the switch to FM09 takes as long as possible! ;P
  14. Hmm it's been nearly 6 weeks since the last update so I guess the Bandits have finally died, tis a great shame, hopefully Kip (or someone else if he's too busy) will repeat the experiment for FM09 and we can compare the results and inspect improvements in the Football Manager series, but I doubt I shall enjoy it quiet as much as I have done watching the 07 Bandits rise to prominence. Thank you for hours of reading entertainment though Kip, your work is much appreciated.
  15. Voted 'no' since it's unrealistic and would make the game too easy. Though again I wouldn't necessarily care if it was there as an option, I just wouldn't use it. Perhaps rather than an unsackable option SI could create a more realistic difficulty curve, or different difficulty settings since getting the tactics right without downloading them from somewhere is rather difficult to begin with. Alternatively a tutorial program with regards to what each setting on the tactics screen does, how to best implement it, and which players would be successful may help beginners, though this may make the game a bit too easy. Also the scouts could be better in my opinion, a CA/PA of 180+ doesn't always make a good player when the attributes they have are so poorly balanced, I don't need a striker with 20 for long throws for example. Anyways that's my 2 cents, make of it what you will...