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  1. I still occasionally play Handheld, but the issues I was talking about are on the PC, Handheld is really a case of play enough seasons and you will eventually win everything, which is fun but not much of a challenge haha.
  2. Hi, this is my first post on these forums, looking around I think this is an appropriate place to post and I was wondering if anybody could offer any help. I've been playing FM Handheld for years and also had successful careers on FM13, but on FM15 I'm really struggling defensively. On my current save I am about five games into the competitive season with Luton - it's the second season on this save after I was sacked by Bristol Rovers at the end of the first. My entire first team are at least "good quality/standard for League Two sides", a few are better and my bench players are also competent. I spent quite a lot of money on wages and transfers - including purchasing Jamie White who played for me last season and was Conference top scorer. I play a 4-4-1-1 formation, and I spent a lot of time creating my tactic - I don't feel that it's an issue in understanding. My default mentality is Counter but played in quite a defensive way. Both my central midfielders are set to the defensive mentality, and the individual instructions for my defence and midfield is to hold positions and mark tightly. No matter what I do I cannot stop conceding ridiculous goals every ten minutes, even if I switch to the Contain strategy. Anyway it's unbelievably frustrating because I really do love FM - I'm not one of those people who wants to win every game, just the ones I would reasonably expect to win IRL, which isn't happening at the moment. Goals conceded from crosses and corners are definitely an issue, and as a side note the team have recently started contradicting their instructions and constantly get booked and sent off. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks. Henry
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