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  1. I personally am not going to use this feature anymore, I have tried it a few times but I dont find the game realistic with so many players missing when you do use this feature so I am just loading up one league so that I have almost all players available in that league. Its annoying because I was so excited about using multiple leagues. Do other people use the multiple league feature ?
  2. So that SI dont have to go through all the posts etc and have the chance of missing some peoples problems I thought it would be good if everyone posted all the problems they have found with fmh 09 so that si have a list of things the HAVE to get right for next year. . . . This is not for ideas for 2010 its for things from 09 people want fixed. 1. It is almost impossible to get of of the top 4 jobs in England. 2. The MULTIPLE problems in the scottish part of the game. 3. Clubs rejecting transfer / loan offers for players on the loan list / transfer list. Saying they dont want to sell the player when you enquire about them even thought they are transfer listed. 4. The database has to be fixed to solve the missing players problems, I know this is the 1st attempt at multiple leagues etc but has to be better next year I think.
  3. Big Club Jobs

    I had 3 or 4 times more points than the 2nd place manager in the hall of fame in my man city game after having won everything more than once and have now applied for all 4 of the top jobs and not got ANY OF THEM with the liverpool and arsenal jobs coming up twice so been turned down 6 times altogether and infact a championship manager got the liverpool job the 2nd time . I find this so so dissapointing as one of the main reasons you play is to get better and better jobs which is still not gonna happen in england no matter how well you do. so whats the point ?
  4. Forum adapted for PSP browser

    I can use these forums on my psp internet browser with no problems . .
  5. Loan Deals Outside Of The Transfer Window

    In Scotland playing as Rangers , went to get Fabianski on loan in November after Mcgregor got a long injury and tried for Wilshere on loan as well and got them both! Thinking about it now its probely yet ANOTHER problem with the scottish game !
  6. I was aware you could sign goalkeepers on loan outside of the transer windows but just realised you can sign ANY player (loan Listed Ofcourse ) on loan outside of the trasfer window. Not realistic at all but handy when the injurys pile up. . .
  7. What else do they want ?

    mmmm . do I start again with the lower rep or just keep tryin to do well with no praise . . .
  8. What else do they want ?

    The bugls 433 !! Great !
  9. 1st season of my Man City game, 12 games to go in the League and 16 points clear at the top, won the league cup and in the semi final of the FA cup and still in the Uefa cup ! yet "Despite the club's healthy financial state, the Manchester City directors are a little disappointed with your performance as manager."
  10. because theres new ones this time and easier to see all the problems at the same time.
  11. I have done, Do you want to add it to your update ?
  12. One of the biggest problems I found in last years games was when managing in Scotland was that NO manager jobs came up for years which made the game in scotland so un-realistic ! well once again this year I am 4 years into my Hibs game and STILL NOT ONE JOB has come available. Aberdeen have been relagated, Hearts finished 11th and Rangers even finished 6th one year still no sackings or resignations. This is one of the worst problems but there are so many of them when playin a Scottish game ! Transfer updates Hearts for example only have one of our new summer signings ( Even though the others are in the game ) they havent set the "your loan players cant play against you rule" in scotland just in england. they dont move games for tv in scotland. the fixtures - Rangers and Celtic are always at home at the same time as are hearts and hibs. also some of the player values in scotland are shocking! When you load up the english only database OR the english database with other top leagues and look at the Hearts squad you see Gary Glen one of the best young SCOTTISH players Hearts have developed in years. Now, when you load the scottish ONLY database and look at Hearts - Gary glen is NOT at Hearts !!! so a scottish player is at his club in other database but not the scottish one ! Striker Cillian Sheridan at celtic - he was on last years game but didnt get near the 1st team at celtic and yet this season when he is playing and scoring with celtic he is not on any datebase and yet another celtic young striker who ive never heard off or been in the 1st team IS in this years game . Also I Have now noticed that The Scottish Cup Final is on a WEDNESDAY ! The NON League sides STILL make it to the semi finals of the scottish cup
  13. is there anywhere that i could find...

    Chopra is not at Cardiff. He didnt sign untill the 6th November and the game was released on the 14th November, would have been imposible to have that deal done in fmh 09