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  1. Celta Vigo, some quality players, but on seriously low min fees so will have to renegotiate a few contracts!!!
  2. Was wondering why there was no Ajax thread this year, would do one myself but have neither the technical ability nor the time unfortunately. Bit cheeky of an ask seeing as I cant do it myself but Chief or anyone else fancy taking it up this year??
  3. 16.03, is the latest update I think, and had exactly the same issue yesterday, kept saying I had a disk write error, so I uninstalled/reinstalled and worked perfectly with new update installed as well, may be a steam bug if I'm not the only one it has happened to!
  4. Wow, gonna be a tough one this year, had to go until the end of the second season and the oldest player on the books is 21! Plus only around 7 of the first team are still under contract. All about survival by the looks of things!
  5. to validate the files, right click on the game in your steam library, click properties, then click the local files tab, and finally verify integrity of the game, hopefully that helps
  6. try validating the steam files and check your running the latest update etc, may solve the issues. and is the match speed during highlights up to full as i noticed that even during commentary it can slow down the match down pretty much every tiome the ball is in either teams final third.
  7. Sorry should ave been more clear, how can I upload my save so others can use mine as well as I have a different set up to yours! cheers
  8. How do I go about uploading a save and I'll get one up tonight!
  9. Cheers for the welcome Cant resist the urge to leave the save until the full game is released so guess ill be starting now! Though I will likely restart once we are past beta so wont post until that save is started. In terms of DB and leagues loaded i like to go for a large DB and the big euro leagues as well as a few local ones just to create a more realistic game world, so I have put austria and Switzerland in as well. I dont really suppose that matters much once you reach the dizzy heights of the serie A but i feel it certainly helps and keeps it more realistic in the lower divisions trying to keep to local and semi local player signings. Now just down to what seems like what will be a typically long slog getting San Marino into the serie C!!!!
  10. I attempt the san Marino challenge every year, FM 16 will be no different other than I plan on being active on the thread for the first time. I wont be starting this until the full release however. Hopefully I will have some success this year, havn't got anywhere with the national team before. Good luck guys!
  11. What sort of fee can you get for him in the first window?
  12. Hi just started up a crewe save after being inspired by the thread, I'm hoping this will be the one to pull me out of my current FM rut. Anyway to the point my board have just managed to get clayton to sign a new contract, only for 2 years which is a shame, but at least this gives me options. I'm just wondering if any of you have gone down the route of trying to keep him or is the best thing to cash in early. cheers
  13. just a quick question, how do you post screen shots, wanting to do an update of my first season, cheers!
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