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  1. Nope, there's no option regarding anything related to news or reports from reserve teams. Another infuriating issue with both U-20 and U18 teams - For the option 'play matches with this tactic', no matter how often I choose the tactic I want them to use and click 'confirm' it defaults back to '5 defender formations' within 24 hours every god damned time. It's fine if I select 'Use first team tactics', but this isn't adequate because I use three different tactics in the first team, whereas I want my youth sides to use the same specific tactic under all circumstances.
  2. I'm not no, I have delegated responsibility for match control to their respective managers, but I've always done this in previous versions and still received news items whenever one of these players got an injury.
  3. Just what the topic header says basically. Playing in Italy, don't think I've unticked any flags or anything, yet I never receive any notification when an U-18 or U-20 team player receives an injury. Why?
  4. I suppose you're right, but anything resembling a 'player search' is anathema to me, especially when you can evidently filter by attributes etc.
  5. I still play by old LLaMa rules, but the changes to the scouting system in FM18 have made it next to impossible. Send a scout out for six months and he comes back with one report
  6. I've managed it with Dundee, but Scottish clubs are a bit of a cheat because the game has always had them produce far more high quality regens than they do in reality anyway. It's not unusual to see Scotland winning the European Championship or World Cup in FM when being managed by the AI, and not that far in the future either. I've seen a Gordon Strachan managed Scotland win the 2018 World Cup a couple of editions ago. In the game Scotland suffers from the exact same bias as England, i.e, mature players hugely overrated by researchers, and ridiculously unrealistic numbers of world class regen
  7. That particular name seems to pop up quite frequently for Slovenian regens. I've had it a couple of times as well.
  8. If you played him through the middle he used to score 'Maradona '86 v's England' type mazy goals practically every game. Just about any player with high dribbling attributes was unplayable in those versions.
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