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  1. i wouldn't play 4411 because no natural ML and wasting so many talented AMs. 1) two CMs lack of movement. change one to RP or DLP or B2B 2) both FB on attack duty? Attack with IF. put the other one more defensive duty. 3) i never put the 1 in 4231 DLF. it jumps into the same area of AMC. change to AF or CF at least. 4) a good defensive MC (the CM-d) in 4231 is very important. Arsenal have none. buy one and sell either flamini or arteta. i wouldn't sell pod and giroud. 5) buy at least one good DC. good luck
  2. not easy to me...i've won CL once but never win league title.
  3. just sell him buddy. i've sold jack wilshere (injury prone 16) to liverpool. he's never been in a longer than 6 days injury (only once) for 2 years. So the best way to protect them is let AI to play them!
  4. offer with installment can get higher bid in terms of total price. managed to sell alex sandro @51m+30% with 1.5 yr contract left in winter window; denny welback @46.5m+30% with 1 yr left
  5. play your home league as long as there is in FM. otherwise go EPL. Competitive and more $$ to spend.
  6. don't apply. wait for those big nations to offer. i think you applied too many and make AI think you are too cheap..haha btw, what languages you can speak? it matters.
  7. yes, they do. AI mgr are definitely doing better than myself. I sold an injured prone 16 player to AI. This player has never been in a serious injury longer than 6 days since then. It has been about 2 years. I have a lot to learn.
  8. avoid injury prone youngsters no matter how good they are. injury in this version causes too much problem. I normally avoid low bravery, flair or teamwork players too because i found these three stats are much more difficult to catch up.
  9. anyone trained him as AMR? his stats are more suitable as AMR
  10. SI just wanted to make squad mgmt more difficult. but it is just a bit too much...
  11. For those who has problem with player interaction, which management style did you choose when start the name?
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