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  1. SI will do more updates this year?

    this very very POOR if they do leave the game this way. this basic and core problems in ME. you cant play the game if ME got this sort of bugs... i am pretty sure they know about this bugy ME, and not update the game is a shame! (my money?) even EA do updates to bring the game close to good balance and they do it even after 8 months, and they are by far the worst company in world of gameing. why i have a feeling what you say is realy going to be? and SI realy going to keep the game the way it is... ho well, every good thing must end some day.
  2. I simple cant play the game the way it is now, and i missing my lovely football toy! i don't want to put SI down with negative feedback and i don't think i have the right idias how to fix them any way... there is few amazing stuff this year. the game out side of ME is insane how deep it went. but just after 55H of game time this year something happen and since then i cant open the game because it was so freaky. all this years there was 2 main things i found very unrealistic. 1. was training that finally fixed this year. and its very nice now. 2. was defence in zonal (mainly when playing attacking tactics). and this issue went maybe 10 years back. i see most games in full match (key games and outside games) and this year of FM zonal defence happen something i never ever even think that can happen sandro send a pass left to bale and 4 out 5 players of my defence team (Chelsea) went to close him down.. ye not 2 (is a key player so some times 2 can be cool) but all 4 running hard left and did NOT leave him for 10-15 second. (lenon was alon on the right side because they think bale is more sexy) the tatic was basic and i mainly use manager shouts in game no edits or anything that can put ME unbalance, i close the game befor it finsh and befor he even pass the ball because this was a bit to much so i will go back to the post now and ask. SI will do any ME updates this year? sorry for my English and thanks
  3. i dont know what realy need to be fixed, but i also feel that FM improve over the years but still stuck on some old basics. here is few things i think they shold look on 1. marking system is very poor, very old, and not working as it shold, there is NO full Man marking in modern footballl, and zonal marking in FM working so bad with attacking tactics you want to cry when you see it. 2. training still same old system for ages now, this not how real football players works on daily traning heh, its simple pazel games now. 3. shouts are to strong but on the other hand they to many and not easy to control, my idia is to split them to somthing like a real life manager shout - play defnsive ( stand off - nerrow - drop deep), its realy to many shout atm and not so much good detail to use them right. 4. teams that suffer hi pressure in FM dont play counter, even wolves can do tiki taka becouse of the poor marking system heh, in genral the players need brain, small one, if i say pressure the ball he dont need to run in zig zag like headless chicken, he simple shold stop
  4. cant buy the game in germany?

    what germany got against the lovely FM game? but i see the idia, well maybe i buy it in my next vaction. thanks guys.
  5. i am not sure where to post this, so i went here i did not find the game in the market so i went to steam (i dont like it) and this what i got. An error was encountered while processing your request: This item is currently unavailable in your region any help will be nice.
  6. First of all i recommend you to NOT download any fix tactic if you want to exprince the game fully, fix tactics that will give you 90% win rate are just junk that crack hole in the ME. I play arsenal and for me so far working nice and easy, i cant realy explain you how to play the game but i can give some genral tips. 1.Take your time to understand the tactice you going to play, set to many players on attack duty or to many back when you play control football will creat space and holes. i understand ou play 4-5-1(4-3-3), the tactic creator fix your dutys prety good. 2.Take your time to learn to use the shout system on the pitch, learn to react to what hapen, for exmple on FM 2011 when you shout - play wider - your team still passing around the pitch mixed and just play more wide, but if you tell them - Exploit The Flanks - your team will pass the ball mainly to the flanks (wide) and your full backs will get to run offen up (its was rare befor). this realy easy now to use flanks with out risk of playing more wide. ( 0 - 0 in helf time in match i shold win, time to send my full back up) so take your time learn how to use it and think why and when is best to tell your players to play differnt. 3. Home games and Away games are very differnt, play more defence mind away or less risky, and open your game at home, 4-5-1 (4-3-3) dont work so well with attacking startegy becouse you need to control the game possession, play slow and find hole on the team defence. so i recommend you to use - control at home and standard out side, if you control the possession on away game push it up to control again, if the other team use more possession play counter, if things still looks bad nerrow defence, pass to feet, retain possession shouts, or move to a differnt tactic. (just small tips to try, in the end you will find your way to shout to your players). there is so much more, but the basic is here. 1. use tactice cretor and NOT fix downlod tactic. (to exprince the game fully) 2. learn to use shout system from the pitch. 3. understand home and away games are differnt, try to play less risky if no need. 4. dont buy to many players becouse you simple dont need, every team will give you somthing to aim for and you can normaly achive it with out buying even one player. sorry for my english and i hope i help a bit, good luck!
  7. Mentality

    there is so much to closing down that you can write a book about it, its start first with the tactic you use, and where do you start closing down, how much risk you want to take to score a goal etc. i will NEVER make press more against possession team, you most likely will not get the ball and your plyers will run out of position make even bad teams to have many counter attacks against you. if i play attacking football i will stand off, its works well with offside trape becouse your defence line push up and it will make counter attacks fall into it. if i play control football i will leave it as default. lts say that is now 75 min into the game, i lose 1-0 and i need a goal fast, i will normaly put more players up to try score a goal, a tactic like 424 or 4231 is a good way to press more and have hi closing down.
  8. inside forwards useful?

    i find it a bit not finsh, or even not working good in this ME. if your players cut insid from wide to early they will be to far from the center of the pitch, and becouse you must slow the game down alot, and play control or even more slow they will be just marking all the way and never get the ball. runing a full match can help you see, how easy inside forword are get marked when you play slow a game, also how far they are from the center, in other words, this isnt working as it shold be. you need at list 1 FB to overlap and when he do, you leave your passing block out(you need to pass back to your DM but is Man Mark). some of the tactics are prety fail since the last patch, you can see same issue with 4312, the defence inside this tactic are simply big mess, the game defualt marking and presure make it look very stupid. and when you slow the game on this tactic you must set your WB to rarly run up so you dont lose to ball so easy. at list this is how i see it.
  9. from what i know there is NO playmaker in barca, not on pep tactic this for sure.
  10. Scouting Report

    i normaly take one with hi tactical knowledge to give me my report but i am not sure if this the only extra skill they need.
  11. Scouting Report

    i find scout report vital, if i dont see it i feel even insecure here is how work with my scout 1. if the scout tell me the pitch is narrow, i will play short passing and narrow, if the pitch is wide, i play wide and direct passing. 2. if the other team like to play on the back and go counter on me, i use stand off defence with zonal defence. 3. if he tell me the defence is slow, some times i start the game in counter rigid with 2 strikers in attacking duty and push the defence in to my side and send direct passing to my strikers. i like the scout report, is working good mainly on small defence teams, make my life much more easy
  12. most commen for this issue is to much creative freedom, try less creative and see maybe it will help.
  13. first i want to say i am not a native english speaker and my english can be a bit hard to read, i hope the idea beind the post will be understood, thanks your patience. I was looking into many posts around the forum and i see quite a few question that in the end really are going to one place: philosophy. This can changea very bad tactic to a very good one, in other words philosophy can be the key for most tactic problems. To realy solve the problems you should understand how to make the philiosophy work right. Here are few reasons why you can try look into this post 1. if you normaly play balance philosophy because you are not sure what others really do. 2. if you are mainly in possession but you cant score goals. 3. if you think "rigid" is a defence philosophy and use it only when you play defence. 4. if you got a strong team like MU and you feel you still dont dominate most of your games, play messy football and your players score mostly by individual effort. 5. if you have nothing else to do. First Philosophy - Rigid - I am the manager and i tell you what to do! Rigid philosophy, like i said before, is not a defence mind philosophy, but more a disciplined tactic. When you hear the word disciplined you tag it quickly to a bad football, very defensive and this is where most people are wrong: rigid is a way to tell your players what to do, and to be fully in control on the player movement. This can provide very good attacking tactics if you know for sure how you want things to be on the pitch and you know how the players should move. A very simple example can be if you tell your ST:" i want you to stay up and try to score goals and dont help the defence", then he will stay up even when he thinks your defence needs his help. This is, why rigid tactics relay heavely on scout report and the understanding of how the other teams are going to play against you. You also need to be ready to set new duties inside the game when the AI manager will change his way of playing. Rigid tactics are also a bit more close to balance so you realy need to make sure the support or defence duties are set on the right place. If you set the duties in a wrong way, your team will play this messy football, lose alot of balls, and open hole in your defence. Rigid fits for small teams because the players dont have enough creativity to make magic, the will tend to do vital mistakes when giving them to much freedom. However, this is not to say you can`t attack with rigid philosophy, the only thing you should understand is that when you play rigid, you are in fully in control on your players movement and duties. Second Philosophy - Balance Balance is a small mix of both rigid and fluid tactics. If you use tactic creator in the game i can fairly say all of the tactics you will create from there will be on balance Philosophy, the duties are set in a way that you tell your players to cover most holes in the pitch and to have the balance from defence and attacking. It´s not a bad philosophy, but can be risky. You need to have a close look on your players and the AI manager`s way of playing instead to focus on your tactic. Unlike rigid, this can fit all teams, and it can also cover most things that happen in the game. I find the biggest weakness in this philosophy is that your players dont have the right amount of specific instructions, so this will sometimes work very well and some times very badly. Third Philosophy - Fluid - I dont need to tell you what to do, but play wide! This Philosophy can make a huge difference when you play with top clubs, it can make the difference from a bad tactic to a really fine one! The freedom you give to your players can let you set duties in a way that controls the game for you. They play and react to what the other team does without you needing to tell them and this can make life for a manager much easier. In fluid you break your tactic into units. This means. your attacking players will use a bit brain and will switch to defence when they see the team needs that. Some of the attacking players will go to your defence players, and this what makes the difference, now the possession game goes in a way that you will score goals at will, and not be afraid of losing the ball so close to your keeper. you can set a counter 4-4-2 with 8 defence duties and 2 attack duties and all your defensive players will attack but they will do it from a defence point of view: they will push up and look for holes in the teams you play against, they use the freedom you give them and they know when your team needs more players up. If you were to try this way in a rigid philosophy, you would have 8 people pass the ball close to your GK without ever trying to attack. So that is the big difference that make big team win games easily. You can manipulate your duties into 2 or 3 units and make small teams face a storm of attack when you actually play defensively, your players freedom to react to what is happening in the game makes the difference and how they move, if messi defender leave him and messi is on attacking duty he will have the option to chose if to go back or stay up. This can work both ways, a good choice or bad choice, but when you have 60% possession, you dont realy face so much trouble in defence.
  14. PPM's Discussion

    there is any chance players can learn PPM with out teaching them? my sweet DM sandro that i did not teach hem nothing and when i got hem he was with out PPM now got stop play.
  15. Wingers or no wingers ?

    i see many people saying that wingers is not working, and i so far enjoy them in my game very much, today i will try put one tactic that working for me and maybe it will help, worth a try