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  1. ah right I'll miss how we could just do endless mind games against Jose Mourinho before the matches against him
  2. I've been able to comment on managers on previous and future fixtures in previous FM's but can't find it on this years installment. I think it was under profile then "comment on manager" button :confused:
  3. I've posted one a few months ago and I think they are in there mostly in the Turkish league like Besiktas and Fenerbache
  4. Hi guys I've got a problem which I've not had in previous FM's and that's linking Youtube but I've not been successful. I never had this trouble with this in either FM13 or FM12 can anyone give us a rundown on how to do this as I've got a brilliant goal I'm trying to show my friends as I've got Facebook and Twitter but not YouTube :confused:.
  5. As I've added some additional leagues from fm14 workshop via steam, I've made a new save but I can't play with the new update? how can I fix this? :confused:
  6. As the title says is this quite often on fm14 or is quite rare? I mean I'm buying and selling players but I don't think I will be able to put them straight into the side when they've completed the paperwork. I think it should be when in the middle of the season during week as I'm currently managing a team in the Irish League which they usually play on a Friday but I'm sure they wouldn't put the deadline day on a match day surely?.
  7. as the title says I've been in a job at Hereford since 2013/14 to 2021/22 then I went to Yeovil and the assistant manager didn't want to come :confused:. Has anyone manage to do this?
  8. in fm of course why would I put this here if it wasn't in game?
  9. As Paul Lambert who said that "major clubs would be better without the distraction of the F.A Cup" so would you rather be in the top 4 or win the FA Cup?. I would ratherwin of the oldest competitions in the world. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11677/9098844/aston-villa-manager-paul-lambert-questions-importance-of-fa-cup
  10. I'm Chelmsford manager at the moment currently 10th and wanting to get promoted in the first season:)
  11. depending on who we are playing if it was an fa cup game and I'm an underdog maybe more of a defensive formation where as if it was a team who is favorite maybe a 4-4-2 attacking.
  12. very funny I'm trying to post the image but it's undefined :confused:
  13. http://www.footballmanagerstory.com/fms-podcast-series-two-episode-two-lets-talk-fm-14/
  14. here are some ones I think this one updates the podcasts every few months: http://player.fm/featured/football-manager
  15. yes I guess so besides I always have them every save no it's always the norm for me
  16. thank you SI for posting a new patch so people can stop b****ing on the forums about not getting a job on FM14
  17. thank you SI for posting a new patch so people can stop b****ing on the forums about not getting a job on FM14
  18. I've been trying to do this but not been lazy to post it on here
  19. Well I'm playing my mate on Football Manager 2014 and we are in the same league when he's playing Fulham away he said he won 1-0 but on latest scores it said 1-1 then when he continued it said he won 1-0. I've never seen anything like it before :confused:. Anyone seen anything like it?.
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