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  1. I'm trying to get a game going on 2018 with a friend but I'm having none stop issues. Is there a guide or can someone who plays this often explain a bit about how to set a game up and the what and not what to dos are. Really appreciated if you can help, me and my mate are isolated like most of you I guess. Thanks Dave
  2. I bought this but when I add just one league the performance is 2 out of 5 stars? Entry level iPAD but just 2018, is this a bug? FM 2019 touch worked fine with 3 leagues on it, at least 4 out of 5 stars.
  3. The Collyer brothers still there working? They weren't last time I checked, about 10 years ago. Simulation? Simulation of what? This game has went from probably my favourite game to a game I will no longer buy(first year, I caved in last year). Do you think I'm lying? I've been buying the series since it came out, have you? Oh the "Touch" version. Complete rip off. Buy a magic sponge anyone? Just £2.49? Or whatever. Yes, SI Games are doomed at this rate, you'll see when you get your sales report. Apart from the legions of fanboys on here who evidently haven't got a clue what they are talking about(this is my last message), so I expect more pointless replies with a splatter of personal attacks(which I won't read, so save your breath). I am telling you what I think okay? I have spent hundreds of £ on this series, recommended it to friends etc. and your reply is the best you can do? Why do you take it personally? Proof that you don't give a damn about genuine criticism, been like this every time I forward comments on this subject(improving game), defensive which means I'm right. Shame the deluded fanboys don't know a bad game even if it punches them in the mouth. In fact if the fanboys weren't so dense maybe you'd be forced to actually do something about the broken ME. Simulation of course. Bad and getting worse simulation(no matter how many screens you add, update the data and charge full price for essentially the same game from 10 years ago) keep it.
  4. Thanks for starting this thread, it just saved me £30. The ME hasn't been "fun" since they introduced it. Funny how friendlies tend to be fun but as soon as the game is asked to cope with more data, ie the season starting it just falls to pieces for the past 10 years+. Instead of tidying up the interface and updating the data annually(and charging £30+) they should at least make a start on improving the ME, make it fun again, a good team and manager should always beat a weak team, I don't care about it being possible in real life, I want to play a game not some half baked game with an irritating ME with additional bugs annually(VAR). I've been playing since Championship Manager 92/93(the first one), and now it's time to say goodbye even though it breaks my heart, but SI games are simply a very poor software house now, have been since the founders left. Not a rant, just honesty coming from a veteran who loves games.
  5. I have decided to give this years bodge job a serious go. I was enjoying it until the game decided to break by making it unplayable because the mouse is erratic ingame now, tried a different mouse the same. My mouse is fine, this series is becoming a joke that I'm addicted to buying. I'm amazed about the "magic sponge" micro transactions in the Touch version. What a disgrace you are si games.
  6. Just downloaded the PC version, I'm in no hurry to play the iOS version so will wait for the first update first. I'm reading about alot of people losing long saves, I couldn't handle losing a season due to a bug. Thanks lads/lasses, Dave
  7. I was excited to get 18 for my Switch and it just crashed every 5 minutes, it was unplayable with no possibility of a refund! I'm thinking about getting 19 on my iPad, I've checked the bug forum and it doesn't seem that bad, but reviews on the Apple store has put me off. £20 is a lot of money, when I will also be paying £30 for the PC version. Any advice appreciated! Cheers, Dave
  8. Not getting my money for the first time since 1992. Your recent releases have been appalling, including the *crash every 5mins, but can't get a refund off Nintendo, digital only, disgrace* . Si Games is now a bad joke.
  9. Doesn't matter who I pick it just keeps on crashing. Disgrace that this was released in this state. I can't get a refund off Nintendo either. Lost complete faith in Si Games, because of this and years of sub-standard PC releases. What happened?
  10. Played the game one week in gametime, selected players and formation etc. first match friendly crashed to Switch menu before the end of the first half? Not a good omen.
  11. I first played this online only until it crashed on my PC(the server) and the save games corrupted, couldn't reload game so a whole preseason lost. I had a game yesterday, single player and got the same error. I can't play this game. Also the game is detecting my system as 3 out of 5 performance and sometimes the highlights stutter. My PC is a i7 Devils Canyon(one of the best i7 cpu's, gtx 1070, 16gb ram. I've never had this problem before and I buy FM every year and plough at least 300 hours in if its a good version I plough 1000 hours in. Can you look into it please and give me an answer as to why the game is not detecting my hardware properly. Thanks Dave
  12. Wish I could get a refund... awful interface and rubbish 3d highlights(skating across pitch, player details not as accurate as 2017, unwatchable), i hope reviews reflect how bad this game is.
  13. Hi all, Just starting first season and busy changing formats and things in preferences. The graphics performance is showing 3 stars out of 5 for my Nvidia GTX 1070? Is this a bug? Thanks!
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