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  1. Having pondered the questions posted above, I think evolution rather than revolution is the way to go here. I think my first change and primary change is to move to a supporting AMC. I'm thinking Enganche but AM(S) could also be an option. Potential other changes... I did read a thread the other day in which somebody said that a Winger in AML/AMR will still come inside rather than hugging the touchline. So I could swap the IW(S) to W(S) to perhaps free up some more space in the box, but still hopefully leave room for the overlapping FB. The IF(A) could also be swapped to a support duty. I'd like to leave the central striker as a Poacher for now but I may try a PF(A) once we're into pre-season. The end of season review from the board has introduced a new Club Culture requirement - "Play possession football". So I think I need to keep the mid-tempo, short passing but hopefully the change(s) will see more goals and thus entertainment. For the last eight games of the season, we won the possession "battle" in six of them so we need the end product now. I am trying to write down a style / plan to put against the first couple of questions zabyl asked.
  2. Here's Doughty. Very average physically - not sure if his sole PPM of Dictates Tempo is good for a playmaker in the AMC slot or not (good for a DLP type player I'd expect) Another option for AMC could be Clough. Again, not a physical player but better Off the Ball. Could work as a Treq if an opposition DM is sitting on the more static Enganche? I've just been reviewing a couple of matches from the end of the season and looking at goal attempts. We lost 2-1 to Crewe, despite an xG of 1.88 (vs 0.66 for Crewe). Crewe were playing with a back 3 but we had 5 blocked shots so I looked at some of them. Example One My FB(A) has the ball (though is covered) but boy is it busy in the 6 yard box. Five defenders plus my Poacher, AMC and IF. The cross does get into the box (with a little bit of luck) and reaches the AMC but there's still four defenders, the GK and my Poacher between him and the goal. Example Two Aasagaard (playing the IF(A) role) has managed to get another cross in to the AMC - four defenders plus the GK and he's right on top of the Poacher though. Example Three Fleming (FB(S)) has come a long way up the pitch for once (a little alarmed we are 2-on-2 at the back but the CM(D) is in the middle of the pitch to hopefully get back to assist them). Evans is the CAR and looking for options. Once more there's five defenders and four attackers in the box. The ball does get through to the IF(A) but it's now like sardines in the 6 yard box - near as a damn-it 10 players. Group hug anyone?
  3. Good questions - thank you. Will have a think - I suspect I'll need to go back over the recent matches and look at the individual player stats to answer if the AM/IF are getting any balls. A quick look at the form for Lang (Poacher) says in the last two matches, 0 shots attempted so service is an issue to be solved!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions / thoughts. Will have a read on the AMC topic with a brew later. If I change the AML from IF(A) to IF(S) and the AMC to either AP(S) or Enganche, does leave a lack of runners / penetration with the existing two CMs being on defend and support? I'll get a screenshot but Doughty could suit an Enganche well as he's not very athletic (9 pace, 8 acceleration) but is possibly the best passer (passing / vision / technique) in the squad. I'll also review the striker options and re-consider PF or AF once I've had another look over the players.
  5. I've just finished the first season of a save with Wigan. The board expectation is to battle bravely against relegation. We started the season well but December and January were woeful (lost 9, drawn 3, won 4). February and March were good (won 8, drawn 2, lost 2). Then for the last eight games of the season, we've won just one, drawn two and lost the rest. We have over-achieved by finishing 9th so I've smashed that board requirement but not one to play "entertaining football". We managed 47 goals, putting us joint 15th in the league. We also conceded 47 which ranked 9th, so we've not been too bad defensively. Given the financial woes at the start, there's wasn't much scope for sorting out the squad. I didn't feel there was much strength at DM and the squad seemed to have a lot of AM L/C/R players, so I went with a 4-2-3-1: The striker and AMC roles have been a headache all season and just not seemed to work. I've tried assorted combinations including SS and DLF or the striker being a P/AF/PF Some notes / thoughts: As an expected whipping boy, I stayed with a Balanced mentality. The first choice right FB has 16 pace and "Gets Forward Whenever Possible", so an ideal FB(A) to overlap past the AMR to add width and a late attacking threat from deep Left FB should support attacks but stay closer to the CDs for defensive duties CM(D) is on the right to add cover for the FB(A) being caught upfield and act as the recycling point during attacks. The CAR was originally a DLP(S) but I felt having two players in the centre with the PI "Hold Position" was too static. The Carrilelo has more movement but I expected it to stay deeper than a BBM given we are top heavy in the first place. As the in-game notes say, the AM(A) should create chances for others but also supplement the attack - I'm expecting him to score some goals and also feed the central striker. Performances have been mixed - in 6 games, 2 assists and one goal but 3 performances were rated 6.4, 6.3 and 6.3 so not great. The IF(A) has been utterly rubbish all season. Zach Clough has an average rating of 6.30 for the last five games and only scored four goals in the league all season (two of which were penalties!). Assists aren't much better at 5 - at least 3 of them were set pieces. Even when we've won matches, the IF (not just Clough) often seems to be rated sub 6.5. IW(S) comes inside to allow the FB to overlap and also create chances for the central striker and IF, or perhaps a pull-back for the AMC. Well, they should create chances but the two players I've used there most this season have 0 and 2 assists in the league! As mentioned above, I put the central striker a Poacher to, erm, score more goals. I have a nagging idea they still lack support at times but that should be a strength of a 4-2-3-1 right? The AM(A) and IF(A) shouldn't be that far from them. PF(A) or AF didn't seem to do much better (I also felt that, as the description for an AF says they should create chances, they could be goal focused given the players who should be getting the ball to them in the right place/time). The starter in the last five games (as a Poacher) has scored once, average rating 6.46! Shorter passing is added as I wanted to play a patient possession game - wait but then some quick passing to cut through the defence. At times we'll have lots of possession but can't do much with the ball once close to the opposition area. We lost 2-1 to Crewe but had 67% possession, 15 shots but only 3 on target (5 blocked, 7 off-target, 2 saved, 1 goal) Short distribution from the GK adds to building from the back - we don't have big players up front, so long-balls forward tended to be wasted and just give the ball away Alternatives to the IF(A) has been a conundrum. I expect/want a decent number of goals, so I've not used an IW(A). I don't think the players have the ability to start using "flashy" roles like a RAM or Treq. My general observation would be we can build play nicely. Then we either seem to be trying to create the perfect goal (see below - only 3 of 40 shots in the box scored) and blocked shots seem common. Or, the ball goes out wide to somebody in space (eg the FB(A) but they delay crossing for way too long and its yet another corner when the ball bounces off the covering defender. I would very much like to hear thoughts on adding some bite to the attack (to score more!) and address the need to play entertaining football.
  6. Was this ever looked into? I've just started a save with Wigan and did start under the transfer embargo. That has now been cleared but searching for staff still returns 0 results and no-one responds to job adverts.
  7. My AM has given this team selection advice: [url=https://imgur.com/0aWPCzu][img]http://i.imgur.com/0aWPCzul.png[/img][/url] He recommends that I swap Rodel Richards from STCL to STCR, so he changes from AF to F9 as this satisfies the terms of his loan agreement. However, his loan contract says he should be playing as an AF (something I've already been told for several times by Mr Mourinho). [url=https://imgur.com/5YCU3oV][img]http://i.imgur.com/5YCU3oVl.png[/img][/url]
  8. I've only got into FM21 in the past few weeks but I think the in-match UI (specifically the presentation of stats, information etc) is a massive backwards step. The removal of the widgets and, from what I've been able to find so far, the Tablet view is pretty much useless when it goes transparent. Is it possible to change the level of transparency or stop it being transparent at all? In the example below it's utterly unreadable and therefore useless.
  9. FM17 rather than 19 but here's the 5* "Dynamite" Dan I signed last season. 16 goals and 29 assists last season
  10. Thanks. So it does make sense to keep them on for at least a year or two and monitor progress unless utterly skint!
  11. Is there any benefit in only keeping the really (really) good players in your Youth Intake each year? I could see that fewer players in the U18 squad means more time with the coaches but I don't know if that is modelled in the game. Obviously the other benefit to fewer players is less wages being paid, though U18 wages are pretty low anyway.
  12. That was a mental end - goals 88, 89, 90+1, 90+3 and a missed pen in 90+3!
  13. Wise advice - I have chased games to improve a draw into a win and then got hit with a sucker punch myself To update the thread... I changed the BBM(S) to an AP(S) and slid the Treq over to right slightly. We have managed to stop the slump though <cheers> From memory we got a tad nervous against Rotherham but hung on for the win. Stevenage in the FA Cup was a nice one to get Antonsson back on form. I felt we edged the Derby match but couldn't finish our best couple of chances. Barnsley was also uncomfortable until the late 3rd goal went it. We utterly sucked against Forest, despite them playing a 4-4-2 as the Treq normally finds some nice between the defence and midfield. I expected to lose against Leicester but a pearler from Grujic got us going and we saw it out. Vardy picked up an injury in the second half after they had used all their subs, so the AI put Chilwell up front and Vardy at CB! Blackburn looked like another struggle at 1-1 until I subbed in new loanee Will Keane and he scored twice on his debut I played the Huddersfield match this morning and lost 2-1 <booo> The scoreline flattered us to be fair though. Normally Nahki Wells scores for fun against my teams but he missed some sitters and we, for once, execute a counter to perfection to equalise. Disappointing to lose but having looked back through the results, only two of my losses have been by more than one goal (4-2 against Cardiff and 3-0 against Villa) so not getting properly spanked.
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