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  1. FM17 rather than 19 but here's the 5* "Dynamite" Dan I signed last season. 16 goals and 29 assists last season
  2. Thanks. So it does make sense to keep them on for at least a year or two and monitor progress unless utterly skint!
  3. Is there any benefit in only keeping the really (really) good players in your Youth Intake each year? I could see that fewer players in the U18 squad means more time with the coaches but I don't know if that is modelled in the game. Obviously the other benefit to fewer players is less wages being paid, though U18 wages are pretty low anyway.
  4. That was a mental end - goals 88, 89, 90+1, 90+3 and a missed pen in 90+3!
  5. Wise advice - I have chased games to improve a draw into a win and then got hit with a sucker punch myself To update the thread... I changed the BBM(S) to an AP(S) and slid the Treq over to right slightly. We have managed to stop the slump though <cheers> From memory we got a tad nervous against Rotherham but hung on for the win. Stevenage in the FA Cup was a nice one to get Antonsson back on form. I felt we edged the Derby match but couldn't finish our best couple of chances. Barnsley was also uncomfortable until the late 3rd goal went it. We utterly sucked aga
  6. Thanks - always good to get a sanity check to look for something glaring you've missed. My (unrealistic) expectations are win every match 4-0 Alternatively, I think I'd settle for a top 10 finish this season as I feel the squad needs some better backup options (we obviously got very reliant on Antonsson banging them in). I'll review the squad later to see if anyone suits RPM, though from memory I think that has a hard coded "Dribble More" which can end up players going into a dead end rather than taking a better (IMHO) passing option. Moving the Treq to the right to be asymmetric (
  7. First up, I'm playing FM17 for this save. The save is Leeds in the Championship and the board / media expectations are mid-table. As below, we were going great and got to second in the league. The wins against Norwich and Wolves were very satisfying, but then the opposition has started to be much more defensive (as you'd expect against a league leader) and you can see the result in the recent matches. Several things all seem to have happened at once: Antonsson had been scoring for fun but now hasn't scored in 8 games after two weeks injured. My next best two first
  8. Very interested to see how he does for you. When I've come across him in FM17 he was an offside magnet with the "Beat Offside Trap" PPM.
  9. Seth whoooooo I hear you asking. A fictitious (but almost-legendary) defender who played for Port Vale. Ah yes, the club which often generates the question - "where do Port Vale play?" I digress though. Seth was honoured with a eponymous titled fanzine in the 1990s, going head-to-head with Stoke's "Oatcake". Googling to see what memories of TMoSB still exist turns up that the late John Peel was a fan. Or at least he was sent copies which he mentioned on his late Radio 1 show. Anyway, for many years I've had my hair cut by a Vale fan who, back in the day, always had copies to rea
  10. Is there any logic to getting a player to unlearn a PPM and if so, how many attempts it should take? I'm still playing FM17. "Likes to beat the offside trap" is the kiss of death for a striker for me and I'm not a big fan of "Shoots from distance" either, so I look to get rid of these (or just not buy a player with them). I've had players unlearn a PPM after 3 attempts (even when the coach says it's not a good idea) but at what point are you wasting your time?
  11. Bit of a thread resurrection but is there somewhere to find out the answer on how the unused fee is calculated? I'm still playing FM17 - I went to make a loan offer for a player (to bring in) and Liverpool wanted an unused fee of £700k (ow!), with a used fee of ~£250k. Player looked very good for my team but I want to know how much game time he needs to class as "used". Is there a formula which looks at the squad status and game time? Or something much more simple?
  12. One more screenshot from the Preston game to show a chance I believe the striker (Ilkka Nuorela) should convert Striker profiles: Hock disappoints the most at 17 finishing, 14 composure and 13 technique but only 33% shots on target.
  13. Unfinished business here, so still battering away at FM17 despite having purchased FM19. Somehow we've managed to win the Championship after a few seasons of blowing a good season in the playoffs. Huddersfield were 10 points clear at one point IIRC, so we've slugged out some tight wins whilst they fell apart. It's a been a tough season, with my strikers being woefully poor at times. Since the start of January, my strikers have contributed a total of four goals to the cause. My top scorer is Roofe who plays at ML. Ben Brereton Gabriel Hock Ilkka Nuorela
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