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  1. Can´t find it. The folders I´ve got are Sports Interactive-Football Manager 2014- editor data/games/matches/skin/sounds
  2. I´m having this problem since the beta version and what happens is that the team´s shields, t-shirts and in the tactic screen, in all pages appears with a black layout.
  3. Hello everyone, Yesterday, May 5 I sent a suggestion list to Sports Interactive about new features that could be on the next Football Manager. They responded me back in less than 24 hours and they told me to dicuss it with the Forums. Here you have the mail I sent: Hi, i would like to recommend some new features that could be included in the new Football Manager which might cause fun for the people who enjoy the game: 1) A family or something similar to it. Why do you have to sign contracts and in what do you use the to? In the family you can buy a house, a car or things that you can invest money on. 2) More realistic sponsorships for highly known clubs and you can deal the offers from sponsors. If you sign a contract of a shirt sponsorship with Real Madrid and you receive only 2.1M in the year you feel awkward and if you receive like 15M you will be like Ok, fine. 3) Win money as an International coach: Normally the international coaches win money and in the game you cant 4) Choose next coach: If you have been a ``succesful manager´´you can ask your Chairman if you can choose the next coach. 5) You can arrange the change of the stadium´s name: if you want to win money by changing the stadiums name to a sponsor. Example Borusia Dortmund-Signal Induna Park 6) You can let you supporters come to see the training of the team 7) Real agents (footballers and coaches) YOu will receive offers from them 8) When you tell the bosses to buy a player they can also use monthly paying. 9) More variety of questions in the press conference Match Engine: 1)You can do a loab goal. Alfonso. I´m waiting for your response. THANK YOU
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