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    Cruising the streets looking for illegal Whale bone. XBL GT: MadGayzer
  1. Hibs 7.5 million CF needed??

    David Clarkson for around 2mil
  2. I just got activated then I shut fm down and now i go to start it back up it's asking me for my key and I put it in and it says that it's already in use because I have already activated it.
  3. wooooo 1st hat trick

    You would need to have the sense of humour of a 5 year old to find that sort of thing funny.
  4. wooooo 1st hat trick

    Yeah nice one, come up with them yourself?
  5. I was agreeing with you mate
  6. Yeah Arsenal211 they will looks really good if you get rid of the white. Well done mate. And lol @ Kolo's hair.
  7. Kevin Nolan or Scott Brown

    Go for Brown.
  8. Lazio will more than likely sign him.
  9. How could you say Zarate is past it, he is on loan at Lazio and is top scorer in the Serie A.
  10. FM 2009: Aberdeen Football Club

    Charlie Mulgrew looks really promosing this year.
  11. Been playing well using this tactic, don't like not playing full backs though.