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  1. This has been going on for 9 months now with no way for some to get a refund, I'd really hope there's some way to at least get a discount for the new version when it's released as I've paid full price for a game I haven't been able to enjoy this year, which is disappointing as I've been playing it since it was championship manager. Is it even going to be fixed in the new version?
  2. @Ben AllinghamAllingham How does stadia handle the saves ? I got another half a season further then it it just refused to save at all no matter what I do then all my previous saves don't load full stop then the next day one loads but it's like a month earlier than it should have been? Is it recovering older saves when there is a problem ? We can't request a refund from Google as far as I know as.it won't let you what do we do here ?
  3. @Ben AllinghamAllingham Uploaded the save to that cloud thing it's mark McKenna -sunderland as thats the exact one that wouldn't load I have no idea why it has now Hopefully it provides some information, as a weird note it has two copies of all my saves on there one is 190mb the other 130mb
  4. @Ben AllinghamAllingham If we play with more leagues and players the only thing it effects in the save file is its size right ? Because with medium database and 1 league loaded I got over 7 seasons without issue. It's kind of annoying as we can't even get a refund from stadia and I'm not buying the game again for switch, I've bought every game since championship manager 01. If this can't be fixed soon next years game I'll have to go back to touch on switch or something 😒 Edit as I type the game that wouldn't load yesterday and seemed corrupted just loaded ? That's a n
  5. Made it to the start of Feb 😂 saved closed came to load up and it can't be loaded 😂
  6. @Ben AllinghamAllingham Thanks for the update, I'll cross my fingers and start a new save I hope it works before I go down the refund route
  7. Yes the one that's not there is the one that won't load. If that was the case then it would let you save under a different name but when it does it then it just won't save full stop. And the saves that don't load have saved fine before you've turned it off. I don't have an earlier version of the save to send sorry. With everything in the UK shut. it would be nice to be able to come home after work and have it work properly, getting a little fed up of losing saves. It's been going on since what before xmas now.
  8. Just the one I have 2 saves though. is that why it won't load then because it's being deleted or something ?
  9. Tried this only gives me one save which works fine isn't actually showing the one that doesn't work.ntye save file is also only like 170mb which after the 7 seasons or so in that save is seems a little small
  10. @Ben AllinghamAllingham Do we have any information on this yet? It's done it again on me tried to go in holiday for a season to see if FC United get promoted to conference north come back to it today from last night and it won't load. Just says could not be loaded
  11. Can we not just get Google to remove the save file limit ? Or is there a way to add compression to the saves or something ?
  12. @Ben AllinghamAllingham Deleted all the saves so I could try do one with hardly any leagues loaded see how far I could get, it worked but the save got boring as was running out of players and staff to find half the teams had one or two players only, haven't really tried since it's put me off wasting the time if it's just gonna happen again hoping for a fix before I put any time into it
  13. Yea about the same :-/ so much for it being the best way to play the game like they said. Has to be a way to sort it even the switch goes more than 3 seasons
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